A history of NHL trades and signings from June 1960 to present. I have compiled this list from every source that I could find. Some years have missing months. If you know of any further sources that would help fill in the holes, let me know. Thanks and enjoy the info. I have compiled this for you..the hockey junkie.



3- To Calgary: Dana Murzyn and Shane Churla
To Hartford: Carey Wilson, Neil Sheehy and the rights to Lane MacDonald

4- To Minnesota: Curt Fraser
To Chicago: Dirk Graham

9- Montreal signed Stephane J.G. Richer as a FA

11- To Winnipeg: Mark Kumpel
To Detroit: Jim Nill

14- To Winnipeg: Alfie Turcotte
To Montreal: futures

21- To Rangers: Joe Paterson
To Los Angeles: Gord Walker and Mike Siltila

To St. Louis: Scott Harlow
To Montreal: futures

22- To Hartford: Paul Lawless
To Philadelphia: Lindsay Carson

To Edmonton: Keith Acton
To Minnesota: Moe Mantha

27- To Rangers: Chris Nilan
To Montreal: a switch of 1st round pick in 1989


5- To Pittsburgh: Brian Erickson
To Los Angeles: Chris Kontos and an 6th round pick in 1988

8- To Philadelphia: Gordie Roberts
To Minnesota: futures

9- To Los Angeles: Craig Laughlin
To Washington: Grant Ledyard

11- To Edmonton: Steve Dykstra and a 7th round pick in 1989
To Buffalo: Scott Metcalfe and a 9th round pick in 1989

19- To Calgary: Rick Hayward
To Montreal: Martin Nicoletti

23- To Los Angeles: Ron Duguay
To Rangers: Mark Hardy

St. Louis signed Kelly Chase as a FA

25- Calgary signed Jim Johansson as a FA

26- Rangers signed Todd Elik as a FA

29- To Minnesota: John Barrett
To Washington: futures

MARCH 1988

1- To Philadelphia: Willie Huber
To Vancouver: Paul Lawless and Canucks' 5th round pick in 1989 (previously acquired)

2- Vancouver signed Ken Berry as a FA

6- To Vancouver: Brian Bradley and Peter Bakovic
To Calgary: Craig Coxe

7- To St. Louis: Brett Hull and Steve Bozek
To Calgary: Rob Ramage and Rick Wamsley

To Minnesota: John Blue
To Winnipeg: 7th round pick in 1988 (Markus Akerblom)

9- To Toronto: Brian Curran
To Islanders: 6th round pick in 1988 (Pavel Gross)

To Hartford: Richard Brodeur
To Vancouver: Steve Weeks

To St. Louis: Gordie Roberts
To Philadelphia: futures

To Edmonton: Bill Ranford, Geoff Courtnall and futures
To Boston: Andy Moog

To Detroit: Jim Pavese
To Rangers: futures

To Boston: Moe Lemay
To Edmonton: Alan May

To Minnesota: Gord Dineen
To Islanders: Chris Pryor and futures

To Hartford: Charlie Bourgeois and Whaler's 3rd round pick in 1989 (prev. acquired)
To St. Louis: 2nd round pick in 1989

18- Los Angeles signed Hubie McDonough as a FA

MAY 1988

1- Calgary signed Wayne Cowley as a FA

2- Hartford signed Ross McKay as a FA

16- Winnipeg signed Darren Boyko as a FA

20- To Minnesota: Igor Liba
To Calgary: 5th round pick in 1988 (Thomas Forslund)

26- To Vancouver: Kevan Guy
To Calgary: cash


JUNE 1988

3- Winnipeg signed Brent Hughes as a FA


Minnesota: Mike McHugh
Vancouver: Andy Gribble
Quebec: Phil Berger
Pittsburgh: Paul Polillo
Rangers: Mike Hurlbut
Minnesota: David Shofield
Vancouver: Steve McKichan
Quebec: Jamie Baker
Pittsburgh: Shawn Lillie
Rangers: Ron Lecinskas
Toronto: Dean Anderson
Los Angeles: Sean Fitzgerald
Chicago: Todd Wolf
St. Louis: Mike McNeil
Winnipeg: Mike O'Neill
Hartford: Todd Krygier
New Jersey: Tim Budy
Buffalo: Clarke Davies
Philadelphia: Paul Connell
Washington: Harry Mews
Islanders: Doug Melnyk
Detroit: Gary Shuchuk
Boston: Chris Harvey
Edmonton: Brian Dowd
Montreal: Peter Fish
Calgary: Jerry Tarrant

