A history of NHL trades and signings from June 1960 to present. I have compiled this list from every source that I could find. Some years have missing months. If you know of any further sources that would help fill in the holes, let me know. Thanks and enjoy the info. I have compiled this for you..the hockey junkie.



1- San Jose claimed David Maley off waivers from Edmonton

13- To New Jersey: Bernie Nicholls
To Edmonton: Zdeno Ciger and Kevin Todd

16- To Edmonton: Brian Benning
To Philadelphia: Josef Beranek and Greg Hawgood

21- San Jose traded Yvon Corriveau to Hartford to complete the trade of October 9, 1992.

22- To New Jersey: Brian Lawton
To San Jose: futures

28- To Montreal: Gary Leeman
To Calgary: Brian Skrudland

To Tampa Bay: Jason Ruff and futures
To St. Louis: Doug Crossman, Basil McRae and a 4th round pick in 1996

29- To Vancouver: Tim Taylor
To Washington: Eric Murano

To Los Angeles: Jimmy Carson, Gary Shuchuk and Marc Potvin
To Detroit: Paul Coffey, Jim Hiller and Sylvain Coututier


1- To Calgary: Brent Ashton
To Boston: C.J. Young

2- To Buffalo: Grant Fuhr and future considerations
To Toronto: Dave Andreychuk, Darren Puppa and a 1st round pick in 1993 (Kenny Jonsson)

To Philadelphia: Bob Wilkie
To Detroit: futures

12- Vancouver claimed Tim Hunter off waivers from Quebec

To Quebec: Steve Tuttle, Martin Simard and Michel Mongeau
To Tampa Bay: Herb Raglan

16- Los Angeles signed Rick Knickle as a FA

21- To Chicago: Troy Murray
To Winnipeg: Steve Bancroft and futures

22- To Islanders: Rick Hayward
To Winnipeg: futures

24- To Edmonton: Dean McAmmond and Igor Kravchuk
To Chicago: Joe Murphy

25- To Toronto: Brad Miller
To Ottawa: 9th round pick in 1993 (Pavol Demitra)

26- To San Jose: Peter Ahola
To Pittsburgh: futures

MARCH 1993

5- To Edmonton: Todd Elik
To Minnesota: Brent Gilchrist

13- San Jose claimed Jim Morris off waivers from New Jersey

14- To Ottawa: Dimitri Filiminov
To Winnipeg: 4th round pick in 1993

17- To Rangers: Esa Tikkanen
To Edmonton: Doug Weight

18- To Calgary: Greg Paslawski
To Philadelphia: 9th round pick in 1993

To Boston: Daniel Marois
To Islanders: futures

20- To Montreal: Rob Ramage
To Tampa Bay: Eric Charron, Alain Cote and futures

To Minnesota: Mark Osiecki and a 10th round pick in 1993 (Bill Laing)
To Winnipeg: 9th round pick in 1993 (Vladimir Potatov)

21- New Jersey signed Bill H. Armstrong as a FA

22- To Los Angeles: Mark Hardy and Ottawa's 5th round pick in 1993 (prev. acquired)
To Rangers: John McIntyre

To Pittsburgh: Peter Taglianetti
To Tampa Bay: 3rd round pick in 1993

To Pittsburgh: Mike Ramsey
To Buffalo: Bob Errey

To Chicago: Craig Muni
To Edmonton: Mike Hudson

To Winnipeg: Jim Hrivnak and futures
To Washington: Rick Tabaracci

To Detroit: Steve Konroyd
To Hartford: 6th round pick in 1993

To Vancouver: Dan Ratushny
To Winnipeg: 9th round pick in 1993

To Rangers: Mike Hartman
To Tampa Bay: Randy Gilhen

To Vancouver: Murray Craven and Canucks' 5th round pick in 1993 (prev. acquired)
To Hartford: Robert Kron, 3rd round pick in 1993 and futures

MAY 1993

7- To Ottawa: Robert Burakowski
To Rangers: futures

17- Vancouver traded Jim Sandlak to Hartford to complete the trade of March 22, 1993.

