A history of NHL trades and signings from June 1960 to present. I have compiled this list from every source that I could find. Some years have missing months. If you know of any further sources that would help fill in the holes, let me know. Thanks and enjoy the info. I have compiled this for you..the hockey junkie.



1- Edmonton signed Roy Sommer as a FA

2- Toronto signed Carl Brewer as a FA

To Philadelphia: Jack McIlhargey
To Vancouver: cash

3- To Minnesota: Dave Hanson
To Detroit: futures

To Detroit: Alex Pirus
To Minnesota: cash

4- To Vancouver: Kris Manery
To Minnesota: 2nd round pick in 1982

10- To Chicago: Dave Hutchinson
To Toronto: Pat Ribble

12- Edmonton signed Don Cutts as a FA

13- Clorado signed John Flesch as a FA

17- To Washington: Al Hangsleben
To Hartford: Tom Rowe


1- Minnesota signed Joe Contini and Ken Kuzyk as FA's

4- Toronto signed Jiri Crha as a FA

8- To Vancouver: Darcy Rota and Ivan Boldirev
To Atlanta: Don Lever and Brad Smith

10- To Toronto: Curt Ridley
To Vancouver: cash

Toronto claimed Richard Mulhern off waivers from Los Angeles

12- Quebec signed Jacques Richard as a FA

16- To Toronto: Mike Kaszicki
To Washington: Pat Ribble

18- To Vancouver: Dave Williams and Jerry Butler
To Toronto: Rick Vaive and Bill Derlago

25- To Edmonton: Don Ashby
To Colorado: Bobby Schmautz

27- Winnipeg claimed Kris Manery off waivers from Vancouver

To Hartford: Bobby Hull
To Winnipeg: futures

28- To St. Louis: Gord Buynak and Bruce Affleck
To Vancouver cash

MARCH 1980

1- Minnesota signed Steve Janaszak as a FA

Edmonton signed Bob Dupuis as a FA

Edmonton claimed John Hilworth off waivers from Detroit

Vancouver signed Kevin Primeau as a FA

3- To Colorado: Walt McKechnie
To Toronto: 3rd round pick in 1980 (Fred Boimistruck)

10- St. Louis signed Terry Harper as a FA

To Islanders: Butch Goring
To Los Angeles: Billy Harris and Dave Lewis

To Los Angeles: Jerry Korab
To Buffalo: 1st round pick in 1982 (Phil Housley)

11- To Quebec: Ron Chipperfield
To Edmonton: Ron Low

To Minnesota: Jim Corsi
To Edmonton: futures

To Edmonton: Don Murdoch
To Rangers: Cam Connor and a 3rd round pick in 1981 (Peter Sundstrom)

26- Winnipeg signed Anders Steen as a FA

APRIL 1980

5- Toronto signed Larry Carriere as a FA

14- Colorado signed Steve Janaszak as a FA


MAY 1980

6- Los Angeles signed Paul Pageau as a FA

8- St. Louis signed Jorgen Petterson as a FA

22- Winnipeg signed Doug Smail and Don Spring as FA's

23- Hartford signed Tommy Abrahamson as a FA

26- To Winnipeg: Barry Legge
To Quebec: cash

JUNE 1980

2- To Boston: Jim Craig
To Atlanta: 2nd round pick (Steve Konroyd) and 3rd round pick (Mike Vernon) in 1981 Draft

5- Washington signed Howard Walker as a FA

6- To Los Angeles: Gary Unger
To Calgary: Bert Wilson and Randy Holt

To Minnesota: Alex Pirus
To Detroit: cash

8- Detroit claimed Dave Hanson off waivers from Minnesota

To Hartford: Rick Meagher, a 3rd round pick (Paul MacDermid) and a 5th round pick (Dan Bourbonnais)
To Montreal: a 3rd round pick (Dieter Hegen) and a 5th round pick (Steve Rooney) in 1981 draft

10- To Toronto: Dave Shand and a 3rd round pick in 1980
To Calgary: 2nd round pick (Kevin LaVallee) in 1980 draft

11- To Toronto: Robert Picard, Tim Coulis and a 2nd round pick in 1980 (Bob McGill)
To Washington: Mike Palmateer and a 3rd round pick in 1980 (Torrie Robertson)

To Philadelphia: Ron Areshenkoff and a 10th round pick in 1980 (Bob O'Brien)
To Edmonton: Barry Dean

19- To Winnipeg: Rick Bowness
To St. Louis: Craig Norwich

26- Minnesota signed Ron Friest as a FA
Buffalo signed John Bednarski as a FA

JULY 1980

1- To Washington: Jean Pronovost
To Calgary: cash

2- Philadelphia signed Ron Flockhart as a FA

4- To Islanders: Alex Pirus
To Minnesota: futures

10- Rangers signed Chris Kotsopoulos as a FA
Edmonton signed Tom Bladon as a FA

14- St. Louis signed John Taft as a FA

15- To Detroit: Gilles Gilbert
To Boston: Rogie Vachon

17- Hartford signed Ken Holland as a FA


1- Los Angeles signed Alex Tidey as a FA
Calgary signed John C. Stewart as a FA

6- To Rangers: Gord Smith
To Winnipeg: cash

7- Minnesota signed Murray Brumwell as a FA
Pittsburgh signed Paul Baxter as a FA
Pittsburgh transferred Kim Clackson to Quebec for signing Paul Baxter