10- To Detroit: Miroslav Frycer
To Toronto: Darren Veitch

13- To Winnipeg: Brent Ashton
To Detroit: Paul MacLean

To Minnesota: Mark Hardy
To Rangers: futures

20- Islanders signed Shawn Evans as a FA

21- Pittsburgh signed John Cullen as a FA

To Philadelphia: Mike Stothers
To Toronto: Bill Root

27- Los Angeles signed Tim Watters as a FA

JULY 1988

5- To Chicago: Mike Eagles
To Quebec: Bob Mason

6- To Hartford: Ed Kastelic and Grant Jennings
To Washington: Neil Sheehy and Mike Millar

15- Quebec signed Brent Severyn as a FA

18- Boston signed Garry Galley as a FA

19- To Winnipeg: Alain Chevrier and a 7th round pick in 1989 (Doug Evans)
To New Jersey: Steve Rooney and futures

22- To Edmonton: Greg Adams
To Washington: Geoff Courtnall

25- To Philadelphia: Terry Carkner
To Quebec: Greg Smyth and a 3rd round pick in 1989

28- Toronto signed Paul Gagne as a FA

29- To Quebec: Joel Baillargeon
To Winnipeg: futures


1- To Quebec: Walt Poddubny, Bruce Bell, Jari Gronstrand and a 4th round pick in 1989
To Rangers: Normand Rochefort and Jason Lafreniere

3- Hartford signed Larry Tradner as a FA

4- Toronto signed Doug Shedden as a FA

9- To Los Angeles: Wayne Gretzky, Marty McSorley and Mike Krushelnyski
To Edmonton: Jimmy Carson, Martin Gelinas, and Kings' 1st round picks in 1989, 1991 and 1993 and cash

To Montreal: Jocelyn Lemieux, Darrell May and a 2nd round pick in 1989
To St. Louis: Sergio Momesso and Vincent Riendeau

10- To Los Angeles: John Miner
To Edmonton: Craig Redmond

12- Detroit signed John Blum as a FA

15- Quebec signed Jacques Maihot as a FA

19- New York Rangers signed Guy Lafleur as a FA


To Pittsburgh: Wendell Young and a 7th round pick in 1990
To Philadelphia: 3rd round pick in 1990

6- To Calgary: Doug Gilmour, Mark Hunter, Steve Bozek and Michael Dark
To St. Louis: Mike Bullard, Craig Coxe and Tim Corkery

To Vancouver: Paul Reinhart and Steve Bozek
To Calgary: 3rd round pick in 1989 (Pekka Kautonen)

To Vancouver: Robert Nordmark
To St. Louis: Dave Richter and a 4th round pick in 1990

28- To Rangers: Mike Boyce
To Philadelphia: Chris Jensen

29- To Los Angeles: Doug Crossman
To Philly: Jay Wells

To Winnipeg: Kent Carlson and a 12th round pick in 1989 (Sergei Kharin) and a 4th round pick in 1990
To St. Louis: Peter Douris

To St. Louis: Dave Lowry
To Vancouver: Ernie Vargas

30- To Buffalo: Wayne Van Dorp
To Pittsburgh: futures



Toronto: Brad Marsh (from Philly)
Vancouver: Behn Wilson (from Chicago)
Vancouver: Risto Siltanen (from Quebec)
Philadelphia: Doug Sulliman (from New Jersey)
Pittsburgh: Jay Caulfield (from Minnesota)
Pittsburgh: Steve Dykstra (from Edmonton)
Pittsburgh: Dave Hannan (from Edmonton)
Minnesota: Tom Martin (from Hartford)
Minnesota: Stewart Gavin (from Hartford)
Minnesota: Ken Leiter (from Islanders)
Rangers: Craig Redmond (from Los Angeles)
Edmonton: Ken Hammond (from Los Angeles)
Edmonton: Doug Smith (from Buffalo)
Boston: Andy Brickley (from New Jersey)
Winnipeg: Dave Hunter (from Pittsburgh)
Los Angeles: Dale DeGray (from Toronto)
Los Angeles: Jim Hofford (from Buffalo)
Buffalo: Steve Smith (from Philadelphia)