27- Ottawa signed Greg Pankiewicz as a FA



JUNE 1993

1- To Hartford: Brad McCrimmon
To Detroit: 6th round pick in 1993

2- St. Louis signed Jim Montgomery as a FA

8- To Tampa Bay: Dennis Vial
To Detroit: Steve Maltais

11- To Winnipeg: Paul Ysebaert
To Detroit: Aaron Ward, a 4th round pick in 1993, and futures

To Winnipeg: Stephane Beauregard
To Philly: 3rd round pick in 1993 and a 5th round pick in 1994

15- To Washington: Kevin Kaminski
To Quebec: Mark Matier

16- To Tampa Bay: Petr Klima
To Edmonton: 3rd round pick in 1994 (Brad Symes)

Detroit signed Kevin Hodson as a FA

18- Montreal traded Donald Dufresne to Tampa Bay to complete the trade of March 20, 1993
Winnipeg traded Alan Kerr to Detroit to complete trade of June 11, 1993

19- To San Jose: Jimmy Waite
To Chicago: futures

To Tampa Bay: Peter Ahola
To San Jose: Dave Capuano

20- To San Jose: Jeff Norton
To Islanders: 3rd round pick in 1993 and futures

To Dallas: Gord Murphy
To Boston: futures

To San Jose: Gaetan Duchesne
To Dallas: 6th round pick in 1993

To Detroit: Greg Johnson and futures
To Philly: Jim Cummins and Flyers' 4th round pick in 1993 (prev. acquired)

To Quebec: Reggie Savage and Paul MacDermid
To Washington: Mike Hough

To Islanders: Ron Hextall and 1st round pick in 1993
To Quebec: Mark Fitzpatrick and a 1st round pick in 1993

To Quebec: Martin Gelinas and a 6th round pick
To Edmonton: Scott Pearson

To Ottawa: Craig Billington, Troy Mallette and a 4th round pick in 1993
To New Jersey: Peter Sidorkiewicz and futures

To Hartford: Sergei Makarov
To Calgary: futures

To Vancouver: John Vanbiesbrouck
To Rangers: futures

21- Chicago signed Christian Soucy as a FA

22- Pittsburgh signed Bryan Trottier as a FA

25- To Rangers: Glenn Healy
To Tampa Bay: Lightning's 3rd round pick in 1993 (Allan Egeland, prev. acquired)

Boston traded Andy Moog to Dallas for Jon Casey to complete trade of June 20, 1993

Dallas traded Enrico Ciccone to Washington to complete trade of June 20, 1993

Ottawa signed Hank Lemmens as a FA

Vancouver traded Doug Lidster to the Rangers to complete trade of June 20, 1993


Ottawa: Eric Fenton
San Jose: Dean Sylvester
Tampa Bay: Brent Peterson
Florida: Chris Imes
Anaheim: Pat Thompson
Hartford: Kent Fearns
Edmonton: Brett Able
Rangers: Wayne Strachan
Dallas: Jacques Joubert
Philadelphia: Shannon Finn

26- To Washington: Craig Berube
To Calgary: 5th round pick in 1993 (Darryl Lafrance)

To Dallas: Dean Evason
To San Jose: Sharks' 6th round pick in 1993 (prev. acquired)

To New Jersey: Corey Millen
To Los Angeles: 5th round pick in 1993 (Jason Saal)

To New Jersey: Mike Peluso
To Ottawa: future considerations

To Calgary: Brad Schlegel
To Washington: 7th round pick in 1993 (Andrew Brunette)

To San Jose: Sergei Makarov, a 1st round pick in 1993 (Viktor Kozlov) and a 3rd round pick in 1993 (Ville Peltonen)
To Hartford: Leafs' 2nd round pick in 1993 (Vlastimil Kroupa, prev. acquired), and Sharks' 1st round pick in 1993 (Chris Pronger)

30- To Islanders: Chris Luongo
To Ottawa: Jeff Finley

To Detroit: Kris Draper
To Winnipeg: futures

Winnipeg signed Darryl Shannon as a FA
Ottawa signed Bill Huard as a FA

JULY 1993

2- Quebec signed Alain Cote as a FA

8- Florida signed Dallas Eakins as a FA

9- San Jose traded Neil Wilkinson to Chicago to complete trade of June 18, 1993

12- Florida signed Pokey Reddick as a FA

13- Florida signed Jim Benning as a FA

To Chicago: Jeff Hackett
To San Jose: 3rd round pick in 1994 (Alexei Yegorov)

14- Florida signed Daniel Gauthier and Jeff Greenlaw as FA's

16- Los Angeles signed Brian Chapman, Bob Jay, Dominic Lavoie and Dan Currie as FA's

20- Florida signed Len Barrie and Jeff Serowik as FA's

21- Tampa Bay signed Gerard Gallant as a FA

22- Anaheim signed Peter Douris, Shaun Van Allen and Myles O'Connor as FA's
Los Angeles signed Dave Thomlinson as a FA
Boston signed Mark Major as a FA

26- Winnipeg signed Oleg Mikulchik as a FA
Florida signed Patrick Lebeau as a FA

28- Detroit signed Craig Martin and Tim Taylor as FA's
Washington signed Keith Acton as a FA

