A history of NHL trades and signings from June 1960 to present. I have compiled this list from every source that I could find. Some years have missing months. If you know of any further sources that would help fill in the holes, let me know. Thanks and enjoy the info. I have compiled this for you..the hockey junkie.



4- To St. Louis: Andre Dore
To Rangers: Glen Hanlon and Vaclav Nedomansky

Philadelphia signed John Paddock as a FA

6- To Chicago: Curt Fraser
To Vancouver: Tony Tanti

11- To Philly: Michel Larocque
To Toronto: Rick St. Croix

13- Rangers claimed Rick Chartraw off waivers from Los Angeles

15- To Toronto: Reid Bailey
To Edmonton: Serge Boisvert

17- To Detroit: Ivan Boldirev
To Vancouver: Mark Kirton

23- To Chicago: Rod Willard
To Toronto: Dave Snopek

31- Calgary signed Jamie Macoun as a FA


1- To Los Angeles: Markus Mattson
To Minnesota: a 3rd round pick in 1985

4- To Vancouver: John Garrett
To Quebec: Anders Eldebrink

23- To New Jersey: Ron Low and Jim McTaggart
To Edmonton: Paul Miller and Lindsay Middlebrook

MARCH 1983

2- Minnesota signed Jim Craig as a FA

7- To Winnipeg: Laurie Boschman
To Edmonton: Willy Lindstrom

8- Philadelphia signed Dave Poulin as a FA

To Detroit: Ken Solheim
To Minnesota: futures

APRIL 1983

5- Washington signed Bryan Erickson as a FA

29- Detroit signed Mark Laforest as a FA

MAY 1983

2- Detroit signed Kelly Kisio as a FA

6- Toronto signed Bruce Dowie as a FA

23- To Detroit: Rob McClanahan
To Rangers: futures

24- Boston claimed Doug Keans off waivers from Los Angeles

25- Rangers signed Ron Scott as a FA


JUNE 1983

8- To Minnesota: Steve Christoff and a 2nd round pick in 1982 (Frantisek Musil)
To Calgary: Mike Eaves and Keith Hanson

To Washington: Dave Christian
To Winnipeg: 1st round pick in 1983 (Bobby Dollas)

To Philadelphia: Doug Crossman and a 2nd round pick in 1984 (Scott Mellanby)
To Chicago: Behn Wilson

To Buffalo: Real Cloutier and a 1st round pick in 1983 (Adam Creighton)
To Quebec: Andre Savard, J.F. Sauve and a 3rd round pick in 1983 (Liro Jarvi)

13- To Rangers: Willie Huber, Mark Osbourne and Mike Blaisdell
To Detroit: Eddie Nio, Ron Duguay and Eddie Johnston

20- To Calgary: Steve Bozek
To Los Angeles: Kevin Lavallee and Carl Mokosak

21- To New Jersey: Phil Russell and Mel Bridgman
To Calgary: Joel Quenneville and Steve Tambellini

29- To Quebec: Jim Dobson
To Minnesota: Jay Miller

JULY 1983

2- Minnesota signed Tim Coulis as a FA

4- To Hartford: Norm Dupont
To Winnipeg: 4th round pick in 1984 (Chris Mills)

5- To Hartford: Joel Quenneville and Richie Dunn
To Calgary: Mickey Volcan

Detroit signed Barry Melrose as a FA

To Minnesota: Dennis Maruk
To Washington: 2nd round pick in 1984 (Steve Leach)

6- Boston signed Geoff Courtnall as a FA
Detroit signed Ken Holland as a FA

22- Pittsburgh signed Greg Tebbutt as a FA

30- Minnesota signed Richie Hansen as a FA


1- Minnesota signed Tim Harrer as a FA
New Jersey signed John Paddock as a FA

2- Detroit signed Bob Manno as a FA

3- To Minnesota: Craig Levie and rights to Tom Ward
To Winnipeg: Tim Young

4- New Jersey signed Gary McAdam as a FA

9- Detroit signed Brad Park as a FA

10- Los Angeles signed Wes Jarvis and Mark Lofthouse as FA's

12- To Toronto: Basil McRae
To Quebec: Richard Turmel

Pittsburgh signed Warren Young as a FA

To Toronto: Pat Graham and Nick Ricci
To Pittsburgh: Rocky Saganiuk and Vincent Tremblay

15- New Jersey signed Bob Hoffmeyer as a FA
Pittsburgh signed Steve Carlson as a FA
Boston signed Guy Lapointe as a FA

16- Calgary signed Neil Sheehy as a FA

17- Minnesota signe Dirk Graham as a FA

19- Boston signed Jim Schoenfeld as a FA
St Louis transferred rights to Gord Donnelly and Claude Julien to Quebec when Blues signed Jacques Demers as coach

To Hartford: Steve Stoyanovich
To Islanders: 5th round pick in 1985

23- New Jersey signed Mike Hordy as a FA

29- Los Angeles signed Archie Henderson as a FA

30- Philadelphia signed Randy Holt as a FA


2- Los Angeles signed Russ Anderson as a FA

6- To St. Louis: Guy Chouinard
To Calgary: futures

9- To Los Angeles: Anders Hakansson
To Pittsburgh: Kevin Stevens

10- Toronto signed Bill Stewart as a FA

12- Rangers signed Pierre Larouche as a FA
Pittsburgh signed Bob Gladney and Tim Tookey as FA's

