A history of NHL trades and signings from June 1960 to present. I have compiled this list from every source that I could find. Some years have missing months. If you know of any further sources that would help fill in the holes, let me know. Thanks and enjoy the info. I have compiled this for you..the hockey junkie.



3- To Edmonton: Miroslav Frycer
To Detroit: 10th round pick in 1989 (Rick Judson)

9- To Calgary: Steve Guenette
To Pittsburgh: 6th round pick in 1989 (Mike Needham)

14- Edmonton claimed Dave Hunter off waivers from Winnipeg

16- To St. Louis: Mike Lalor
To St. Louis: option to switch 1st round picks in 1990 and Blues 3rd round pick in 1991

19- To Chicago: Alain Chevrier
To Winnipeg: 4th round pick in 1989 (Allain Roy)

22- To Los Angeles: Jay Miller
To Boston: futures

23- To Edmonton: Doug Halward
To Detroit: 12th round pick in 1989 (Jason Glickman)

To Boston: Bobby Carpenter
To Los Angeles: Steve Kasper

25- To Vancouver: Jose Charbonneau
To Montreal: Dan Woodley


3- To Los Angeles: Dean Kennedy
To Rangers: 4th round pick in 1990

To St. Louis: Phil DeGaetano
To Boston: Scott Harlow

7- To Philadelphia: Keith Acton and a 5th round pick in 1991
To Edmonton: Dave Brown

To Philadelphia: Al Secord
To Toronto: 5th round pick in 1989 (Keith Carney)

9- To Vancouver: Jamie Husgen
To Winnipeg: futures

13- To Boston: Ron Flockhart
To St. Louis: futures

15- To Edmonton: Tomas Jonsson
To Islanders: futures

16- To Chicago: Wayne Van Dorp
To Buffalo: 7th round pick in 1990

21- To Toronto: Ken Hammond
To Rangers: Chris McRae

22- To Islanders: Wayne McBean, Mark Fitzpatrick, and futures
To Los Angeles: Kelly Hrudey

27- To Toronto: Paul Lawless
To Vancouver: Peter Deboer

MARCH 1989

4- To Minnesota: Shane Churla and Perry Berezan
To Calgary: Brian McLellan, and a 4th round pick in 1989 (Robert Reichel)

6- To Philly: Ken Wregget
To Toronto: 1st round pick in 1989 (Rob Pearson), and Flames' 1st round pick in 1989 (Steve Bancroft) obtained previously in the Brad McCrimmon trade

To Washington: Scott Kleinendorst
To Hartford: Jim Thomson

To Los Angeles: Pat Mayer
To Pittsburgh: Tim Tookey

7- To Edmonton: Brian Wilks and John Englis
To Los Angeles: Jim Wiemer and Alan May

To Chicago: Greg Gilbert
To Islanders: 5th round pick in 1989 (Steve Young)

To Rangers: Lindy Ruff
To Buffalo: 5th round pick in 1990

7- To Washington: Calle Johansson and 2nd round pick in 1989 (Byron Dafoe)
To Buffalo: Clint Malarchuk, Grant Ledyard, and a 6th round pick in 1991

To Hartford: Jim Pavese
To Detroit: Torrie Robertson

To Washington: Dino Ciccarelli and Bob Rouse
To Minnesota: Mike Gartner and Larry Murphy

To Vancouver: Tim Lenardon
To New Jersey: Claude Vilgrain

To Minnesota: Reed Larson
To Islanders: futures

To Vancouver: Doug Smith and Greg Adams
To Edmonton: John Leblanc and a 5th round pick in 1989 (Peter White)

17- Hartford signed Chris Linderg as a FA


JUNE 1989

1- To Washington: Mark Ferner
To Buffalo: Scott McCrory

9- Detroit signed Marc Habscheid as a FA

12- Detroit signed Borje Salming as a FA

15- To Detroit: Bernie Federko and Tony McKegney
To St. Louis: Adam Oates and Paul MacLean

16- St. Louis signed Curtis Joseph as a FA

To Toronto: Rob Ramage
To Calgary: 2nd round pick in 1989 (Kent Manderville)

17- To Washington: Alan May
To Los Angeles: 5th round pick in 1989 (Thomas Newman)

To Winnipeg: Randy Cunneyworth, Dave McLlwain and Rick Tabaracci
To Pittsburgh: Andrew McBain, Randy Gilhen and Jim Kyte

To Quebec: Joe Cirella and Claude Loiselle
To New Jersey: Walt Poddubny and futures

To Edmonton: Corey Foster
To New Jersey: 1st round pick in 1989 (Jason Miller)

To Edmonton: Tommy Lehmann
To Boston: 3rd round pick in 1989 (Wes Walz)

To Winnipeg: Greg Paslawski and 3rd round pick in 1989 (Kris Draper)
To St. Louis: 3rd round pick in 1989 (Denny Felsner) and 2nd round pick in 1991 (Steve Staios)

To Islanders: Joe Reekie
To Buffalo: 6th round pick in 1989 (Bill Pye)

To New Jersey: Sylvain Cote
To Hartford: Pat Verbeek

To Washington: Bob Mason
To Quebec: futures

Philadelphia signed Pete Peeters as a FA

To Boston: Frank Caprice
To Vancouver: 12th round pick in 1989 (Jan Bergman)

