A history of NHL trades and signings from June 1960 to present. I have compiled this list from every source that I could find. Some years have missing months. If you know of any further sources that would help fill in the holes, let me know. Thanks and enjoy the info. I have compiled this for you..the hockey junkie.



5- Bufallo signed Mike J. Boland as a FA

6- Detroit claimed Greg Carroll of waivers from Washington

15- Washington claimed Greg Polis off waivers from the Rangers

16- To Atlanta Flames: Bob J. Murdoch and a 2nd round pick in 1980 (Tony Curtale)
To Los Angeles: Richard Mulhern and a 2nd round pick in 1980 (Dave Morrison)

22- Chicago signed Mike Walton as a FA


6- To Pittsburgh: Gary McAdam
To Buffalo: Dave Schultz

9- Colorado claimed Bill Lochead off waivers from Detroit

MARCH 1979

3- To Colorado: Don Saleski
To Philadelphia: futures

12- To Rangers: Jocelyn Guevremont
To Buffalo: futures

to Washington: Chuck Arnason
To Minnesota: futures

13- To Atlanta: Darcy Rota, Phil Russell and Ivan Boldirev
To Chicago: Tom Lysiak, Greg Fox, Pat Ribble, Miles Zaharko and Harold Phillipoff

To Toronto: Paul Gardner
To Colorado: Don Ashby and Trevor Johansen

24- To St. Louis: Bobby Simpson
To Atlanta: Curt Bennett

APRIL 1979

16- Winnipeg signed John Markell as a FA
St. Louis signed Rick Heinz as a FA

24- To Minnesota: Chuck Arnason
To Washington: futures


MAY 1979

12- To New Haven (AHL): Larry Skinner and Dennis Owchar
To Colorado: Bobby Sheehan

29- Quebec signed Bernie Saunders as a FA

JUNE 1979

1- Colorado signed Kevin Morrison as a FA

5- Atlanta signed Pekka Rautakallio as a FA

7- To St. Louis: Blake Dunlop and Rick Lapointe
To Philadelphia: Phil Myre

9- To Islanders: Terry Richardson and Barry Gibbs
To St. Louis: futures

10- Islanders signed Jean Potvin as a FA
Islanders transferred Richie Hansen to Minnesota as compensation for signing FA Jean Potvin

To. St. Louis: Bryan Maxwell and Richie Hansen
To Minnesota: 2nd round pick in 1982

11- To Washington: Steve Clippingdale
To Los Angeles: Mike Marson

13- To St. Louis: Hartland Monahan
To Quebec: cash

To Edmonton: Dave Lumley and Dan Newman
To Montreal: 2nd round pick in 1980 (Ric Nattress)

14- To Islanders: Ralph Klassen
To Hartford: Terry Richardson

To St. Louis: Ralph Klassen
To Islanders: to complete 3-team trade that sent Tommy Williams to Kings and Barry Gibbs to the Islanders

15- To Quebec: Nelson Burton
To Washington: Dave Parro

28- To Quebec: Jamie Hislop
To Winnipeg: Barry Legge

JULY 1979

1- Edmonton signed Clayton Pachal as a FA

2- To Rangers: Bill Lochead
To Colorado: Hardy Astrom

4- Edmonton claimed Stan Wier off waivers from Toronto

10- Colorado signed Peter Sturgeon as a FA

15- Edmonton signed John Bednarski as a FA
Colorado signed Les Auge as a FA

19- To Minnesota: Chuck Arnason

22- Edmonton signed Kari Makkonen as a FA

25- Winnipeg signed Willy Lindstrom as as FA
Rangers signed Wayne Dillon as a FA


To Islanders: Richard Brodeur
To Quebec: Goran Hogosta

To Atlanta: Paul Terbenche
To Winnipeg: futures

To Salt Lake City (CHL): Rick Hodgson
To Boston: cash

Atlanta signed Dave Gorman as a FA

3- To Detroit: Pete Mahovolich
To Pittsburgh: Nick Libbett

7- To St. Louis: Joe Micheletti
To Edmonton: Tom Roulston and Risto Siltanen

8- Philadelphia signed Denis Patterson as a FA

9- To Edmonton: Dave Semenko
To Minnesota: 2nd round draft pick (Neil Broten) and a 3rd round pick (Kevin Maxwell) in 1979

12- Washington signed Tony Cassolato as a FA
Chicago signed Warrren Skorodenski as a FA

13- Quebec claimed Greg Tebbut off waivers from Minnesota
Quebec signed Robbie Ftorek as a FA

15- Winnipeg signed Larry Hopkins as a FA
Islanders signed Anders Kallur as a FA
Atlanta signed Serge Beaudoin as a FA

16- To Washington: Wayne Stephenson
To Philadelphia: 3rd round pick in 1981 (Barry Tabobondung)

22- To Toronto: Reg Thomas
To Edmonton: 6th round pick in 1981 (Steve Smith)

To Detroit: rights to Dale McCourt
To Los Angeles: Andre St. Laurent and 1st round picks in 1980 (Larry Murphy) and 1981 (Doug Smith)

