A history of NHL trades and signings from June 1960 to present. I have compiled this list from every source that I could find. Some years have missing months. If you know of any further sources that would help fill in the holes, let me know. Thanks and enjoy the info. I have compiled this for you..the hockey junkie.



3- To Boston: Bob Laforest
To Los Angeles: Marco Baron

5- To St. Louis: Michel Larocque
To Philadelphia: cash

8- To Detroit: Rick MacLeish
To Philadelphia: futures

11- To New Jersey: Tim Higgins
To Chicago: Jeff Larmer

12- To Winnipeg: Jordy Douglas
To Minnesota: Tim Trimper

18- To New Jersey: Gary McAdam
To Washington: cash

20- To Edmonton: Rick Chartraw
To Rangers: 9th round pick in 1984 (Heinz Ehlers)

21- Hartford signed Tony Currie as a FA

26- To Pittsburgh: Kevin McCarthy
To Vancouver: Flyers' 3rd round pick in 1984 Draft


3- To Vancouver: Peter McNab
To Boston: Jim Nill

6- To Quebec: Jimmy Mann
To Winnipeg: 5th round pick in 1984 (Brent Severyn)

10- To Quebec: Andre Dore
To St. Louis: Dave Pichette

15- To Los Angeles: Billy Harris
To Toronto: Cash

21- Washington signed Gary Sampson and Bob Mason as FA's

23- To Philadelphia: Paul Guay and a 3rd round pick in 1985
To Minnesota: Paul Holmgren

25- Hartford signed Mark Fusco as a FA

27- To Hartford: Scott Kleinendorst
To Rangers: Blaine Stoughton

29- Quebec sold rights to Pierre Aubry to Detroit

MARCH 1984

2- Hartford claimed Jack Brownschidle off waivers from St. Louis

5- To Winnipeg: Randy Carlyle
To Pittsburgh: 1st round pick in 1984 (Doug Bodger) and futures (Moe Mantha)

To St. Louis: Dave Barr and 3rd round pick in 1984 (Alan Perry)
To Rangers: Bob Brooke and Larry Patey

6- To Boston: John Blum
To Edmonton: Larry Melnyk

29- Washington signed Andre Hidi as a FA

APRIL 1984

1- Minnesota signed Jon Casey as a FA


MAY 1984

1- Winnipeg traded Moe Mantha to Pittsburgh to complete Randy Carlyle trade from March 5

Philadelphia signed Darren Jensen as a FA

12- Toronto signed Steve Thomas as a FA

16- Calgary signed Gino Cavallini as as FA

24- Winnipeg signed Perry Pooley as a FA

29- To Hartford: Brad Shaw
To Detroit: draft pick in 1984 (Urban Nordin)

JUNE 1984

1- Boston signed Cleon Daskalakis as a FA

9- To St. Louis: Rick Wamsley and Hartford's 2nd round pick (prev. acquired) and Canadiens' 2nd and 3rd round picks in 1984
To Montreal: 1st and 2nd round picks in 1984

To Los Angeles: Bob Janecyk and 1st, 3rd and 4th round picks in 1984
To Chicago: 1st and 4th round picks in 1984

12- To New Jersey: Rich Preston and Don Dietrich
To Chicago: Bob MacMillan and a 5th round pick in 1985 (Rick Herbert)

13- To Montreal: Lucien Deblois
To Winnipeg: Perry Turnbull

19- Edmonton signed Jeff Brubaker as a FA

21- To Edmonton: Mike Krushelnyski
To Boston: Ken Linseman

To Vancouver: Al MacAdam
To Minnesota: Harold Sneptsts

22- To Quebec: Richard Zemlack, Dan Wood and Roger Hagglund
To St. Louis: cash

25- New Jersey signed Greg Adams as a FA

26- Vancouver signed Craig Coxe as a FA

JULY 1984

4- Quebec signed Richard Sevigny as a FA

6- To Detroit: Frantisek Cernik
To Quebec: cash

11- Washington signed Marc Chorney as a FA
New Jersey signed Doug Sulliman as a FA

17- Washington signed Paul Gardner as a FA

22- New Jersey signed Bud Stefanski as a FA

25- Philadelphia signed Ed Hospodar as a FA


1- New Jersey signed Hannu Kampurri as a FA

15- Chicago signed Darrren Pang as a FA

16- Toronto signed Bill Kitchen as a FA

23- Buffalo signed Lou Crawford as a FA


11- Calgary signed Joel Otto as a FA

30- Philadelphia signed Nick Kypreos as a FA


1- Los Angeles signed Steve Duchesne as a FA

4- Philadelphia signed Don Nachbaur as a FA
Boston signed Frank Simonetti as a FA

8- Philadelphia signed Al Hill as a FA


Hartford: Dave Lumley (from Edmonton)
St. Louis: Craig Levie (from Minnesota)
Pittsburgh: Wayne Babych (from St. Louis)
New Jersey: Dave Pichette (from St. Louis)
Edmonton: Terry Martin (from Toronto)
Edmonton: Billy Carroll (from Islanders)
Rangers: Andre Dore (from Quebec)
Pittsburgh: Bruce Crowder (from Boston)
Toronto: Jeff Brubaker (from Edmonton)

Los Angeles signed Bob Miller as a FA

To Winnipeg: Mark Holden
To Montreal: Doug Soetaert

10- Los Angeles signed Rick Lapointe as a FA
Toronto signed Kevin Maguire as a FA
Boston signed Dean Jenkins as a FA

To Philadelphia: Murray Craven and Joe Patteson
To Detroit: Darryl Sittler

15- To Pittsburgh: Randy Hillier
To Boston: 4th round pick in 1985

16- To Philadelphia: Tim Young
To Winnipeg: futures

17- To Detroit: Todd Bidner
To Edmonton: Rejean Cloutier

18- Quebec signed Yvon Vatour as a FA

19- Islanders signed Bob Bassen as a FA

25- To Quebec: Luc Dufour and a 4th round pick in 1985
To Boston: Louis Sleigher


8- Los Angeles signed Stuart Smith as a FA

9- To Pittsburgh: John Chabot
To Montreal: Ron Flockhart

16- To Hartford: Pat Boutette
To Pittsburgh: Ville Siren

27- To Edmonton: Mark Morrison
To rangers: cash


5- Edmonton claimed Tony Currie off waivers from Hartford

Toronto signed Tim Bernhardt as a FA

6- Buffalo signed Jim Schoenfeld as a FA

To Quebec: Tom Thornbury
To Pittsburgh: Brian Ford

To Buffalo: Dave Maloney and Chris Renaud
To Rangers: Steve Patrick and Jim Wiemer

14- To Quebec: Brent Ashton and Brad Maxwell
To Minnesota: Tony McKegney and Bo Berglund

17- Minnesota signed John Markell as a FA

21- Detroit claimed Dave Silk off waivers from Boston

30- Pittsburgh signed Joe McDonnell as a FA


Guy Lapointe, Boston Bruins
Tony Esposito, Chicago Blackhawks
Rick MacLeish, Detroit Red Wings
Billy Harris, Los Angeles Kings
Blaine Stoughton, New York Rangers
Bill Barber, Philadelphia Flyers
Bobby Clarke, Philadelphia Flyers
Guy Chouinard, St. Louis Blues
Michel Larocque, St. Louis Blues
Dale McCourt, Toronto Maple Leafs

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