A history of NHL trades and signings from June 1960 to present. I have compiled this list from every source that I could find. Some years have missing months. If you know of any further sources that would help fill in the holes, let me know. Thanks and enjoy the info. I have compiled this for you..the hockey junkie.



3 - Minnesota traded Barry Gibbs to Atlanta for Dwight Bialowas and Dean Talafous..

5 - Minnesota traded J.P. Parise to New York Islanders for Ernie Hicke and Doug Rombough.
New York Islanders traded Bob Cook to Minnesota for cash.

7- Jude Drouin traded to NY Islanders by Minnesota for Craig Cameron, January 7, 1975.

9 - California traded Bruce Affleck to St.Louis for Frank Spring.

10 - Pittsburgh traded Denis Herron and Jean Guy Legace to Kansas City for Michel Plasse.

20 - Pittsburgh traded Bernie Lukowich to St.Louis for Bob Stumpf.

21 - Pittsburgh traded Ron Jones to Washington for Pete Laframboise.

27 - Minnesota traded Fred Stanfield to Buffalo for Norm Gratton and Sabres' 3rd round draft, Ron Zanussi, in 1976 Amateur Draft.


Los Angeles traded Doug Buhr to Kansas City for cash

8 - Detroit traded Jack Lynch to Washington for Dave Kryskow.

10 - Kansas City traded Ken Murray to Los Angeles for cash.
St.Louis traded Stan Gilbertson and Garnet Bailey to Washington for Denis Dupere.

15 - New York Rangers received Dunc Wilson from Toronto on waivers.

18 - Detroit traded Hank Nowak and Earl Anderson to Boston for Walt McKechnie and Bruins' 3rd r/p, Claire Hamilton, in 1975 AD.

28 - Detroit traded Nelson Pyatt to Washington for Capitals' 3rd r/p, Al Cameron, in 1975 .

MARCH 1975

1 - Kansas City signed Larry Johnston as a FA.

3 - Washington traded Bill Mikkelson to Los Angeles for cash.
New York Islanders traded Gerry Desjardins to Buffalo for Garry Lariviere.

9 - Detroit traded Blair Stewart to Washington for Mike Bloom.
Vancouver traded Gerry Meehan to Atlanta for Bob J. Murray.

10 - Detroit traded Al Smith to Buffalo for future consideration.

MAY 1975

20 - Atlanta received Bill Flett from Toronto on waivers.

21 - St.Louis received Bruce Cowick from Washington on waivers.

JUNE 1975

California traded Ron Huston to Phoenix (WHA) for rights to Del Hall and Garry Holt. Minnesota signed Jerome Engle as a FA.

1 - California traded Joey Johnston to Chicago for Jim Peppin and Blackhawks' 3rd r/p, Guy Lash, in 1977 AD.

4 - Philadelphia traded Bill Clement, Don MacLean and Flyers's 1st r/p, Alex Forsythe, in 1975 AD to washington for Capitals' 1st r/p, Mel Bridgman, in 1975 AD.

5 - Atlanta traded Bryan Hextall Jr. to Detroit for Dave Kryskov.

17 - New York Rangers received Dale Lewis from Springfield (AHL) in Intra-League draft.
Washington received Hartland Monahan from New York Rangers in Inter-League draft.
Montreal Canadiens traded Wayne Thomasto Toronto for Maple Leafs' 1st r/p, Peter Lee, in 1976 amateur draft.

18 - New York Rangers traded Ted Irvine, Jerry Butler and Bert Wilson to St.Louis for John Davidson and Bill Collins.
St.Louis traded Craig Patrick, Denis Dupere and cash to Kansas City for Lynn Powis and Scouts' 2nd r/p, Brian Sutter, in 1976 amateur draft.

20 - Toronto traded Gary Sabourin to California for Stan Weir.

23 - Detroit traded rights to Marcel Dionne and Bart Crashley to Los Angeles for Terry Harper, Dan Maloney and Kings' 2nd r/p in 1976 amateur draft.