30- To Pittsburgh: Pat Hughes and Rob Holland
To Montreal: Denis Herron and a 2nd round pick in 1982 (Jocelyn Gauvreau)


Detroit signed Rick Shinske as a FA
Minnesota signed Jon Fontas as a FA
Winnipeg signed John Bethel as a FA
Boston signed Jim Stewart as a FA

4- To Detroit: Dennis Sobchuk
To Philadelphia: 5th round pick in 1981 (Dave Michayluk)

5- Buffalo signed Geordie Robertson and Jim Walsh as FA's

7- Vancouver signed Greg Hubick as a FA

11- Atlanta signed Dale Lewis as a FA

14- Colorado signed Barry Smith as a FA

To Los Angeles: Brad Selwood and a 4th round pick in 1982 (Dave Gans)
To Montreal: 4th round pick in 1982 (John Devoe)

Vancouver signed Gary Lupul as a FA
Minnesota signed Tom Younghans as a FA
Edmonton signed Charlie Huddy as a FA

15- Detroit signed Tom Webster as a FA
Colorado signed Nick Beverly as a FA
Philadelphia signed Fred Williams as a FA

16- Buffalo signed Bob Mongrain as a FA
Washington signed Antero Lehtonen as a FA

17- Minnesota signed Tony White as a FA
Quebec signed Frantisek Cernik as a FA

24- To Edmonton: Jim Harrison
To Chicago: futures

25- Winnipeg signed Benoit Gosselin as a FA

28- Minnesota signed Dino Ciccarelli as a FA
Philadelphia signed Greg C. Adams as a FA



1- Winnipeg signed Gerry Rioux, Glenn Tomalty and Ross Cory as FA's
Los Angeles signed Don Howse as a FA

2- Minnesota signed Louis Levasseur as a FA

4- Edmonton signed Jim Corsi as a FA

To Winnipeg: Ron Wilson
To Montreal: cash

Montreal signed Bill Root and Dave Allison as FA's

5- To Colorado: Rene Robert
To Buffalo: John VanBoxmeer

Winnipeg signed Mark Plantery and Jude Drouin as FA's

8- Boston signed Yves Belanger as a FA

9- Washington signed Claude Noel as a FA
Islanders signed Kevin Devine as a FA
Atlanta signed Rick Adduono and Earl Ingarfield Jr. as FA's

10- Philadelphia signed Sam St. Laurent as a FA

To St. Louis: Don Laurence, Ed Kea, and a 2nd round pick (Hakan Nordin)
To Atlanta: Garry Unger

11- Los Angeles signed Scott Gruhl as a FA
Rangers signed Mike Backman as a FA

12- Minnesota signed Rob Flockhart as a FA

To Winnipeg: Bud Stefanski
To Rangers: futures

16- Winnipeg signed Don Maciver as a FA

17- Hartford signed Mike Antonovich as a FA

20- Chicago signed Flo Robidoux as a FA

23- To Boston: Bobby Lalonde
To Atlanta: futures

Montreal signed Bill Kitchen as a FA

25- Philadelphia signed Tim Kerr as a FA

30- Hartford signed Greg Carroll as a FA
Detroit signed Brian Johnson and Rejean Cloutier as FA's

31- Quebec signed Dave Pichette as a FA
Buffalo signed Dave Fenyves as a FA


1- Buffalo signed J.F. Sauve as a FA
Detroit signed Randy Ladouceur

2- To Colorado: Lucien Deblois, Pat Hickey, Mike McEwen, Bobby Crawford and Dean Turner
To Rangers: Barry Beck

Edmonton signed Paul Popiel as a FA

6- To Vancouver: Bruce Affleck and Gord Buynak
To St. Louis: cash

9- Washington signed Jim McTaggart as a FA

13- To Buffalo: John Gould
To Edmonton: Alex Tidey

To St. Louis: Blair Chapman
To Pittsburgh: Bob Stewart

16- Rangers signed Bobby Crawford as a FA


1- Toronto signed Daryl Maggs as a FA

7- To Washington: Mike Kaszicki
To Islanders: Gord Lane

10- To Edmonton: Bobby Schmautz
To Boston: Dan Newman

To Vancouver: Per Olov Brasar
To Minnesota: 2nd round pick in 1981 (Mike Sands)

13- Hartford signed Larry Giroux as a FA

To Toronto: Terry Martin and Dave Farrish
To Quebec: Reg Thomas

21- To Chicago: Ron Sedlbauer
To Vancouver: Dave Logan and Harold Phillipoff

24- To Hartford: Pat Boutette
To Toronto: Bob Stephenson

29- To Toronto: Wilf Paiement and Pat Hickey
To Colorado: Lanny McDonald and Joel Quenneville


Bobby Orr, Chicago Blackhawks
Joe Watson, Colorado Rockies
Danny Grant, Los Angeles Kings
Jean-Paul Parise, Minnesota North Stars
Jacques Lemaire, Montreal Canadiens
Ken Dryden, Montreal Canadiens
Yvan Cournoyer, Montreal Canadiens
Ed Westfall, New York Islanders
Bernie Parent, Philadelphia Flyers
Garry Monahan, Toronto Maple Leafs
Pit Martin, Vancouver Canucks

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