A history of NHL trades and signings from June 1960 to present. I have compiled this list from every source that I could find. Some years have missing months. If you know of any further sources that would help fill in the holes, let me know. Thanks and enjoy the info. I have compiled this for you..the hockey junkie.



15- Philadelphia signed Shawn McKenzie as a FA
Montreal signed Randy Bucyk as a FA

16- To Quebec: Tony Stiles
To Calgary: Tom Thornbury

17- To Hartford: Wayne Babych
To Quebec: Greg Malone

28- Calgary signed Bob Bodak as a FA

30- To Los Angeles: Sean McKenna, Larry Playfair and Ken Baumgartner
To Buffalo: Brian Engblom and Doug Smith

31- To St. Louis: Kent Carlson
To Montreal: Graham Herring and a 5th round pick in 1986 (Eric Aubertin)


1- To St. Louis: Eddy Beers, Charlie Bourgeois, and Gino Cavallini
To Calgary: Joe Mullen, Rik Wilson and Terry Johnson

3- To Hartford: Bill Gardner
To Chicago: 3rd round pick in 1986 or 1987

6- To Rangers: Wilf Paiement
To Quebec: Steve Patrick

MARCH 1986

4- Los Angeles signed Bob Mongrain as a FA

7- Minnesota signed Ron Wilson as a FA

8- To Quebec: Risto Siltanen
To Hartford: John Anderson

Hartford signed Shawn Cronin as a FA

10- To Washington: John Barrett and Greg Smith
To Detroit: Darren Veitch

To Detroit: Mike O'Connell
To Boston: Reed Larson

To Quebec: Peter Andersson
To Washington: 3rd round pick in 1986 (Shawn Simpson)

11- To Buffalo: Phil Russell
To New Jersey: 12th round pick in 1986 (Doug Kirten)

To Detroit: Doug Shedden
To Pittsburgh: Ron Duguay

To Calgary: John Tonelli
To Islanders: Richard Kromm and Steve Konroyd

To Boston: Dwight Foster
To Detroit: Dave Donnelly

To Hartford: Mike McEwen
To Rangers: Bob Crawford

To Philadelphia: Chico Resch
To New Jerey: 3rd round pick in 1986 (Marc Laniel )

To Calgary: Nick Fotiu
To Rangers: 6th round pick in 1987

To Calgary: Tom McMurchy
To Chicago: Rik Wilson

19- Philadelphia signed Craig Berube as a FA

31- Pittsburgh signed Dwight Mathiason as a FA

APRIL 1986

12- Vancouver signed John Leblanc as a FA

MAY 1986

3- Boston signed John Carter as a FA

12- Minnesota signed Randy Smith as a FA

16- To Boston: Tom McCarthy
To Minnesota: 3rd round pick in 1986 (Rob Zettler) and 2nd round pick in 1987


12- Minnesota signed Larry DePalma as a FA

22- Rangers signed Ken Duggan as a FA

JUNE 1986

6- To Vancouver: Barry Pederson
To Boston: Cam Neeley and a 1st round pick in 1987

To Philadelphia: J.J. Daigneault, 2nd round pick in 1986 (Kent Hawley), and a 5th round pick in 1987
To Vancouver: Dave Richter, Rich Sutter and a 3rd round pick in 1986 (Don Gibson)

11- Minnesota signed Colin Chishholm as a FA
Buffalo signed Paul Brydges as a FA

21- To Winnipeg: Gilles Hamel
To Buffalo: Scott Arniel

24- Boston signed Thomas Gradin as a FA

25- To Detroit: Tim Higgins
To New Jersey: Claude Loiselle

To Edmonton: Alfie Turcotte
To Montreal: futures

27- Vancouver signed Robin Bartel as a FA

JULY 1986

2- New Jersey signed Timo Blomqvist as a FA

3- To Edmonton: Murray Eaves
To Winnipeg: futures

8- New Jersey signed Andy Brickley as a FA

10- Buffalo signed Richie Dunn as a FA
Hartford signed Dallas Gaume as a FA

21- Toronto signed Ted Fauss as a FA

23- Pittsburgh signed Carl Mokosak and John Mokosak as FA's

24- Rangers signed Doug Soetaert as a FA

27- Detroit signed Dave Lewis as a FA

29- To Rangers: Kelly Kisio, Lane Lambert and Jim Leavins
To Detroit: Glen Hanlon and a 3rd round pick in 1988 (Dennis Holland)

30- Los Angeles signed Peter Dineen as a FA


6- New Jersey signed Tim Lenardon as a FA

7- To Detroit: Lee Norwood
To St. Louis: Larry Trader

Calgary signed Doug Dadswell as a FA

10- Calgary signed Mike Rucinski as a FA

15- Rangers signed Mike Siltila and Mike Donnelly as FA's

18- Edmonton signed Craig Muni as a FA

To Rangers: Walt Poddubny
To Toronto: Mike Allison

To New Jersey: Steve Richmond
To Detroit: Sam St. Laurent

Edmonton signed Tom McMurchy and Al Tuer as FA's

19- To Montreal: Brian Hayward
To Winnipeg: Steve Penney and Jan Ingman


6- Islanders sent Paul Boutilier to Boston as compensation for signing FA Brian Curran