25 - Montreal Canadiens traded Greg Hubick to Toronto for Maple Leafs' r/p, Doug Jarvis in 1975 Amateur Draft.

JULY 1975

3 - Buffalo traded Gilles Gratton to St.Louis for cash.

9 - Montreal Canadiens traded Glen Sather to Minnesota for North Stars' r/d, Alain Cote, in 1977 draft.


12 - Philadelphia signed Bob Kelly as a FA.

15 - Los Angeles traded Tim Young to Minnesota for North Stars' 2nd r/p, Steve Clippingdale, in 1976 draft.

22 - Detroit traded Gary Bergman and Bill McKenzie to Kansas City for Peter McDuffe and Glen Burdon.

28 - Pittsburgh traded Kelly Pratt to Hershey (AHL) for cash.


3 - Toronto signed Bob Warner as a FA.
Toronto signed Kurt Walker as a FA.

9 - New York Rangers traded Curt Ridley to New York Rangers for Jerry Byers.

21 - St.Louis traded Larry Sacharuk to New York Rangers for MacMillan and future considerations.

23 - California traded Claude St.Saveur to Atlanta for cash.

27 - Montreal Canadiens signed Mike Polich as a FA.


Washington signed Brian Stapleton as a FA.

1 - Buffalo traded Larry Carriere and Sabres' 1st r/p, Greg Carroll, to Atlanta for Jacques Richard.
Buffalo traded Rocky Farr to Kansas City for cash.

13 - Atlanta traded Fred Harvey to Kansas City for Richard Lemieux and Scouts' 2nd r/p, Miles Zaharko, in 1977 AD.

22 - California traded Rick Smith to St.Louis for cash.

28 - New York Rangers traded Gilles Villemure to Chicago for Doug Jarrett.
Kansas City received Germain Gagnon from Chicago on waivers.

30 - New York Rangers traded Derek Sanderson to St.Louis for future considerations.

31 - Detroit received Ed Giacomin from New York Rangers on waivers.


7 - New York Rangers traded Jean Ratelle and Brad Park to Boston for Phil Esposito and Carol Vadnais.

14 - Boston traded Al Simmons to New York Rangers for cash.

20 - Chicago traded J.P.Leblanc Detroit for Red Wings' 2nd r/p, Jean Savard, in 1977 AD.

21 - Detroit traded Brian Hextall Jr. to Minnesota for Rick Chinnick.

24 - St,Louis traded Wayne Merrick to California for Larry Patey and Seals' 3rd r/p in 1977 AD.

25 - Detroit traded Pierre Jarry to Minnesota for Don Martineau.

26 - Pittsburgh traded Bob Paradise to Washington for Capitols' 2nd r/p, Greg Malone, in 1976 draft.


15 - Philadelphia traded Bob Sirois to Washington for future considerations.

16 - Pittsburgh traded Harvey Bennett to Washington for Stan Gilbertson.


Murray Oliver, Minnesota North Stars
Henri Richard, Montreal Canadiens
Bobby Rousseau, New York Rangers
Ted Harris, Philadelphia Flyers
Eddie Shack, Toronto Maple Leafs
Norm Ullman, Toronto Maple Leafs
Doug Mohns, Washington Capitals

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At August 28, 2007 at 8:35 AM , Anonymous Tony D said...

Great site, It appears you are missing an Islanders-Minnesota trade. At about the same time they swapped for J.P. Parise, the Islanders also traded for Jude Drouin, also from the North Stars

At August 28, 2007 at 1:59 PM , Blogger Zanstorm said...

Thanks..yes that was on January 7, 1975. Traded for Craig Cameron.

I have added it.

At October 1, 2009 at 3:24 AM , Anonymous Dennis Pittman said...

On December 9, 1975 the Minnesota North Stars traded the rights to Henry Boucha to the Kansas City Scouts for Kansas City's 2nd roud draft pick (Steve Christoff) in the 1978 amateur draft.


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