A history of NHL trades and signings from June 1960 to present. I have compiled this list from every source that I could find. Some years have missing months. If you know of any further sources that would help fill in the holes, let me know. Thanks and enjoy the info. I have compiled this for you..the hockey junkie.



9- Toronto signed Wendel Clark as a free agent.

13- St. Louis traded Chris McAlpine and Rich Parent to Tampa Bay for Stephane Richer.

14- New Jersey traded Vadim Sharifjanov to Vancouver for conditional draft picks.

17- Washington traded Jaroslav Svejovsky to Tampa for 7th round pick in 2000 and 3rd round pick in 2001.

18- Washigton claimed Jim McKenzie off waivers from Anaheim.

18- Washington claimed Terry Yake off waivers from the Blues.

22- Dallas traded Juha Lind to Montreal for Scott Thornton.

23- Carolina traded Keith Primeau and a 5th round pick in 2000 to Philadelphia for Rod Brind-Amour, Jean-Marc Pelletier and a 2nd round pick in 2000.

24- Los Angeles traded Vladimir Tsyplakov to Buffalo for an 8th round pick in 2000 (Dan Welch).

25- Los Angeles traded Bill Huard to Atlanta for future considerations.

26- Chicago traded Todd White to Philadelphia for a cond. pick in 2001.

28- Toronto signed Gerald Diduck as a free agent.

30- Pittsburgh traded Kip Miller to Anaheim for future considerations.


3- Nashville traded Jason Dawe to the Rangers for John Namestnikov.

4- Pittsburgh claimed Pat Falloon off waivers from Edmonton.

8- Chicago traded Dave Manson and Sylvain Cote to Dallas for Kevin Dean, Derek Plante and a 2nd round pick in 2001.

9- Nashville traded Dan Keczmer to St. Louis for Rory Fitzpatrick.

9- Tampa Bay traded Darcy Tucker and a 4th round pick in 2000 and futures (turned out to be Kyle Wellwood in 2001, drafted 134th overall),(Miguel Delisle)to Toronto for Mike Johnson, Marek Posmyk, and 5th (Pavel Sedov)and 6th round picks (Aaron Gionet) in the 2000 Entry Draft.

10- Washington claimed Joe Murphy off waivers from Boston.

11- Montreal claimed Eric Fichaud off waivers from Carolina.

11- Atlanta traded Jason Botterill and Darryl Shannon to Calgary for Hnat Domenichelli and Dimitri Vlasenkov.

13- Philadelphia signed Zarley Zalapski as a FA.

15- Islanders traded Gino Odjick to Philadelphia for Mikael Andersson and a 5th round pick in the 2000 Draft (Kristofer Ottison).

23- Toronto traded Craig Charron to Los Angeles for Don MacLean.

MARCH 2000

1- Atlanta claimed Steve Guolla off waivers from Tampa.

1- Montreal traded Vladimir Malakhov to New Jersey for Sheldon Souray, Josh DeWolf, and a 2nd round pick in 2001.

3- Islanders traded Dallas Eakins to Chicago for futures.

6- Calgary traded Travis Bigley and a 6th round pick in 2000 to Philadelphia for Marc Bureau.

6- Boston traded Ray Bourque and Dave Andreychuk to Colorado for Brian Rolston, Martin Grenier, Sami Pahlsson, and a 1st round pick in 2000 or 2001 Draft.

7- New Jersey traded Lyle Odelein to Phoenix for Deron Quint and a cond. pick.

8- Philadelphia traded Mikael Renberg to Phoenix for Rick Tocchet.

9- Edmonton traded Christian Laflamme and Mathieu Descoteaux to Montreal for Igor Ulanov and Alain Nasreddine.

10- Buffalo traded Brian Holzinger, Wayne Primeau, Cory Sarich, and a 3rd round pick in 2000 (Alexandre Kharitonov)to Tampa Bay for Chris Gratton, and a 2nd round pick in 2001.

