A history of NHL trades and signings from June 1960 to present. I have compiled this list from every source that I could find. Some years have missing months. If you know of any further sources that would help fill in the holes, let me know. Thanks and enjoy the info. I have compiled this for you..the hockey junkie.



1- Calgary claimed Guy Larose off waivers from Toronto

3- Ottawa signed Brad Lauer as a FA

6- Islanders signed Jason Simon as a FA

6- To Florida: Bob Kudelski
To Ottawa: Scott Levins, Evgeny Davydov and futures

6- Calgary claimed Mike Sullivan off waivers from San Jose

8- To Vancouver: Jimmy Carson
To Los Angeles: Dixon Ward and a cond. pick in 1995

8- Chicago claimed Greg Smyth off waivers from Toronto

12- Anaheim signed Don McSween as a FA

15- Ottawa claimed Kerry Huffman off waivers from Quebec.
Vancouver claimed Martin Gelinas off waivers from Quebec.

17- To Boston: Vincent Riendeau
To Detroit: a draft pick in 1995

23- To Islanders: David Maley
To San Jose: cash

23- To St. Louis: Steve Duchesne and Denis Chasse
To Quebec: Ron Sutter, Garth Butcher and Bob Bassen

24- To Calgary: Scott Morrow
To Hartford: Todd Harkins

25- To Hartford: Ted Crowley
To Toronto: Mark Greig and a 6th round pick in 1995.

28- To Los Angeles: Brad Tiley
To Rangers: 11th round pick in 1994 (Jamie Butt)

28- Anaheim signed Mike Maneluk as a FA


1- To Islanders: Yan Kaminsky
To Winnipeg: Wayne McBean

1- Edmonton signed Gordon Mark as a FA

1- To San Jose: Viacheslav Butsayev
To Philadelpia: Rob Zettler

5- Vancouver received Brian Glynn from Ottawa on waivers

13- To Quebec: Tommy Sjodin and a future pick in 1994
To: Dallas: Emmanuel Fernandez

16- To Los Angeles: Marty McSorley and Jim Paek
To Pittsburgh: Tomas Sandstrom and Shawn McEachern

19- Edmonton claimed Mike Stapleton off waivers from Pittsburgh

20- To Montreal: Ron Tugnutt
To Anaheim: Patrick Lebeau

21- To Toronto: Pat Jablonski
To Tampa Bay: cash

21- To Philadelphia: Frederic Chabot
To Montreal: cash

24- To Anaheim: John Tanner
To Quebec: 4th round pick in 1995

25- Montreal signed Bryan Fogarty as a FA

MARCH 1994

4- Ottawa signed Derek Mayer as a FA

5- St. Louis signed Petr Nedved as a FA

5- To Philadelphia: Mark Lamb
To Ottawa: Claude Boivin and Kirk Daubenspeck

7- Philly signed Todd Hlushko as a FA

8- To Detroit: Bob Essensa and Sergei bautin
To Winnipeg: Tim Cheveldae and Dallas Drake

9- Pittsburgh claimed Larry DePalma off waivers from the Islanders

9- Anaheim signed John Lilley as a FA
9- St. Louis signed Peter Stastny as a FA

10- To Hartford: Gary Suter, Paul Ranheim and Ted Drury
To Calgary: James Patrick, Michael Nylander and Zarley Zalapski

11- To Hartford: Jocelyn Lemieux and Frantisek Kucera
To Chicago: Gary Suter, Randy Cunneyworth and future consideration

11- To Winnipeg: Troy Murray
To Chicago: futures

15- To Winnipeg: Dave Manson and Blues' 6th round pick in 1994
To Edmonton: Boris Mironov, Mats Lindgren, Jets' 1st round pick in 1994, and Panthers' 4th round pick in 1994 (prev. acquired)

18- To Tampa Bay: Jim Cummins and a 4th round pick in 1995
To Philly: Rob Dimaio

18- To Toronto: Ken Belanger
To Hartford: 9th round pick in 1994, (Matt Ball)

19- To Los Angeles: Donald Dufresne
To Tampa Bay: 4th round pick in 1994 (Daniel Judin)

19- To Dallas: Mike Lalor and Doug Zmolek
San Jose: Ulf Dahlen and futures

19- To Florida: Jeff Daniels
To Pittsburgh: Greg Hawgood

19- Washington claimed Tim Bergland off waivers from Tampa Bay

20- Toronto signed Frank Bialowas as a FA
Edmonton signed Greg De Vries as a FA

21- To Washington: Jim Johnson
To Dallas: Alan May and 7th round pick in 1995

21- To Washington: Joe Juneau
To Boston: Al Iafrate

21- To St. Louis: Craig Janney
To Vancouver: Brett Hedican, Jeff Brown and Nathan Lafayette

21- To Washington: Joe Reekie
To Tampa Bay: Enrico Ciccone and 3rd round pick in 1994 and a cond. pick

21- To Ottawa: Steve Konroyd
To Detroit: Daniel Berthiaume

21- To Chicago: Robert Dirk
To Vancouver: 4th round pick in 1994 (Mike Dubinsky)