29- Rangers signed Greg Gilbert as a FA
Los Angeles signed Brian McReynolds as a FA
Tampa Bay signed Denis Savard as a FA

To St. Louis: Jim Hrivnak
To Winnipeg: 7th round pick in 1994 and futures

30- To Florida: Dave Tomlinson
To Toronto: cash

Philadelphia signed Jeff Finley as a FA
Boston signed Mikhail Tatrinov as a FA
St. Louis signed Tony Hrkac as a FA
Rangers signed Shawn McCosh as a FA


2- Pittsburgh signed Steve Bancroft as a FA
Anaheim signed Scott McKay as a FA
Los Angeles signed John Druce and Rob Murphy as FA's

3- To Winnipeg: Dave Tomlinson
To Florida: Jason Cirone

Toronto signed Chris Snell as a FA
Quebec signed Iain Fraser as a FA
Philadelphia signed Claude Vilgrain as a FA
Toronto signed Rich Chernomaz as a FA
Washington signed Dave Poulin as a FA

4- Philadelphia signed Chris Winnes as a FA

5- To San Jose: Shawn Cronin
To Philly: cash

6- Dallas signed Jason Herter as a FA
Boston signed David Littman as a FA

9- Hartford signed Jeff Bloemberg and Rob Cowie as FA's

10- To Anaheim: Todd Ewen and Patrick Carnback
To Montreal: 3rd round pick in 1994

San Jose signed Kip Miller as a FA
Tampa Bay signed Rudy Poeschek as a FA
Calgary signed Mike Stevens as a FA
Florida signed Jody Hull as a FA
Calgary signed Mark Freer, Dale Kuscher and David Haas as FA's

11- Toronto signed Bruce Racine as a FA

12- To Winnipeg: Kevin McClelland
To Toronto: cash

Dallas signed Grant Ledyard as a FA
Ottawa signed Vladimir Ruzicka as a FA

13- Tampa Bay signed Bill McDougall as a FA
Ottawa signed Jarmo Kekalainen as as FA
San Jose signed Mike Lalor as a FA

15- Washington signed Todd Nelson as a FA

16- Anaheim signed Denny Lambert as a FA
Rangers signed Darren Langdon as a FA

17- San Jose signed Bob Errey as a FA
Rangers signed Shawn McCosh as a FA

18- Calgary signed Kelly Kisio as a FA
San Jose signed Jamie Baker as a FA

20- Pittsburgh signed Todd Hawkins as a FA
Montreal signed Ron Wilson as a FA
Toronto signed David Harlock as a FA

23- Detroit signed Mark Pederson as a FA
Hartford signed Rick Bennett as a FA

24- Islanders signed Joe Day as a FA

26- Calgary signed Wes Walz as a FA

27- To Pittsburgh: Marty McSorley
To Los Angeles: Shawn McEachern

28- Dallas signed Dave Barr, Troy Gamble and Chris Tancill as FA's

30- Philadelphia signed Dave Tippett as a FA

To Detroit: Peter Ing
To Edmonton: 7th round pick in 1994 (Chris Wickenheiser)

31- Florida signed Jamie Leach as a FA


1- To Buffalo: Craig Simpson
To Edmonton: Jozef Cierny and a 4th round pick in 1994 (Jussi Tarvainen)

Rangers signed Dean Kolstad as a FA

2- To Calgary: Brad Miller and Jeff Perry
To Toronto: Paul Holden and Todd Gillingham

Detroit signed Bob Halkidis as a FA
Rangers signed Ken Hodge Jr. as a FA

6- Calgary signed Len Esau as a FA

7- Anaheim signed Jean Francois Jomphe as a FA
Florida signed Rick Hayward as a FA

To Quebec: Mike Hurlbut
To Rangers: Alexander Karpovstev

8- Chicago signed Rob Cimetta as a FA

9- To Philadelphia: Stewart Malgunas
To Detroit: future considerations

Anaheim signed Allan Bester as a FA
Quebec signed Chris Lindberg as a FA

10- To Edmonton: Link Gaetz
To San Jose: futures

13- Edmonton signed Wayne Cowley as a FA

14- To Ottawa: Brian Glynn
To Edmonton: futures

16- Toronto signed Chris Govedaris as a FA

18- Islanders signed Kevan Guy as a FA

24- To St. Louis: Phil Housley
To Winnipeg: Nelson Emerson and Stephane Quintal

27- Tampa Bay signed Norman Rochefort as a FA

29- Pittsburgh signed Doug Brown as a FA
Tampa Bay signed Bryan Fogerty as a FA

30- To Chicago: Darin Kimble
To Florida: Keith Brown

To Islanders: Tom Draper
To Buffalo: 7th round pick in 1994 (Steve Plouffe)

