A history of NHL trades and signings from June 1960 to present. I have compiled this list from every source that I could find. Some years have missing months. If you know of any further sources that would help fill in the holes, let me know. Thanks and enjoy the info. I have compiled this for you..the hockey junkie.



8- Boston claimed Butch Goring off waivers from the Islanders

10- Minnesota signed Chris Pryor as a FA

24- To Minnesota: Terry Martin and Gord Sherven
To Edmonton: Mark Napier

25- New Jersey claimed Michel Bolduc off waivers from Quebec

29- To St. Louis: Luc Dufour
To Quebec: Alain Lemieux


1- Edmonton signed Crain MacTavish as a FA

4- To Boston: Morris Lukowich
To Winnipeg: Jim Nill

8- Edmonton claimed Dave Lumley off waivers from Hartford

Montreal signed Rick Knickle and Serge Boisevert as FA's

14- To Montreal: Gaston Gingras
To Toronto: Larry Landon

21- To St. Louis: Mark Johnson and Greg Millen
To Hartford: Mike Liut and Jorgen Pettersson

MARCH 1985

1- Pittsburgh claimed Wally Weir off waivers from Hartford

5- New Jersey signed Tom Gorence as a FA

6- Islanders signed Glenn Hicks as a FA

7- Buffalo signed Vincent Tremblay and Ted Nolan as FA's

10- Washington signed Mikko Leinonen as a FA

12- To Los Angeles: Dave Williams
To Detroit: futures

To Hartford: Dean Evason and Peter Sidorkiewicz
To Washington: David Jensen

To Pittsburgh: Jim McGeough
To Washington: Mark Taylor

To Vancouver: Glen Cochrane
To Philadelphia: 3rd round pick in 1986

APRIL 1985

6- Pittsburgh signed Steve Guenette as a FA

24- New Jersey signed Karl Friesen as a FA


MAY 1985

1- Pittsburgh signed Chris Dahlquist as a FA

10- Vancouver signed Dale Dunbar as a FA

27- Detroit signed Tim Friday as a FA

28- Boston signed Kraig Niehuis as a FA

29- To Toronto: Don Edwards
To Calgary: 3rd or 4th round pick in 1987

31- To Los Angeles: Dean Hopkins
To Edmonton: futures

New Jersey signed Alain Chevrier as a FA

To Minnesota: Paul Houck
To Edmonton: Gilles Meloche

JUNE 1985

1- Pittsburgh signed Jim Johnson as a FA

5- Detroit signed Dale Krentz as a FA

7- Los Angeles signed Lyle Phair as a FA

10- St. Louis signed Doug Evans as a FA

13- Los Angeles signed Glen Healey as a FA

15- To Minnesota: Kent Nilsson and a 2nd round pick in 1986 or 1987
To Calgary: 2nd round pick in 1985 and 1987

To St. Louis: Mark Hunter, Michael Dark, and Canadiens' 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 6th round picks in 1985
To Montreal: 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th and 6th round picks in 1985

18- Montreal claimed Steve Shutt off waivers from Los Angeles

25- Washington signed Grant Jennings as a FA

28- Detroit signed Adam Oates amd Chris Cichocki as FA's

JULY 1985

1- Calgary signed Robin Bartel as a FA

2- Toronto signed Brad Smith as a FA

9- Detroit signed Gordie Robertson as a FA

10- Detroit signed Warren Young as a FA

13- Rangers signed Bill O'Dwyer as a FA

15- Detroit signed Glenn Merkosky as a FA

17- Detroit signed Basil McRae as a FA

19- Philadelphia signed Kevin McCarthy as a FA

23- Philadelphia signed Carl Mokosak as a FA
Pittsburgh signed Tim Tookey as a FA

31- Buffalo signed Jody Gage and Paul Gardner as FA's
Detroit signed Ray Staszak and Harold Snepsts as FA's
Toronto signed Blake Wesley and Gary McAdam as FA's


6- Washington signed Grant Martin as a FA

12- Detroit signed Mike McEwen as a FA
Toronto signed Marion Stastny as a FA

13- Detroit signed Gary Yaremchuk as a FA
Rangers signed Rob Whistle as a FA
St. Louis signed Lee Norwood as a FA
Minnesota signed George Servinis as a FA

14- New Jersey signed Pat Conacher as a FA

15- Edmonton signed Ken Solheim as a FA

20- New Jersey signed Peter McNab as a FA

21- To Quebec: John Anderson
To Toronto: Brad Maxwell

25- Quebec signed Tony Currie as a FA

26- To St. Louis: Ron Flockhart
To Montreal: Perry Ganchar

28- Vancouver signed Steve Tambellini as a FA

29- To New Jersey: Perry Anderson
To St. Louis: Rick Meagher


9- To Los Angeles: Glen Currie
To Washington: Daryl Evans

To Buffalo: Don Lever
To New Jersey: cash

To Minnesota: Mats Hallin
To Islanders: 7th round pick in 1986 (Will Anderson)