21- To Ottawa: Phil Bourque
To Rangers: future considerations

21- To Chicago: Tony Amonte and Matt Cullen
To Rangers: Stephane Matteau and Brian Noonan

21- To Florida: Peter Andersson
To Rangers: 9th round pick in 1994 (Vitali Yeremeyev)

21- To Chicago: Paul Ysebaert
To Winnipeg: 2nd round pick in 1995

21- To St. Louis: Alexei Kasatonov
To Anaheim: Maxim Bets and a 6th round pick in 1995

21- To Toronto: Mike Gartner
To Rangers: Glenn Anderson, Scott Malone, and a 4th round pick in 1994 (Alexander Korobolin)

21- To Rangers: Craig MacTavish
To Edmonton: Todd Marchant

21- To Dallas: Mike Needham
To Pittsburgh: Jim McKenzie

21- To Los Angeles: Kevin Todd
To Chicago: 3rd round pick in 1994 (Steve McLaren)

21- To Dallas: Pelle Eklund
To Philadelphia: futures

21- To New Jersey: Reid Simpson and Roy Mitchell
To Dallas: futures

21- To Edmonton: Steve Passmore
To Quebec: Brad Werenka


MAY 1994

24- Toronto signed Mark Kolesar as a FA

25- To Winnipeg: Sheldon Kennedy
To Detroit: 3rd round pick in 1995

27- Hartford signed Jeff Chychrun as a FA

31- Vancouver signed Lonny Bohonos as a FA

JUNE 1994

1- To Quebec: Stephane Yelle and an 11th round pick in 1994 (Steven Low)To New Jersey: 11th round pick (Mike Hanson )

1- To Tampa Bay: Jeff Toms
To New Jersey: 4th roud pick in 1994

2- Boston signed Clayton Beddoes and Blaine Lacher as FA's
Edmonton signed Scott Ferguson as a FA

3- To Winnipeg: Neil Wilkinson
To Chicago: 3rd round pick in 1995

9- Chicago signed Craig Fisher as a FA

14- Florida signed Danny Lorenz as a FA
Ottawa signed Bruce Gardiner as a FA
Los Angeles signed Rob Brown as a FA
Chicago signed Daniel Gauthier as a FA
Calgary signed Neil Eisenhut as a FA
Los Angeles signed Michel Petit as a FA
Ottawa signed Michel Picard as a FA

17- Calgary signed Todd Hlushko as a FA
Ottawa signed Corey Foster as a FA

21- Ottawa signed Pat Elynuik as a FA
Montreal signed Patrick Labrecque as a FA

22- Ottawa signed Lance Pitlick as a FA
Boston signed Alexei Kasatonov as a FA

23- Florida signed Dave Tomlinson as a FA

26- To Ottawa: Jim Paek
Los Angeles: cond. pick in 1993

26- To Toronto: Mats Sundin, Garth Butcher, Todd Warriner and a 10th overall pick 1994
To Quebec: Wendel Clark, Sylvain Lefebvre, Landon Wilson and 22nd overall pick in 1994 (Jeff Kealty)

26- To Islanders: Ron Sutter and 9th overall pick in 1994 (Brett Lindros)
To Quebec: Uwe Krupp and 12th overall pick in 1994 (Wade Belak)

26- To Toronto: Mike Ridley and Blues' 1st round pick in 1994 (prev. acquired, Eric Fichaud)
To Washington: Rob Pearson, and Philly's 1st round pick in 1994 (Nolan Baumgartner, prev. acquired)


Florida: Sean McCann
Anaheim: Steve Rucchin
Ottawa: Steve Guolla
Winnipeg: Randy Stevens
Hartford: Steve Martins
Edmonton: Chad Dameworth
Los Angeles: Quinn Fair
Tampa Bay: Francois Bouchard
Quebec: Reid Simonton
Philadelphia: Kirk Nielson

29- To Calgary: Steve Chiasson
To Detroit: Mike Vernon

29- St. Louis signed Jon Casey as a FA

29- Boston signed Marc Potvin and Jeff Serowik as FA's

29- To Anaheim: Tom Kurvers
To Islanders: Troy Loney

29- To Ottawa: Sean Hill and a 9th round pick in 1994 (Frederic Cassivi)
To Anaheim: 3rd round pick in 1994

29- To Vancouver: Artur Oktyabrev
To Winnipeg: 6th round pick in 1994 (Steve Vezina)

JULY 1994

1- Boston signed Brett Harkins as a FA

3- To St. Louis: Al MacInnis and a 4th round pick in 1997
To Calgary: Phil Housley and 2nd round picks in 1996 and 1997

4- Ottawa signed Chris Dahlquist as a FA
Calgary signed Dwayne Roloson as a FA

6- Philadelphia signed Craig MacTavish as a FA
Calgary signed Todd Simpson as a FA

7- Chicago signed Brent Grieve as a FA
Islanders signed Kip Miller as a FA
Los Angeles signed Barry Potomski and Dan Bylsma as FA's