To Florida: Evgeny Davydov and a future draft pick
To Winnipeg: future draft pick

To Winnipeg: Brent Serveryn
To New Jersey: future draft picks

New Jersey signed Bob Carpenter as a FA


3- To Florida: Brent Severyn
To Winnipeg: Milan Tichy

Vancouver signed Jose Charbonneau as a FA

Vancouver claimed John McIntyre off waivers from the Rangers
Chicago claimed Rich Sutter off waivers from St. Louis
Ottawa claimed Dave McLlwain off waivers from Toronto
Dallas claimed Paul Broten off waivers from the Rangers
Anaheim claimed Garry Valk off waivers from Vancouver
Rangers claimed Mike Hudson off waivers from Edmonton

4- Hartford signed Brian Propp as a FA
Florida signed Jamie Linden and Brad Smyth as FA's

5- To Detroit: Terry Carkner
To Philly: Yves Racine and a 4th round pick in 1994 (Sebastien Vallee)

To Calgary: Peter Ahola
To Tampa Bay: cash

6- Ottawa claimed Francois Leroux off waivers from Edmonton

Edmonton signed Fred Brathwaite as a FA

7- Pittsburgh signed Roberto Romano as a FA

To Edmonton: Adam Bennett
To Chicago: Kevin Todd

8- To Boston: Paul Stanton
To Pittsburgh: 3rd round pick in 1994 (Greg Crozier)

12- Rangers claimed Jim Hiller off waivers from Detroit

13- Los Angeles signed Eric Lavigne as a FA

19- San Jose signed Gary Emmons as a FA

21- Washington signed Brian Curran as a FA

22- Islanders claimed Keith Acton off waivers from Washington

To Tampa Bay: Pat Elynuik
To Washington: futures

26- San Jose claimed Todd Ellik off waivers from Edmonton

27- To Chicago: Keith Carney and futures
To Buffalo: Craig Muni and futures

28- To Boston: Jon Morris
To San Jose: cash


2- To Hartford: Steve Larmer and Bryan Marchment
To Chicago: Eric Weinrich and Patrick Poulin

To Rangers: Steve Larmer, Barry Richter, Nick Kypreos and a 6th round pick (Yuri Litvinov)
To Hartford: James Patrick and Darren Turcotte

To Edmonton: Jeff Chychrun
To Los Angeles: cond. pick in 1995

3- To Los Angeles: Doug Houda
To Hartford: Marc Potvin

Hartford claimed Bob McGill off waivers from the Islanders

5- To Boston: Dave Capuano
To San Jose: cash

To Florida: Mike Foligno
To Toronto: cash

8- Los Angeles signed Phil Crowe as a FA

11- To Edmonton: Bob Beers
To Tampa Bay: Chris Joseph

13- Toronto signed Marcel Cousineau as a FA

19- To Hartford: Jeff Reese
To Calgary: Dan Keczmer

25- To Winnipeg: Randy Gilhen and futures
To Florida: Stu Barnes and futures

28- To Philly: Rob Ramage
To Montreal: cash

30- To Florida: Greg Hawgood
To Philadelphia: cash


3- Dallas signed Neil Brady and Duane Joyce as FA's

6- To Edmonton: Frederik Olausson and a 7th round pick in 1994 (Curtis Sheptak)
To Winnipeg: 3rd round pick in 1994 (Travis Hansen)

To Florida: Geoff Smith
To Edmonton: future considerations

7- To Toronto: Greg Smyth
To Florida: cash

9- To Winnipeg: Craig Fisher
To Edmonton: cash

15- To Islanders: Marc Laforge
To Edmonton: Brent Grieve

To Dallas: Gord Donnelly
To Buffalo: James Black and 7th round pick in 1994 (Steve Webb)

16- To Hartford: Alexander Godynyuk
To Florida: Jim McKenzie

To Dallas: Jim McKenzie
To Florida: 4th round pick in 1994 or 1995


Reggie Lemelin, Boston Bruins
Carey Wilson, Calgary Flames
Brent Ashton, Calgary Flames
John Ogrodnick, Detroit Red Wings
Tim Kerr, Hartford Whalers
Bobby Smith, Minnesota North Stars
Brian Mullen, New York Islanders
Brad Marsh, Ottawa Senators
Laurie Boschman, Ottawa Senators
Brian Hayward, San Jose Sharks
Brian Lawton, San Jose Sharks
Doug Wilson, San Jose Sharks
Steve Kasper, Tampa Bay Lightning
Ryan Walter, Vancouver Canucks
Rod Langway, Washington Capitals
Randy Carlyle, Winnipeg Jets

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