A history of NHL trades and signings from June 1960 to present. I have compiled this list from every source that I could find. Some years have missing months. If you know of any further sources that would help fill in the holes, let me know. Thanks and enjoy the info. I have compiled this for you..the hockey junkie.



4- Los Angeles signed Al Hangsleben as a FA

5- Los Angeles signed Mike Blake as a FA

12- To Quebec: John Garrett
To Hartford: Michel Plasse and a 4th round pick in 1983 (Ron Chyzowski)

20- To Toronto: Rich Costello and a 2nd round pick in 1982 (Peter Ihnacak) and futures (Ken Strong)
To Philadelphia: Darryl Sittler

31- Washington signed Tom Rowe as a FA


1- To Washington: Lee Norwood
To Quebec: Tim Tookey and a 7th round pick in 1982 (Daniel Poudrier)

2- To Rangers: Ron McClanahan
To Hartford: 10th round pick in 1983 (Reine Karlsson)

3- To Pittsburgh: Greg Hotham
To Toronto: 6th round pick in 1982 (Craig Kales)

8- Buffalo claimed Paul Harrison off waivers from Pittsburgh

14- To Pittsburgh: Gary Edwards
To St. Louis: 8th round pick in 1984

19- Toronto claimed Trevor Johansen off waivers from Los Angeles

23- Pittsburgh claimed Andre St. Laurent off waivers from Los Angeles

MARCH 1982

2- To Minnesota: Mark Johnson
To Pittsburgh: 2nd round pick in 1982 (Tim Hrynewich)

5- Minnesota signed Udo Keissling as a FA

8- To Edmonton: Laurie Boschman
To Toronto: Walt Podubny and Phil Drouillard

To St. Louis: Kari Eloranta
To Calgary: futures

To Toronto: Jim Korn
To Detroit: 4th round pick in 1982 (Craig Coxe) and a 5th round pick in 1983 (Joe Kocur)

Rangers transferred rights to Pat Hickey to Quebec when Dean Talafous retired

9- To Vancouver: Jim Nill, Tony Currie, Rick Heinz and a 4th round pick (Shawn Kilroy)
To St. Louis: Glen Hanlon

Montreal signed Dan Bolduc as a FA

To Edmonton: Todd Bidner
To Washington: Doug Hicks

To St. Louis: Guy Lapointe
To Montreal: 2nd round pick in 1983 (Sergio Momesso)

To Toronto: Miroslav Frycer and a 7th round pick in 1982 (Jeff Triano)
To Quebec: Wilf Paiemnent

To Colorado: Stan Weir
To Edmonton: Ed Cooper

APRIL 1982

1- Calgary signed Eddy Beers as a FA

5- Los Angeles signed Phil Sykes as a FA
Hartford signed Dan Fridgen as a FA
Winnipeg signed Brian Hayward as a FA


MAY 1982

12- Los Angeles signed Brian MacLellan as a FA

JUNE 1982

2- Buffalo signed Bob Sauve as a FA

3- St. Louis returned rights of Kari Eloranta to Calgary

To St. Louis: Rick Heinz
To Vancouver: cash

7- Calgary signed Marc D'Amour as a FA

To Calgary: Bill Nyrop, Steve Christoff and a 2nd round pick in 1982 (Dave Reirson)
To Minnesota: Willi Plett and a 4th round pick in 1982 (Dusan Pasek)

9- To Boston: Brad Palmer and David Donnelly
To Minnesota: past considerations

To Philadelphia: Brad McCrimmon
To Boston: Pete Peeters

To Washington: Alan Haworth and a 3rd round pick in 1982 (Milan Novy)
To Buffalo: 2nd round pick (Mike Anderson) and a 4th round pick (Timo Jutila) in 1982 draft

To Calgary: Don Edwards, Richie Dunn, and a 2nd round pick in 1982 (Richard Kromm)
To Buffalo: 1st round pick (Paul Cyr), a 2nd round pick (Jens Johansson)in the 1982 draft, and a 2nd round pick (John Tucker) in 1983 draft

To Washington: Pat Riggin and Ken Houston
To Calgary: Howard Walker, George White, and a 6th round pick in 1982 (Mats Kihlstron), a 3rd round pick in 1983 (Perry Berezan) in 1983 and a 2nd round pick in 1984 (Paul Ranheim)

To St. Louis: Rob Ramage
To New Jersey: 1st round pick in 1982 (Rocky Trottier) and a 1st round pick in 1983 (John MacLean)

17- Rangers signed George McPhee as a FA

22- Rangers signed Steve Ricmond as a FA

To Los Angeles: Blair Barnes
To Edmonton: Paul Mulvey

JULY 1982

2- Colorado returned rights to Stan Weir to Edmonton for Ed Cooper

7- Rangers signed Grant Ledyard as a FA

19- Minnesota signed Dan Mandich as a FA

22- St. Louis signed Rob Tudor as a FA

26- Detroit signed Colin Campbell as a FA

30- Pittsburgh signed Marty McSorley as a FA


1- Quebec signed Brian Ford as a FA

4- To Minnesota: Wes Jarvis and Rollie Boutin
To Washington: Robbie Moore and an 11th round pick in 1983 (Anders Huss)

To St. Louis: Pat Hickey
To Quebec: Rick Lapointe

5- Los Angeles signed Pierre Giroux as a FA

9- Hartford signed Archie Henderson as a FA
Detroit signed Tom Rowe as a FA
Minnesota signed Steve Carlson as a FA