10- Buffalo traded Michal Grosek to Chicago for Doug Gilmour and J-P Dumont.

10- Boston traded Rob Dimaio to the Rangers for Mike Knuble.

13- Atlanta traded Kelly Buchberger and Nelson Emerson to Los Angeles for Donald Audette and Frantisek Kaberle.

13- Detroit traded Philippe Audet to Phoenix for Todd Gill.

13- Phoenix claimed Chris Joseph off waivers from Vancouver.

13- Nashville traded Bob Boughner to Pittsburgh for Pavel Skrbek.


14- Atlanta traded Ed Ward to Anaheim for futures.

14- Nashville traded Corey Hirsch to Anaheim for futures.

14- Anaheim traded Dan Trebil to Pittsburgh for a 5th round pick in 2000 (Bill Cass).

14- Calgary traded Cale Hulse and a 3rd round pick in 2001 to Nashville for Sergei Krivokrasov.

14- Calgary traded Rene Corbet and Tyler Moss to Pittsburgh for Brad Werenka.

14- Carolina traded Kent Manderville to Philadelphia for Sandy McCarthy.

14- Dallas claimed Joel Bouchard off waivers from Nashville.

14- Edmonton traded Josef Beranek to Pittsburgh for German Titov.

14- Ottawa traded Ron Tugnutt and Janne Laukkanen to Pittsburgh for Tom Barrasso.

14- Florida traded Ryan Johnson and Dwayne Hay to Tampa Bay for Mike Sillinger.

14- Florida traded Filip Kuba to Calgary for Rocky Thompson.

14- Vancouver traded Alexander Mogilny to New Jersey for Denis Pederson and Brendan Morrison.

27- Tampa Bay signed Dieter Kochan as a FA.

31- Los Angeles signed Steve Reinprecht as a FA.

MAY 2000

1- Blackhawks traded Steve Passmore to Kings for 2000 or 2001 fourth round pick (Blackhawks option) (2000 #117-Olli Malmivaara)

11-Islanders traded Chris Nielsen to Blue Jackets for 2000 fourth round pick (#98-Jonas Ronnqvist), 2000 ninth round pick (#264-Dmitri Altarev)

JUNE 2000

1- Mighty Ducks traded Stephen Peat to Capitals for 2000 fourth round pick (#124-Michel Ouellet)

2- Thrashers agreed to select Brett Clark in expansion draft from Canadiens in exchange for 2000 sixth round pick (#180-Darcy Hordichuk)

7- Avalanche traded Marc Denis to Blue Jackets for 2000 second round pick (#32-Tomas Kurka)

7- Lightning traded Rich Parent to Senators for 2000 seventh round pick (#220-Paul Gaustad)

10- Flames traded Jean-Sebastien Giguere to Mighty Ducks for 2000 second round pick (#43-Matt Pettinger)

11- Wild traded 2001 eighth round pick (#233-Joe Campbell), future considerations (protection of Evgeni Nabokov in 2000 expansion draft) to Sharks for Andy Sutton, 2000 seventh round pick (#214-Peter Bartos), 2001 third round pick (#85-Aaron Johnson)

12- Blackhawks traded Mark Janssens to Flyers for 2000 ninth round pick (#291-Arne Ramholt)

12- Thrashers traded Steve Staios to Devils for 2000 ninth round pick (#290-Simon Gamache)

12- Stars traded Manny Fernandez, Brad Lukowich to Wild for 2000 third round pick (#68-Joel Lundqvist), 2002 fourth round pick (#104-Aaron Rome)

23- EXPANSION DRAFT FOR THE BLUE JACKETS AND WILD. See who they selected here.