8- Los Angeles signed Rob Cowie as a FA

10- New Jersey signed Bryan Helmer as a FA

11- Boston signed Guy Larose as a FA
Florida signed Randy Moller as a FA

11- To Los Angeles: Yanic Perreault
To Toronto: cond. pick in 1996

12- To Anaheim: Robert Dirk
To Chicago: 4th round pick in 1995

14- Chicago signed Bernie Nicholls as a FA

15- Hartford signed Jimmy Carson as a FA
Islanders signed Niclas Andersson as a FA
Ottawa signed Randy Cunneyworth as a FA

18- Boston signed Mikko Makela as a FA

19- Philly signed Phil Crowe as a FA

22- Dallas signed Robin Bawa as a FA

23- Chicago signed Bob Probert as a FA

23- To Islanders: David Maley
To San Jose: cash

24- To Rangers: Petr Nedved
To St. Louis: Esa Tikkanen and Doug Lidster

25- Dallas signed Zac Boyer as a FA
Florida signed Bob Boughner as a FA

26- To Buffalo: Doug Houda
Los Angeles: Sean O'Donnell

27- Islanders signed Gord Dineen as a FA

27- Philly signed Shjon Podein as a FA
Islanders signed Andy Brickley as a FA

28- Islanders signed Frank Pietrangelo as a FA

29- Toronto signed Mike Craig as a FA

29- To Los Angeles: Rick Tocchet and a 2nd round pick in 1995
To Pittsburgh: Luc Robitaille


1- Detroit signed Mike Krushelnyski as a FA

2- Pittsburgh signed Jeff Christian as a FA
Toronto signed Mike Ware as a FA
Islanders signed Milan Tichy as a FA

3- Detroit signed Mike Ramsey as a FA
Pittsburgh signed John Cullen as a FA

5- Detroit signed Bob Rouse as a FA

8- To Los Angeles: Ruslan Batryshin and a 2nd round pick
To Winnipeg: Brent Thompson and future considerations

9- Calgary signed Mark Greig as a FA

10- Dallas received Peter Zezel and Grant Marshall from Toronto from Toronto signing free agent Mike Craig

11- Florida signed Frederic Chabot as a FA

13- Dallas signed Mark Pederson as a FA

15- Pittsburgh signed Len Barrie as a FA

16- St. Louis signed Tony Twist as a FA
Philadelphia signed Shawn Anderson as a FA

18- Hartford signed Steven Rice as a FA

19- To Rangers: Glen Featherstone
To Boston: Daniel Lacroix

19- To St. Louis: Guy Carbonneau
To Montreal: Jim Montgomery

25- Edmonton signed Dennis Bonvie as a FA
Islanders signed Jeff Madill as a FA
San Jose signed Kevin Wortman as a FA

25- To Hartford: Glen Wesley
To Boston: 1st round pick in 1995 (Kyle McLaren), 1st round pick in 1996 (Jonathan Aitken and a 1st round pick in 1997 (Sergei Samsonov)

26- Detroit signed Jason Miller as a FA

29- Islanders signed Bob Beers as a FA

29- To St. Louis: Bill Houlder
To Anaheim: Jason Marshall

30- Edmonton received Bryan Marchment from Hartford as compensation for Whalers signing free agent Steven Rice

31- Los Angeles signed Troy Crowder as a FA
St. Louis signed Greg Parks as a FA
Anaheim signed Brian Sullivan as a FA
Detroit signed Andrew McKim as a FA

To Anaheim: Darren Van Impe
To Islanders: 8th round pick in 1995 (Mike Broda)


6- To Tampa Bay: Alexander Selivanov
To Philadelphia: 4th round pick in 1995 (Radovan Somik)

Hartford signed Bob Wren as a FA

9- Edmonton signed Ken McRae as a FA

10- Boston signed Phil Von Steffenenni as a FA

11- Ottawa signed Steven Larouche as a FA

18- San Jose signed Ilya Byakin as a FA

22- Los Angeles signed Andre Racicot as a FA

To Philadelphia: Ron Hextall and a 6th round pick in 1995 (Dimitri Tertyshny)
To Islanders: Tommy Soderstrom

28- To Anaheim: David Sacco
To Toronto: Terry Yake

29- To Florida: Magnus Svensson and Robert Svehla
To Calgary: 3rd round pick in 1996 and future considerations


3- To Toronto: Dixon Ward, Kelly Fairchild, Guy Leveque and Shayne Toporoski
To Los Angeles: Chris Snell, Eric Lacroix and a 4th round pick in 1996

6- To Tampa Bay: Tom Tilley
To St. Louis: Adam Creighton

15- To Ottawa: Jason Zent
To Islanders: 5th round pick in 1996



Gordie Roberts, Boston Bruins
Dave Christian, Chicago Blackhawks
Michel Goulet, Chicago Blackhawks
Mike Foligno, Florida Panthers
Brian Propp, Hartford Whalers
Dave Taylor, Los Angeles Kings
Mark Hardy, Los Angeles Kings
Keith Acton, New York Islanders
Rob Ramage, Philadelphia Flyers
Bryan Trottier, Pittsburgh Penguins

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Ron Tugnutt was traded for Stephan Lebeau, not Patrick (who had left I don't know how a couple of years ago)

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