19- To Minnesota: Gaeten Duchesne
To Quebec: Kevin Kaminski

To New Jersey: Peter Sundstrom
To Washington: 10th round pick in 1990

23- Detroit signed Chris Kotsopoulus as a FA

27- Boston signed Peter Douris and Alfie Turcotte as FA's

28- Los Angeles signed Keith Crowder as a FA
Pittsburgh signed Gilbert Delorme as a FA

29- To Toronto: Lou Franceschetti
To Washington: 6th round pick in 1990

JULY 1989

14- Quebec signed Guy Lafleur as a FA

19- St. Louis signed Rik Wilson as a FA

21- To Winnipeg: Shawn Cronin
To Philly: futures

25- Washington signed Dennis Smith and Brian Tutt as FA's

26- Los Angeles signed Larry Robinson as a FA


2- Quebec signed Lucien Deblois as a FA

7- Chicago signed Al Secord as a FA

10- New Jersey signed Roland Melanson as a FA

22- To Philadelphia: Jiri Latal
To Toronto: 7th round pick in 1991


1- To Los Angeles: Barry Beck
To Rangers: 4th round pick in 1990 (Jeff Nielson)

5- To Minnesota: Peter Lappin
To Calgary: 2nd round pick in 1990, which was later transferred to New Jersey, Chris Gotziaman

7- To Rangers: Kris King
To Detroit: Chris McRae and a 5th round pick in 1990 (Tony Burns)

8- To Toronto: Marc Laforest
To Philly: 6th and 7th round picks in 1990

14- To Rangers: Lee Giffin
To Pittsburgh: futures

27- To St. Louis: Rik Wilson
To Chicago: Craig Coxe

28- To Edmonton: Pokey Reddick
To Winnipeg: futures

To Boston: Bobby Gould
To Washington: Alain Cote

To Winnipeg: Keith Acton and Pete Peeters
To Philadelphia: future considerations

To Chicago: Jacques Cloutier
To Buffalo: futures


2- To Edmonton: Randy Exelby
To Montreal: futures


Quebec: Greg C. Adams (from Vancouver)
Toronto: Dave Hannan (from Pittsburgh)
Winnipeg: Moe Mantha (from Philadelphia)
New Jersey: Kent Nilsson (from Edmonton
Minnesota: Dave Mackey (from Chicago)
Vancouver: Craig Coxe (from Chicago)
Hartford: Mikael Andersson (from Buffalo)
Washington: Nick Kypreos (from Philadelphia)

3- To Philadelphia: Keith Acton and Pete Peeters
To Winnipeg: futures (?)

4- To Buffalo: Dean Kennedy
To Los Angeles: 4th round pick in 1991

5- To Quebec: Michel Petit
To Rangers: Randy Moller

7- To Minnesota: Kevin Sullivan
To Hartford: Mike Berger

9- Hartford signed Daryl Reaugh as a FA

10- To Edmonton: Norm MacIver
To Hartford: Jim Ennis

16- To Toronto: Tom Kurvers
To New Jersey: 1st round pick in 1991

24- To Vancouver: Rod Buskas
To Pittsburgh: 6th round pick in 1990 (Ian Moran)

31- To New Jersey: Jim Thomson
To Hartford: Chris Cichocki


1- To Minnesota: Jayson More
To Rangers: Dave Archibald

2- To Edmonton: Adam Graves, Petr Klima, and Jeff Sharples
To Detroit: Jimmy Carson, Kevin McLelland and a 5th round pick in 1991

10- To Los Angeles: Brian Benning
To St. Louis: 3rd round pick in 1991

24- To Los Angeles: Bob Halkidis and futures
To Buffalo: Dale DeGray and futures

29- To Los Angeles: Mikko Makela
To Islanders: Hubie McDonough and Ken Baumgartner


1- To Winnipeg: Phil Sykes
To Los Angeles: Brad Jones

4- To Quebec: Tony McKegney
To Detroit: Greg C. Adams and Robert Picard

12- To Montreal: Todd Ewen
To St. Louis: futures

13- To Washington: Bob Joyce
To Boston: Dave Christian

To Quebec: Tony Hrkac and Greg Millen
To St. Louis: Jeff Brown

To Winnipeg: Paul MacDermid
To Hartford: Randy Cunneyworth

20- To Islanders: Paul Gagne, Derek Laxdal and Jack Capuano
To Toronto: Mike Stevens and Gilles Thibaudeau

21- To Edmonton: Vladimir Ruzicka
To Toronto: 4th round pick in 1990 (Greg Walters)


Mark Napier, Buffalo Sabres
Hakan Loob, Calgary Flames
Lanny McDonald, Calgary Flames
Tomas Jonsson, Edmonton Oilers
John Anderson, Hartford Whalers
Ron Duguay, Los Angeles Kings
Craig Hartsburg, Minnesota North Stars
Dennis Maruk, Minnesota North Stars
Bob Gainey, Montreal Canadiens
Billy Smith, New York Islanders
Marcel Dionne, New York Rangers
Anton Stastny, Quebec Nordiques
Mel Bridgman, Vancouver Canucks
Bengt Gustafsson, Washington Capitals

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Thanks for the list of 1989 trades. I was wondering how Toronto ended up with 3 first rounds picks.


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