6- To Hartford: Mark Lavarre
To Chicago: futures

11- To Rangers: Brian Lawton, Igor Liba and Eric Bennett
To Minnesota: Mark Tinordi, Paul Jerrard, Mike Sullivan, Bret Barnett and a 3rd round pick in 1989 (Murray Garbutt)

To Washington: Kent Carlson
To Winnipeg: futures

19- To Washington: Rob Whistle
To St. Louis: 6th round pick in 1989 (Derek Frenette)

21- To Buffalo: Larry Playfair
To Los Angeles: Robert Logan and a 9th round pick in 1989 (Jim Glacin)

27- To Edmonton: Jeff Crossman
To Rangers: Ron Shudra


1- Rangers claimed Ken Hammond off waivers from Edmonton
Edmonton claimed Craig Redmond off waivers from the Rangers

To Washington: Don Beaupre
To Minnesota: Claudio Scremin

To Pittsburgh: Richard Zemlack
To Minnesota: Rob Gaudreau

3- To Boston: Paul Guay
To Los Angeles: Dave Pasin

7- To Montreal: Russ Courtnall
To Toronto: John Kordic and a 6th round pick in 1989 (Michael Doers)

Edmonton claimed Glen Cochrane off waivers from Chicago

To Montreal: J.J. Daigneault
To Philadelphia: Scott Sandelin

12- To Pittsburgh: Tom Barrasso and a 3rd round pick in 1990
To Buffalo: Doug Bodger and Darrin Shannon

25- To Chicago: Steve Konroyd and Bob Bassen
To Islanders: Marc Bergevin and Gary Nylund

To Winnipeg: Paul Fenton
To Los Angeles: Gilles Hamel

29- To Philadelphia: Mike Bullard
To St. Louis: Peter Zezel


6- Hartford claimed Tom Martin off waivers from Minnesota

To Islanders: Reed Larson
To Edmonton: futures

To Winnipeg: Gord Donnelly
To Quebec: Mario Marois

8- To Minnesota: Moe Mantha
To Philadelphia: 5th round pick in 1989 (Pat MacLeod)

9- To Boston: Dan Dorion
To New Jersey: Jean Marc Lanthier

12- To Philadelphia: Steve Fletcher
To Winnipeg: futures

To Los Angeles: Todd Elik, Igor Liba, Michael Boyce and futures
To Rangers: Dean Kennedy and Denis Larocque

To New Jersey: Tommy Albelin
To Quebec: 4th round pick in 1989 (Niclas Andersson)

15- To Quebec: Stephane Roy
To Minnesota: futures

17- To Pittsburgh: Scott Bjugstad and Gord Dineen
To Minnesota: Steve Gotaas and Ville Siren

26-To Chicago: Adam Creighton
To Buffalo: Rick Vaive

To Hartford: Brian Lawton, Norm Maciver, and Don Maloney
To Rangers: Carey Wilson and a 5th round pick in 1990

30- To Boston: Moe Lemay
To Winnipeg: Ray Neufeld


Rick Middleton, Boston Bruins
Clark Gillies, Buffalo Sabres
Dave Lewis, Detroit Red Wings
Doug Jarvis, Hartford Whalers
Tiger Williams, Hartford Whalers
Richard Brodeur, Hartford Whalers
Bob Bourne, Los Angeles Kings
Steve Payne, Minnesota North Stars
Denis Potvin, New York Islanders
Pierre Larouche, New York Rangers
Charlie Simmer, Pitttsburgh Penguins
Gilles Meloche, Pittsburgh Penguins
Wilf Paiement, Pittsburgh Penguins
Brian Sutter, St. Louis Blues
Perry Turnbull, St. Louis Blues
Dave Semenko, Toronto Maple Leafs

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