24- Islanders trade Roberto Luongo and Olli Jokinen to Panthers for Mark Parrish and Oleg Kvasha

24- Capitals traded Miika Elomo, 2000 fourth round pick (#116-Levente Szuper) to Flames for 2000 second round pick (#43-Matt Pettinger) on 2000-06-24

24- Mighty Ducks traded 2000 third round pick (#78-Jozef Balej), 2000 fourth round pick (#124-Michel Ouellet), 2000 fifth round pick (#145-Ryan Glenn) to Canadiens for 2000 second round pick (#44-Ilya Bryzgalov)

24- Islanders traded Kevin Weekes, Kristian Kudroc, 2001 second round pick (#31-Matthew Spiller) to Lightning for 2000 first round pick (#5-Raffi Torres), 2000 fourth round pick (#105-Vladimir Gorbunov), 2000 seventh round pick (#202-Ryan Caldwell)

24- Avalanche traded Sandis Ozolinsh, 2000 second round pick (#32-Tomas Kurka) to Hurricanes for Nolan Pratt, 2000 first round pick (#14-Vaclav Nedorost), two 2000 second round pick (#47-Jared Aulin) (#63-Agris Saviels)

24- Oilers traded Roman Hamrlik to Islanders for Eric Brewer, Josh Green, 2000 second round (#35-Brad Winchester)

24- Red Wings traded 2000 second round pick (#64-Filip Novak), 2000 third round pick (#95-Dominic Moore) to Rangers for 2000 second round pick (#38-Tomas Kopecky)

24- Sharks traded 2000 second round pick (#49-Jonas Nordqvist), 2000 third round pick (#74-Igor Radulov) to Blackhawks for 2000 second round pick (#41-Tero Maatta)

24- Thrashers traded 2001 second round pick (#33-Timofei Shishkanov), 2001 third round pick (#66-Fedor Fedorov) to Canucks for 2000 second round pick (#42-Libor Ustmul), 2001 third round pick (#80-Michael Garnett)

24- Hurricanes traded 2000 fourth round pick (#108-Blake Robson), 2000 fifth round pick (#147-Matthew McRae), 2000 eighth round pick (#244-Eric Bowen) to Thrashers for 2000 fourth round pick (#97-Niclas Wallin)

24- Red Wings traded 2001 third round pick (#95-Patrick Sharp) to Predators for 2000 fourth round pick (#102-Stefan Liv)

24- Canadiens traded 2000 fourth round pick (#124-Michel Ouellet), 2000 fifth round pick (#146-David Koci) to Penguins for 2000 fourth round pick (#114-Christian Larrivee)


25- Sharks traded 2000 fourth round pick (#112-Premsyl Duben), 2000 fifth round pick (#143-Brandon Snee) to Rangers for 2000 fourth round pick (#104-Jon DiSalvatore)

25- Blue Jackets traded 2001 ninth round pick (#267-Ivan Majesky) to Panthers for 2000 ninth round pick (#286-Andrej Nedorost)

25- Kings traded two 2000 fifth round picks (#156-Greg Zanon) (#157-Grant Potulny) to Senators for 2000 fourth round pick (#118-Lubomir Visnovsky) on 2000-06-25

25- Red Wings traded Shane Hnidy to Senators for 2000 eighth round pick (#251-Todd Jackson)

25- Capitals traded 2000 fifth round pick (#151-Alexander Barkunov), 2000 sixth round pick (#193-Joey Martin) to Blackhawks for 2000 fourth round pick (#121-Ryan Van Buskirk)

25- Wild traded Brad Lukowich, 2001 third round pick (#70-Yared Hagos), 2001 ninth round pick (#265-Dale Sullivan) to Stars for Aaron Gavey, Pavel Patera, 2000 eighth round pick (#255-Eric Johansson), 2002 fourth round pick (#104-Aaron Rome) on 2000-06

25- Lightning traded 2000 sixth round pick (#171-Roman Cechmanek), 2000 seventh round pick (#210-John Eichelberger), 2000 ninth round pick (#287-Milan Kopecky) to Flyers for 2000 fourth round pick (#126-Johan Hagglund)