19- Winnipeg signed John Gibson as a FA

26- Vancouver signed Jere Gillis as a FA

29- Edmonton signed Tom Rowe as a FA
Hartford signed Marty Howe as a FA
Calgary signed Paul Baxter as a FA

30- Pittsburgh signed Ted Bulley as a FA

To Los Angeles: Fred Barrett
To Minnesota: futures

To Hartford: Greg Malone
To Pittsburgh: 3rd round pick in 1985

To Los Angeles: Steve Christoff and a 5th round pick in 1985
To Minnesota: Dave Lewis and a 2nd round pick in 1985


3- To Minnesota: Brent Ashton
To New Jersey: Dave Lewis

Quebec claimed Jeff Brubaker off waivers from Montreal
Quebec claimed John Van Boxmeer off waivers from Buffalo
Calgary claimed Jeff Brubaker off waivers from Quebec
Hartford claimed Bobby Crawford off waivers from St. Louis
Hartford claimed Mike Zuke off waivers from St. Louis
St. Louis claimed Terry Johnson off waivers from Quebec
St. Louis claimed Dwight Schofield off waivers from Montreal
Buffalo claimed Mark Renaud off waivers from Hartford
Hartford claimed Mike Crombeen off waivers from St. Louis
Los Angeles claimed Don Nachbaur off waivers from Edmonton
Pittsburgh claimed Grant Mulvey off waivers from Chicago
Montreal claimed Jean Hamel off waivers from Quebec

To Hartford: Torrie Robertson
To Washington: Greg Adams

4- Edmonton signed Pat Conacher and Mike Zanier as FA's

5- To Rangers: Dave Barr
To Boston: Dave Silk

6- To Toronto: Lee Norwood
To Washington: Dave Shand

Philadelphia signed Rick MacLeish as a FA
Hartford signed Randy Pierce and Paul Fenton as FA's

8- New Jersey claimed Grant Mulvey off waivers from Pittsburgh

13- Pittsburgh claimed Bryan Maxwell off waivers from Winnipeg

14- Buffalo signed Chris Langevin as a FA

15- To Los Angeles: Marc Chorney
To Pittsburgh: 6th round pick in 1985

17- Minnesota signed Jerry Korab as a FA

18- To Washington: Larry Murphy
To Los Angeles: Brian Engblom and Ken Houston

20- To Minnesota: Lars Lindgren
To Vancouver: 3rd round pick in 1984 (Landis Chaulk)

Buffalo claimed Jerry Korab off waivers from Minnesota

22- Toronto signed Dale McCourt as a FA

23- Calgary signed Colin Patterson as a FA

To Pittsburgh: Mark Taylor, Andy Brickley, Ron Flockhart and a 1st round pick (Roger Belanger) and 3rd round pick (Mike Stevens) in 1984 Draft
To Philadelphia: Ron Sutter and a 2nd round pick (Greg Smyth) and 3rd round pick (Dave McClay) in the 1984 Draft

28- To Minnesota: Mark Napier, Keith Acton and Leafs' 3rd round pick in 1984 (Ken Hodge)
To Montreal: Bobby Smith

Vancouver signed Dave Morrison as a FA


1- Edmonton signed Tom Gorence as a FA

2- Toronto signed Greg Britz as a FA

4- To Winnipeg: Robert Picard
To Montreal: 3rd round pick in 1984 (Patrick Roy)

9- Edmonton signed Reg Kerr as a FA

10- To Hartford: Ed Staniowski
To Winnipeg: Mike Veisor

15- Toronto signed Dave Hutchinson as a FA

17- To Los Angeles: Mike McEwen
To Islanders: 4th round pick in 1983 (Doug Wieck)
Washington claimed Gary McAdam off waivers from New Jersey


2- Detroit signed Blake Dunlop as a FA

5- To Edmonton: Kevin McClelland and a 6th round pick in 1984 (Emanuel Vivieros)
To Pittsburgh: Tom Roulston

6- To Chicago: Randy Boyd
To Pittsburgh: Greg Fox

Pittsburgh signed Tom O'Regan as a FA

8- Hartford signed Rollie Boutin as a FA

9- Hartford signed Reid Bailey as a FA

20- To Montreal: Dan Bonar
To Los Angeles: cash

21- To St. Louis: Doug Wickenheiser, Gilbert Delorme and Greg Paslawski
To Montreal: Perry Turnbull


Wayne Cashman, Boston Bruins
Reggie Leach, Detroit Red Wings
Garry Unger, Edmonton Oilers
Mike Murphy, Los Angels Kings
Rejean Houle, Montreal Canadiens
Carol Vadnais, New Jersey Devils
John Davidson, New York Rangers
Ulf Nilsson, New York Rangers
Ian Turnbull, Pittsburgh Penguins
Jacques Richard, Quebec Nordiques
Marc Tardif, Quebec Nordiques
Serge Savard, Winnipeg Jets

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