11- To Quebec: John Paddock
To Philadelphia: cash

21- To Washington: Bob Kelly
To Philly: 3rd round pick in 1982 (Bill Campbell)


1- To Minnesota: Bill Nyrop
To Montreal: futures

4- To Colorado: Al Smith
To Hartford: cash

11- Edmonton signed Matti Hagman as a FA
Quebec signed Louis Sleigher as a FA

14- Quebec signed Michel Plasse as a FA

15- To Quebec: Andre Dupont
To Philadelphia: 7th round pick in 1981: (Vladmir Svitek)

16- Rangers signed Gary Burns as a FA

22- Vancouver signed Joe McDonnell as a FA
Islanders signed Bruce Affleck as a FA

25- Toronto signed Slava Duris as a FA

26- To Winnipeg: Norm Dupont
To Montreal: 2nd round pick in 1982 (David Maley)

To Pittsburgh: Gilles Lupien
To Montreal: 3rd round pick in 1983



1- Colorado signed Danny Lucas as a FA

2- Vancouver signed Bobby Schmautz as a FA

6- To Vancouver: Richard Brodeur and a 5th round pick in 1981 (Moe Lemay)
To Islanders: 5th round pick in 1981 (Jacques Sylvester)

Washington signed Dennis Ververgaert as a FA

8- To Winnipeg: Danny Geoffrion
To Quebec: cash

Colorado claimed Yvon Vatour off waivers from the Islanders

Islanders signed Lorne Stamler as a FA

9- Toronto signed Serge Boisvert as a FA

To Calgary: Alex McKendry
To Islanders: 3rd round pick in 1981 (Ron Handy)

10- Detroit claimed Rick Smith off waivers from Boston
Vancouver claimed Colin Campbell off waivers from Edmonton
Quebec claimed John Wensink off waivers from Boston
Edmonton claimed Curt Brackenbury off waivers from Quebec

Quebec signed Pierre Aubry as a FA

17- Calgary signed Mike Dwyer as a FA

18- Los Angeles signed Kevin Schamehorn as a FA

26- Quebec signed Marian Stastny as a FA

27- Quebec signed Peter Stastny as a FA
Calgary signed Bobby Francis as a FA

30- To St. Louis: Bill Stewart
To St. Louis: Bob Hess and 4th round draft pick in 1981 (Anders Wickberg)

31- To Winnipeg: Barry Long
To Detroit: cash


2- To Hartford: Jack McIlhargey and Norm Barnes
To Philadelphia: 2nd round pick in 1982

7- Washington claimed Rick Smith off waivers from Detroit

8- To Pittsburgh: Paul Gardner and Dave Burrows
To Toronto: Paul Marshall and Kim Davis

11- To Rangers: Jere Gillis and Jeff bandura
To Vancouver: Mario Marois and Jim Mayer

12- St. Louis signed Gerry Hart as a FA

18- To Calgary: Frank Beaton
To Rangers: Dale Lewis

30- Toronto claimed Barry Melrose off waivers from Detroit


1- To Washington: Dwayne Loudermilk
To Islanders: futures

To Winnipeg: Tim Trimper and Doug Lecuyer
To Chicago: Peter Marsh

2- To Winnipeg: Richard Mulhern
To Toronto: cash

4- To Toronto: Jim Rutherford
To Detroit: Mark Kirton

8- To Vancouver: Mike Christie
To Colorado: Jim Mayer

12- Rangers signed Gerry McDonald as a FA

To Quebec: Ron Grahame
To Los Angeles: cash

13- Winnipeg signed Tom Bladon as a FA

15- Edmonton claimed John Hughes off waivers from Vancouver

16- To Hartford: Mike Fidler
To Minnesota: Gordie Roberts

18- To Chicago: Al Secord
To Boston: Mike O'Connell

29- To Chicago: Glen Sharpley
To Minnesota: Ken Solheim and a 2nd round pick in 1981 (Tom Hirsch)


Paul Henderson, Atlanta Flames
Gerry Cheevers, Boston Bruins
Dave Schultz, Buffalo Sabres
Keith Magnuson, Chicago Blackhawks
Stan Mikita, Chicago Blackhawks
Gordie Howe, Hartford Whalers
Bobby Hull, Hartford Whalers
Dale Tallon, Pittsburgh Penguins
Carl Brewer, Toronto Maple Leafs
Dennis Hextall, Washington Capitals
Gary Smith, Winnipeg Jets

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