11- New Jersey signed Archie Henderson as a FA

12- To Edmonton: Marty McSorley and Tim Hrynewich
To Pittsburgh: Gilles Meloche

15- Minnesota signed Bill Stewart as a FA

16- To Pittsburgh: Ted Nolan
To Buffalo: cash

18- To Montreal: Dom Campedelli
To Toronto: 2nd round pick (Darryl Shannon) and 4th round pick (Kent Hulst) in 1986

19- To St. Louis: Shawn Evans and Devils' 5th round pick in 1986 (Mike Wolak)
To New Jersey: Mark Johnson

Hartford signed John Newberry as a FA

25- Montreal signed Mike Keane as a FA

26- Rangers signed Mike Ridley as a FA

Buffalo signed Jim Jackson as a FA

27- Edmonton signed Dean Hopkins as a FA
Winnipeg signed Pokey Reddick as a FA

29- St. Louis signed Philippe Bozon as a FA

30- Winnipeg signed Dave Silk as a FA
Philadelphia signed Steve Martinson as a FA

To St. Louis: Normand Baron
To Montreal: cash


1- Boston signed Jay Miller as a FA

2- To Quebec: Gilbert Delorme
To St. Louis: Bruce Bell

3- Toronto signed Val James and Rod Schutt as FA's
Pittsburgh signed Terry Ruskowski as a FA

4- To Pittsburgh: Mike Moller and Randy Cunneyworth
To Buffalo: Pat Hughes

To Hartford: Tim Bothwell
To St. Louis: cash

7- New Jersey claimed Randy Velischek off waivers from Minnesota
Islanders claimed Randy Boyd off waivers from Chicago
Minnesota claimed Dave Langevin off waivers from the Islanders
Vancouver claimed Brent Peterson off waivers from Buffalo
Pittsburgh claimed Willy Lindstrom off waivers from Edmonton
Pittsburgh claimed Mike Blaisdell off waivers from the Rangers
Pittsburgh claimed Dan Frawley off waivers from Chicago
Washington cliamed Dwight Schofield off waivers from St. Louis
Calgary claimed Craig Levie off waivers from St. Louis

To Hartford: Stewart Gavin
To Toronto: Chris Kotsopoulos

To St. Louis: Ric Natress
To Montreal: cash

Philadelphia signed Dave Farrish as a FA

8- Rangers signed Jay Caufield, Flo Robidoux, Tony Feltrin and Terry Kleisinger as FA's

9- Montreal signed Vincent Riendeau as a FA

10- Calgary signed Peter Bakovic as a FA
Chicago signed Bruce Boudreau as a FA

11- To Philadelphia: Steve Seguin and a 2nd round pick in 1986 (Jukka Seppo)
To Los Angeles: Paul Guay and Joe Paterson

To Toronto: Tom Fergus
To Boston: Bill Derlago

14- To Winnipeg: Dan Bouchard
To Quebec: 7th round pick in 1986 (Mark Vermette)

15- To Chicago: Bob Sauve
To Buffalo: 3rd round pick in 1986 (Kevin Kerr)

16- Toronto signed Chris McRae as a FA

20- To Quebec: Wayne Babych
To Pittsburgh: futures

24- To Boston: Charlie Simmer
To Los Angeles: 1st round pick in 1985 (Gratton)

31- To Washington: Bruce Shoebottom
To Los Angeles: Bryan Erickson


6- To Edmonton: Ron Low
To Philly: futures

14- To Minnesota: Ed Lee
To Quebec: 6th round pick in 1986 (Scott White)

To Washington: Pete Peeters
To Boston: Pat Riggin

15- Los Angeles claimed Morris Lukowich off waivers from Boston

21- To Hartford: Dave Babych
To Winnipeg: Ray Neufeld

27- To Winnipeg: Mario Marois
To Quebec: Robert Picard

29- To Philadelphia: Dave Richter and Bo Berglund
To Minnesota: Ed Hospodar and Todd Bergen


5- Edmonton claimed Jeff Brubaker off waivers from Toronto

6- To Washington: Jorgen Petterson
To Hartford: Doug Jarvis

To Los Angeles: Len Hachborn
To Philadelphia: cash

9- To Los Angeles: Grant Ledyard and Roland Melanson
To Rangers: Brian McLellan and a 4th round pick in 1987

15- Rangers signed Jim Dobson as a FA

18- To Los Angeles: Joe Paterson
To Philadelphia: 4th round pick in 1986 (Mark Bar)

20- To Rangers: Larry Melnyk and Todd Strueby
To Edmonton: Mike Rogers

26- To Detroit: Steve Richmond
To Rangers: Mike McEwen

28- To Detroit: Billy Carroll
To Edmonton: Bruce Eakin


Terry O'Reilly, Boston Bruins
Butch Goring, Boston Bruins
Craig Ramsay, Buffalo Sabres
Jerry Korab, Buffalo Sabres
Jim Schoenfeld, Buffalo Sabres
Real Cloutier, Buffalo Sabres
Bob MacMillan, Chicago Blackhawks
Brad Park, Detroit Red Wings
Colin Campbell, Detroit Red Wings
Darryl Sittler, Detroit Red Wings
Ivan Boldirev, Detroit Red Wings
Steve Shutt, Los Angeles Kings
Anders Hedberg, New York Rangers
Robbie Ftorek, New York Rangers
Rick Kehoe, Pittsburgh Penguins

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