A history of NHL trades and signings from June 1960 to present. I have compiled this list from every source that I could find. Some years have missing months. If you know of any further sources that would help fill in the holes, let me know. Thanks and enjoy the info. I have compiled this for you..the hockey junkie.



1- To Rangers: Bobby Carpenter and a 2nd round pick in 1989
To Washington: Mike Ridley, Kelly Miller and Bob Crawford

4- Rangers signed Mark Tinordi as a FA

5- To Quebec: Bill Derlago
To Winnipeg: 4th round pick in 1989

8- To Winnipeg: Steve Rooney
To Montreal: 3rd round pick in 1987 (Francois Gravel)

12- To Detroit: Dave Barr
To Hartford: Randy Ladouceur

17- To Quebec: John Ogrodnick, Doug Shedden and Basil McRae
To Detroit: Brent Ashton, Gilbert Delorme and Mark Kumpel

20- Rangers claimed Brad Maxwell off waivers from Vancouver

21- To Rangers: Ron Duguay
To Pittsburgh: Chris Kontos


14- To Washington: Garry Galley
To Los Angeles: Al Jensen

MARCH 1987

1- Vancouver signed Craig Levie and Chris Felix as FA's

2- To Edmonton: Kent Nilsson
To Minnesota: futures

5- To Toronto: Mark Osbourne
To Toronto: Jeff Jackson and a 3rd round pick in 1989

To Quebec: Lane Lambert
To Rangers: Pat Price

6- To Buffalo: Mark Napier and Lee Fogolin
To Edmonton: Normand Lacome and Wayne Van Dorp

9- To Detroit: Mel Bridgman
To New Jersey: Chris Cichocki and a 3rd round pick in 1987 (Andrew MacVicar)

To Edmonton: Dom Campedelli
To Philadelphia: Jeff Brubaker

10- To Rangers: Marcel Dionne, Jeff Crossman amd a 3rd round pick in 1989
To Los Angeles: Bob Carpenter and Tom Laidlaw

To Minnesota: Raimo Helminen
To Rangers: futures

To Hartford: Pat Hughes
To St. Louis: 10th round pick in 1987 (Andy Cesarski)

To Minnesota: Paul Boutilier
To Boston: 4th round pick in 1987 (Darwin MacPherson)

Edmonton traded Stu Kulak to the Rangers to complete the Reijo Ruotsaleinen trade

APRIL 1987

7- Islanders signed Dale Kushner as a FA

MAY 1987

14- To Montreal: Alfie Turcotte
To Edmonton: cash

19- Calgary signed Marc Bureau and Martin Simard as FA's

22- To Chicago: Mark Paterson
To Calgary: cash

Washington signed Robin Bawa as a FA

To Buffalo: Jan Ludvig
To New Jersey: Jim Korn

26- Minnesota signed Wally Schreiber as a FA

28- To St. Louis: Tony Mckegney and Rob Whistle
To Rangers: Bruce Bell and 3rd and 4th round picks in 1988

29- To Detroit: Warren Young
To Pittsburgh: cash


JUNE 1987

1- To Boston: John Blum
To Washington: 7th round pick in 1988 (Brad Schlegel)

5- Rangers signed Jim Latos as a FA

To St. Louis: Perry Turnbull
To Winnipeg: 5th round pick in 1987 (Ken Gerander)

8- To Rangers: Brian Mullen and a 10th round pick in 1987 (Brett Barnett)
To Winnipeg: 5th round pick in 1988 (Benoit Lebeau) and a 3rd round pick in 1989

10- Toronto signed Mike Blaisdell as a FA

13- To New Jersey: Dave Maley
To Montreal: 3rd round pick in 1987 (Matthieu Schneider)

To Calgary: Ric Nattress
To St. Louis: 4th round pick in 1987 (Andy Rymsha) and a 5th round pick in 1988 (Dave Lacouture)

To Quebec: Alan Hayworth, Gaeten Duchesne and a 1st round pick (Joe Sakic)
To Washington: Dale Hunter and Clint Malarchuk

To New Jersey: Tom Kurvers
To Buffalo: rights to Detroit's 3rd round pick in 1987 (Andrew MacVicar)

To Philly: Mark Laforest
To Detroit: 2nd round pick in 1987 (Bob Wilkie)

16- Pittsburgh signed Jimmy Mann as a FA

18- Vancouver signed Claude Vilgrain as a FA

25- Detroit signed John Chabot as a FA

29- Calgary signed Randy Bucyk as a FA
Minnesota signed Basil McRae as a FA

30- Detroit signed Darren Eliot as a FA

JULY 1987

2- Islanders signed Mick Vukota as a FA

10- New Jersey signed Bob Sauve as a FA
Pittsburgh signed Pat Mayer as a FA

16- Winnipeg signed Guy Larose as a FA

21- To Rangers: Jeff Brubaker
To Philadelphia: cash

27- Edmonton signed Gary Emmons as a FA

29- Hartford signed Tom Martin as a FA

30- Vancouver signed Ian Kidd as a FA

31- Pittsburgh signed Jock Callander as a FA


12- Rangers signed Peter Laviolette as a FA

13- Boston signed Rejean Lemelin and Bill O'Dwyer as FA's

15- Calgary signed Rich Chernomaz as a FA
Philadelphia signed Mark Lofthouse as a FA