16- Edmonton signed Joe McDonnell as a FA

19- To Philadelphia: Mark Howe and a 3rd round pick in 1983 (Derrick Smith)
To Hartford: Ken Linseman, Greg Adams, a 1st round pick (David Jensen) and 3rd round pick in 1983 (Leif Karlsson)

To Edmonton: Ken Linseman and Don Nachbaur
To Hartford: Risto Siltanen and Brent Loney

23- To Minnesota: Dan McCarthy
To Rangers: Shawn Dineen

24- Hartford signed Bob Sullivan as a FA
Calgary signed Pierre Rioux as a FA

To Washington: Dave Hutchinson and Ted Bulley
To Chicago: 6th round pick in 1983 (Jari Torkki) and 5th round pick in 1984 (Darin Sceviour)

25- Detroit signed Reggie Leach as a FA


1- Calgary signed Dan Bolduc as a FA

9- To Washington: Rod Langway, Brian Engblom, Doug Jarvis and Craig Laughlin
To Montreal: Rick Green and Ryan Walter

Islanders signed Dave Hanson as a FA

To Toronto: Mike Palmateer
To Washington: cash

New Jersey signed Rob Palmer as a FA

11- Buffalo signed Jere Gillis as a FA
Buffalo signed Phil Myre as a FA

To Calgary: Doug Risebrough
To Montreal: future draft picks

12- New Jersey signed M.F. Schurman as a FA

14- New Jersey signed Glenn Merkosky as a FA

To Detroit: Stan Weir
To Edmonton: cash

Toronto signed Rod Willard as a FA

15- To Pittsburgh: Denis Herron
To Montreal: 3rd round pick in 1985

16- New Jersey signed Larry Floyd as a FA

17- Buffalo signed Gary McAdam as a FA
Chicago signed Bud Stefanski as a FA
Calgary signed Tony Stiles as a FA

20- Minnesota signed Jim Dobson as a FA
Montreal signed Dwight Schofield as a FA

24- Minnesota signed Markus Mattsson as a FA

25- New Jersey signed Lindsay Middlebrook and Roy Sommer as FA's



1- To New Jersey: Hector Marini and a 4th round pick (Bill Claviter)
To Islanders: 4th round pick in 1983 (Mikko Makela)

Boston signed Marty Howe as a FA
New Jersey signed Mike Antonovich and Richie Hansen as FA's

To Hartford: Mark Johnson and Kent Eric Andersson
To Minnesota: Jordy Douglas a 5th round pick in 1984 (Jiri Poner)

To Hartford: Ed Hospodar
To Rangers: Kent Eric Andersson


Rangers: Bill Baker (from St. Louis)
New Jersey: Murray Brumwell (from Minnesota)
New Jersey: Dave Hutchinson (from Washington)
St, Louis: Jack Carlson (from Minnesota)
St. Louis: Tim Bothwell (from Rangers)
Edmonton: Bob Hoffmeyer (from Philadelphia)

Pittsburgh signed Phil Bourque as a FA

5- Winnipeg signed Wade Campbell as a FA

8- Calgary signed Jim Jackson as a FA

12- New Jersey signed Mitch Wilson as a FA
Chicago signed Steve Blyth as a FA

15- To New Jersey: Rick Meagher and Garry Howatt
To Hartford: Merlin Malinoski and Scott Fusco

18- Edmonton signed Randy Gregg as a FA

19- To Toronto: Greg Terrion
To Los Angeles: 4th round pick in 1983

22- To Philly: Bob Hoffmeyer
To Edmonton: Peter Dineen

Los Angeles signed Gary Laskoski as a FA

24- To Detroit: Andre St. Laurent
To Pittsburgh: futures

To Los Angeles: Terry Ruskowski
To Chicago: Larry Goodenough and a 3rd round pick in 1984 (Trent Yawney)

25- Rangers signed Doug Baran as a FA
Edmonton signed Bob Attwell as a FA

27- Edmonton signed Reid Bailey as a FA

28- New Jersey signed Jan Ludwig as a FA

To Minnesota: George Ferguson and a 1st round draft pick in 1983 (Brian Lawton)
To Pittsburgh: Anders Hakansson, Ron Mieghan and a 1st round pick in 1983 (Bob Errey)

29- To Detroit: Dwight Foster
To New Jersey: cash


8- To Chicago: Dennis Cyr
To Calgary: rights to Carey Wilson

9- Chicago signed Mike Fidler as a FA

10- Edmonton signed Al Hill as a FA


1- Chicago signed Ron Flockhart as a FA

2- To Detroit: Bobby Francis
To Calgary: Yves Courteau

3- To Hartford: Pierre Lacroix
To Quebec: Blake Wesley

6- Pittsburgh signed Roberto Romano as a FA

7- To Edmonton: Al Hangsleben
To Los Angeles: Rick Blight

10- Buffalo signed Steve Dykstra as a FA

17- To Toronto: Gaston Gingras
To Montreal: futures

To Toronto: Dan Daoust
To Montreal: 3rd round pick in 1984 (Ken Hodge) transferred to Minnesota

31- Quebec claimed Pat Price off waivers from Pittsburgh


Rogie Vachon, Boston Bruins
Bill Clement, Calgary Flames
Eric Vail, Detroit Red Wings
Dave Keon, Hartford Whalers
Rick Martin, Los Angeles Kings
Steve Vickers, New York Rangers
Bob Dailey, Philadelphia Flyers
Jimmy Watson, Philadelphia Flyers
Don Luce, Toronto Maple Leafs
Rene Robert, Toronto Maple Leafs
Jean Pronovost, Washington Capitals

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