25- Maple Leafs traded rights to Jonathan Hedstrom to Mighty Ducks for 2000 sixth round pick (#179-Vadim Sozinov), 2000 seventh round pick (#209-Markus Seikola)

26- Lightning traded 1999 first round pick (#4-Pavel Brendl) to Rangers for Dan Cloutier, Niklas Sundstrom, 2000 first round pick (#8-Nikita Alexeev), 2000 third round pick (#74-Igor Radulov)

26- Blackhawks traded 1999 first round pick (#4-Pavel Brendl) to Canucks for Bryan McCabe, 2000 first round pick (#11-Pavel Vorobiev)

JULY 2000




2- Toronto trades Alexander Karpovstev and 4th round pick in 2001 to Chicago for Bryan McCabe.

5- Chicago trades Michal Grosek and Brad Brown to the Rangers for future considerations.


6- Atlanta traded Geordie Kinnear to New Jersey for future considerations.

6- Chicago traded Anders Eriksson to Florida for Jaroslav Spacek.

9- Rangers trade J-F Labbe to Columbus for Bert Robertsson.

14- Islanders trade Dan Trebil to Pittsburgh for 9th round pick in 2001.

15- Boston traded rights to Anson Carter, a 2nd round pick in 2001, and a cond. pick in 2003 to Edmonton for Bill Guerin.

18- Boston traded Sami Pahlsson to Anaheim for Patrick Traverse and Andrei Nazarov.

29- Washington traded Mike Peluso and a cond. pick in 2001 to St. Louis for Derek Bekar and a cond. pick in 2001.


5- Boston traded Sean Pronger to the Islanders for future considerations.

7- Philadelphia traded Gino Odjik to Montreal for PJ Stock and Montreal's 6th round pick in 2001.

11- Toronto traded Dimitri Kristich to Washington for Tampa's 3rd round pick in 2001 (previously acquired).

17- Florida traded Eric Boguniecki to St. Louis for Andrei Podkonicky.

18- Montreal traded Sergei Zholtok to Edmonton for Chad Kilger.

28- Islanders traded Mike Stapleton to Vancouver for its 9th round pick in 2001.

28- Colorado traded Alexei Gusarov to the Rangers for a conditional pick.

28- Pittsburgh traded Dan Trebil to St. Louis for Marc Bergevin.

28- Detroit traded Yan Golubovsky to Florida for Igor Larionov.


Marty McSorley, Boston Bruins
Grant Fuhr, Calgary Flames
Steve Smith, Calgary Flames
Ed Olczyk, Chicago Blackhawks
Brian Skrudland, Dallas Stars
Guy Carbonneau, Dallas Stars
Ken Wregget, Detroit Red Wings
Bill Ranford, Edmonton Oilers
Ray Sheppard, Florida Panthers
Darren Turcotte, Nashville Predators
Ulf Samuelsson, Philadelphia Flyers
Zarley Zalapski, Philadelphia Flyers
Rob Brown, Pittsburgh Penguins
Pat Falloon, Pittsburgh Penguins
Bob Rouse, San Jose Sharks
Murray Craven, San Jose Sharks
Dave Ellett, St. Louis Blues
Geoff Courtnall, St. Louis Blues
Derek King, St. Louis Blues
Darren Puppa, Tampa Bay Lightning
John Cullen, Tampa Bay Lightning
Shawn Burr, Tampa Bay Lightning
Wendel Clark, Toronto Maple Leafs
Doug Bodger, Vancouver Canucks

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At January 8, 2008 at 11:28 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seems like movements between April and September are missing for 2000.

At May 27, 2008 at 8:39 PM , Blogger Sean Zandberg said...

Probably, but like I said, I need help from people to fill some of these holes in

At October 26, 2009 at 9:13 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

you forgot the worst trade ever happen in NHL...

Islander(Luongo+Jokinen)to Florida(crap:Mark Parrish + more crap:Oleg Kvasha).

Quite a miss for a Canucks fan!


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