Chicago sent Jerome Dupont, Ken Yaremchuk and a 4th round pick in 1987 to Toronto for the signing of FA Gary Nylund

8- To Minnesota: Brian McLellan
To Rangers: 3rd round pick in 1987 (Simon Gagne)

Rangers signed Norm Maciver as a FA

10- Rangers signed Lucien Deblois as a FA

11- Rangers signed Paul Fenton as a FA

13- Pittsburgh signed Kevin LaVallee as a FA

17- Islanders signed Randy Wood as a FA


Boston: Chris Olsen
Buffalo: Jeff Capello
Buffalo: John Cullen
Calgary: Steve McSwain
Chicago: Dave Randall
Detroit: Rob Doyle
Edmonton: Peter Heinze
Hartford: Joe Tracy
Los Angeles: Bob Kudelski
Los Angeles: Grant Paranika
Minnesota: Brian McKee
Montreal: Randy Exelby
New Jersey: Glen Engevik
New Jersey: Tim Barakett
Islanders: Gary Kruzich
Rangers: Gary Emmons
Pittsburgh: Jeff Lamb
Pittsburgh: Randy Taylor
Quebec: Mike Natyshak
St. Louis: Marty Raus
Toronto: Art Fitzgerald
Vancouver: David Gourlie
Washington: Steve Cousins
Winnipeg: Chris Levaaseur

19- Chicago signed Warren Rychel as a FA

22- St. Louis signed Shane McEachern as a FA

24- Montreal signed Sylvain Lefebvre as a FA

26- New Jersey signed David Marcinyshyn as a FA

27- Montreal signed Stephane Lebau as a FA


2- To Buffalo: Craig Muni
To Edmonton: cash

Quebec signed Scott Gordon as a FA

To Rangers: Don Jackson, Miloslav Horava and Mike Golden
To Toronto: Reijo Ruotsalaeinen, Clark Donatelli, Jim Wiemer and Ville Kentala

3- To Vancouver: Brad Maxwell
To Toronto: 5th round pick in 1988

To Toronto: Terry Johnson
To Calgary: Jim Korn

To Buffalo: Jim Korn
To Calgary: Brian Engblom

To Pittsburgh: Craig Muni
To Buffalo: futures

6- Pittsburgh traded Craig Muni to Edmonton to complete the Gilles Meloche trade

Buffalo claimed Clark Gillies off waivers from the Islanders
Buffalo claimed Wilf Paiement off waivers from the Rangers
Hartford claimed Gord Sherven off waivers from Edmonton
Los Angeles claimed Bob Bourne off waivers from the Islanders
Los Angeles claimed Mal Davis off waivers from Buffalo
St. Louis claimed Pat Hughes off waivers from Buffalo
Washington claimed John Blum off waivers from Boston

7- To Detroit: Ric Seiling
To Buffalo: futures

To Hartford: Yves Courteau
To Calgary: Mark Paterson

Philadelphia signed Mike MacWilliam and Mark Freer as FA's

8- To Pittsburgh: Warren Young
To Detroit: cash

Rangers signed Ron Talakoski as a FA

To Pittsburgh: Dwight Shofield
To Washington: cash

15- To Edmonton: Shawn Evans
To St. Louis: Todd Ewen

21- To Hartford: Dave Barr
To St. Louis: Tim Bothwell

24- To Minnesota: Mark Pavelich
To Rangers: 3rd or 4th round picks in 1988

30- To Montreal: Dom Campedelli
To Philly: Andre Villeneuve


12- To Pittsburgh: Dan Quinn
To Calgary: Mike Bullard

13- To Rangers: Curt Giles, Tony McKegney and a 2nd round pick in 1988
To Minnesota: Bob Brooke and a 4th round pick in 1988

18- To Buffalo: Tom Kurvers
To Montreal: 2nd round pick in 1988

21- To Detroit: Doug Halward
To Vancouver: 3rd round pick in 1988


2- To Vancouver: Jim Benning and Dan Hodgson
To Toronto: Rick Lanz

Detroit signed Dennis Smith as a FA

11- To Edmonton: Stu Kulak
To Vancouver: cash

12- To Hartford: Dave Semenko
To Edmonton: 3rd round pick in 1988

18- To Rangers: Bob Froese
To Philadelphia: Kjell Samuelsson and a 2nd round pick in 1988


Tom Lysiak, Chicago Blackhawks
Mike Rogers, Edmonton Oilers
Mario Tremblay, Montreal Canadiens
Bob Nystrom, New York Islanders
Pelle Lindbergh, Philadelphia Flyers
Denis Herron, Pittsburgh Penguins
Don Edwards, Toronto Maple Leafs
Marian Stastny, Toronto Maple Leafs
Dan Bouchard, Winnipeg Jets

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