23- To Vancouver: Daryl Stanley and Darren Jensen
To Philadelphia: Wendell Young and a 3rd round pick in 1990

26- To Calgary: Brad McCrimmon
To Philadelphia: 3rd round pick in 1988 (Dominic Roussel) and a 1st round pick in 1989

27- Chicago signed Gary Nylund as a FA

28- To Washington: Peter Sundstrom
To Rangers: 5th round pick in 1988 (Martin Bergeron)


3- To Toronto: Al Secord and Ed Olczyk
To Chicago: Steve Thomas, Rick Vaive and Bob McGill

8- To Minnesota: Pat Price
To Rangers: Willi Plett

To Hartford: Bill Root
To Toronto: Dave Semenko

9- To Chicago: Duane Sutter
To Islanders: a pick in 1987 (Wayne Doucet)

10- Pittsburgh signed Wilf Paiement as a FA

15- To Vancouver: Greg Adams and Kirk McLean
To New Jersey: Patrick Sundstrom and a 4th round pick in 1988 (Matt Ruchty)

17- To Toronto: Dale DeGray
To Calgary: 5th round pick in 1988 (Scott Matusovich)

25- Chicago signed Ed Belfour and Bill Gardner as FA's

30- To Winnipeg: George McPhee
To Rangers: 4th round pick in 1988

To Rangers: John Ogrodnick and David Shaw
To Quebec: Terry Carkner and Jeff Jackson


3- Detroit signed Steve Martinson as a FA

5- To Hartford: Mark Reeds
To St. Louis: 3rd round pick in 1989


Los Angeles: Paul Fenton (from Rangers)
Los Angeles: Tim Tookey (from Philly)
Pittsburgh: Charlie Simmer (from Boston)
Vancouver: Randy Boyd (from Islanders)
Vancouver: Doug Wickenheiser (from St. Louis)
Boston: Willi Plett (from Rangers
Edmonton: Mark Lamb (from Detroit)
Philadelphia: Dave Fenyves (from Buffalo)
Buffalo: Kevin Maguire (from Toronto
Buffalo: Ed Hospodar (from Philadelphia)
Chicago: Glen Cochrane (from Vancouver)
New Jersey: Jack O'Callahan (from Chicago)
New Jersey: Reijo Ruotsalainen (from Edmonton)
Hartford: Brent Peterson (from Vancouver)
Minnesota: Al Tuer (from Los Angeles)
Minnesota: Richard Zemlak (from Quebec)

6- To Boston: Mike Stevens
To Vancouver: cash

7- To New Jersey: George McPhee
To Winnipeg: 4th round pick in 1989

8- Edmonton signed Warren Skorodenski as a FA

To Rangers: Paul Boutilier and Jari Gronstrand
To Minnesota: Jay Caulfield and Dave Gagner

9- Washington signed Mike Richard as a FA

13- To St. Louis: Gaston Gingras
To Montreal: Larry Trader and futures

15- To Hartford: Dave Williams
To Los Angeles: cash

19- To Edmonton: Dave Donnelly
To Chicago: futures

23- To Rangers: Jim Pavese
To St. Louis: futures

30- Philadelphia signed Nick Fotiu as a FA
Boston signed Alan May as a FA


4- To Vancouver: Larry Melnyk and Wilie Huber
To Rangers: Michel Petit

6- To Rangers: Don Mercier
To Calgary: Jim Leavins

20- To Minnesota: Curt Giles
To Rangers: Byron Lomow and futures

24- To Pittsburgh: Paul Coffey, Dave Hunter and Wayne Van Dorp
To Edmonton: Craig Simpson, Moe Mantha, Dave Hannan and Chris Joseph

26- To Philadelphia: Bill Root
To St. Louis: cash


4- To Toronto: Mike Stothers
To Philadelphia: futures

11- To St. Louis: Paul Cavallini
To Washington: 2nd round pick in 1988 (Wade Bartley)

14- To Los Angeles: Mike Allison
To Toronto: Sean McKenna

16- To Winnipeg: Paul Boutilier
To Rangers: futures

17- To Quebec: Bobby Dollas
To Winnipeg: Stu Kulak

31- To Rangers: Paul Cyr and a 10th round pick in 1988 (Eric Fenton)
To Buffalo: Mike Donnelly and a 5th round pick in 1988 (Alexander Mogilny)


Mike Milbury, Boston Bruins
Don Lever, Buffalo Sabres
Gilbert Perreault, Buffalo Sabres
Phil Russell, Buffalo Sabres
Darryl Sutter, Chicago Blackhawks
Danny Gare, Edmonton Oilers
Wayne Babych, Hartford Whalers
Peter McNab, New Jersey Devils
Mike Bossy, New York Islanders
Chico Resch, Philadelphia Flyers

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