A history of NHL trades and signings from June 1960 to present. I have compiled this list from every source that I could find. Some years have missing months. If you know of any further sources that would help fill in the holes, let me know. Thanks and enjoy the info. I have compiled this for you..the hockey junkie.



9- To Los Angeles: Danny Grant
To Montreal: Canadiens' 3rd round pick (Doug Derkson) and rights to Barry Long

To Cleveland Barons: Chuck Arnason and Rick Jodzio
To Colorado: Ralph Klassen and Fred Ahern

To Colorado: Bob Neely
To Toronto: cash

12- To Colorado: Mike Christie
To Cleveland: Dennis O'Brien

14- To St. Louis: Neil Komadoski
To Los Angeles: 3rd round pick in 1980 (Greg Terrion)

27- To Chicago: Eddie Johnston
To St. Louis: cash

29- To Vancouver: Claire Alexander
To Toronto: cash


4- Pittsburgh signed John Flesch as a FA

12- To New England (WHA): Tim Sheehy
To Detroit: cash

16- Minnesota signed Bill Butters as a FA

19- To Minnesota: Gary Smith
To Washington: cash

MARCH 1978

1- To Edmonton (WHA): Pierre Jarry and Chris Ahrens
To Minnesota: futures

8- Toronto signed Larry Hopkins as a FA

10- Boston claimed Dennis O'Brien off waivers from Cleveland

12- Buffalo signed Larry Carriere as a FA

13- To Toronto: Dan Maloney and a 2nd round pick in 1980 (Craig Muni)
To Detroit: Errol Thompson, a 1st round pick (Brent Peterson), a 2nd round pick in 1978 (Al Jensen) and a 1st round pick in 1980 (Mike Blaisdell)

To Los Angeles: Darryl Edestrand
To Boston: cash

14- Pittsburgh signed Derek Sanderson as a FA

Chicago traded Pierre Plante to Minnesota to complete Doug Hicks trade


MAY 1978

15- To Minnesota: Jim McKenny
To Toronto: rights to Owen Lloyd

17- Colorado signed John McCahill as a FA

23- Vancouver signed Gary Bromley as a FA

27- Vancouver traded Murray Bannerman to Chicago to complete Pit Martin trade

30- To Toronto: Bob Neely
To Colorado: cash

JUNE 1978

5- Vancouver signed Lars Lindgren and Lars Zetterstrom as FA's
Rangers signed Ulf Nilsson and Anders Hedberg as FA's

6- Detroit signed Sean Shanahan as a FA
Altlanta signed Gene Carr as a FA

7- Vancouver signed Roland Eriksson as a FA

8- Rangers signed Tim Bothwell as a FA

10- Washington signed Rolf Edberg and Leif Svensson as FA's

12- To St. Louis: Mike Walton
To Vancouver: draft pick in 1978 (Harold Luckner)

14- To Toronto: Paul Harrison
To Minnesota: 4th round pick in 1981 (Terry Tait)

To Pittsburgh: Ross Lonsberry
To Philadelphia: 1st round pick in 1978 (Behn Wilson)

Los Angeles signed Mark Heaslip as a FA

To Vancouver: Thomas Gradin
To Chicago: 2nd round pick in 1980 (Steve Ludzik)

To Los Angeles: Brian Glennie, Scott Garland, Kurt Walker, and a 2nd round pick (Mark Hardy)
To Toronto: Lorne Stamler and Dave Hutchinson

To Pittsburgh: Randy Carlyle and George Ferguson
To Toronto: Dave Burrows

To Pittsburgh: Ross Lonsberry, Tom Bladon and Orest Kindrachuk
To Philadelphia: 1st round pick in 1978 (Behn Wilson)

15- To St. Louis: Bob Stewart
To Minnesota: 2nd round pick in 1981 (Jali Wahlsten)

23- Colorado signed Rey Comeau as a FA

30- Minnesota signed Gary Sargent as a FA

JULY 1978

1- Minnesota transferred rights to Rick Hampton, Dave Gardner and Steve Jensen to Los Angeles for Kings signing free agent Gary Sargent

Minnesota signed Jim Boo as a FA

6- Islanders reclaimed NHL rights to John Tonelli from Houston (WHA)

15- Minnesota signed Gerry O'Flaherty as a FA

17- Rangers signed Dean Talafous as a FA

22- St. Louis signed Mike Korney as a FA

27- To Minnesota: Jack Carlson
To Detroit: futures

28- Rangers signed Frank Beaton as a FA


7- Los Angeles signed Ban Bonor as a FA

8- To St. Louis: Bob L. Murdoch
To Minnesota: cash

Detroit signed Rogie Vachon as a FA
Detroit transferred rights to Dale McCourt to Los Angeles for Red Wings' signing of Rogie Vachon

11- St. Louis signed Steve Durbano as a FA

17- Atlanta signed Rejean Lemelin as a FA

24- Detroit signed Dan Bolduc as a FA

28- To St. Louis: Harvey Bennett
To Minnesota: 2nd round pick in 1981 (Jali Wahlsten)

31- To Colorado: Joe Watson
To Philadelphia: cash


1- Philadelphia signed M.F. Schurman as a FA

5- Los Angeles claimed Nick Beverley off waivers from Minnesota

6- To Boston: Dick Redmond
To Atlanta: Gregg Sheppard

To Atlanta: Jean Pronovost
To Pittsburgh: Gregg Sheppard

Minnesota signed Mike Polich as a FA
Minnesota transferred Jerome Engle to Montreal for signing FA Mike Polich

13- To Toronto: Garry Monohan
To Vanvouver: cash

Detroit claimed Pierre Plante off waivers from Minnesota

18- To Los Angeles: Doug Halward
To Boston: futures

21- Washington signed Greg Carroll as a FA

29- St. Louis signed Mike Zuke as a FA



1- Quebec signed Terry Johnson as a FA

2- Rangers claimed Pierre Plante off waivers from Detroit

7- To Montreal: Mike Korney
To St. Louis: Gord McTavish

9- To Pittsburgh: Dave Tallon
To Chicago: 2nd round pick in 1980 (Ken Solheim)

Philadelphia signed Yves Preston as a FA

To Los Angeles: Ron Grahame
To Boston: 1st round pick in 1979 (Ray Bourque)

Rangers claimed Mike Korney off waivers from Montreal

St. Louis claimed Larry Giroux off waivers from Detroit
Montreal claimed Dan Newman off waivers from the Rangers
Washington claimed Pierre Bouchard off waivers from Montreal

Islanders signed Neil Hawryliw as a FA
Boston signed Tom Songin as a FA

To Atlanta: Gerry O'Flaherty
To Minnesota: cash

To St. Louis: Rick Bowness
To Detroit: cash

Boston signed Gary Burns as a FA

11- To Colorado: Clayton Pachal
To Boston: Mark Suzor

12- Detroit signed Dan Labratten, Lorry Gloeckner and Mal Davis as FA's

18- To Washington: Dennis Maruk
To Minnesota: Tom McCarthy and a 1st round pick in 1979 (Rod Shutt)

19- To Washington: Michel Bergeron
To Islanders: 2nd round pick in 1979 (Tomas Jonsson)

To Colorado: Jack Valiquette
To Toronto: 2nd round pick in 1981 (Gary Yaremchuk)

23- Boston signed Ab Demarco Jr. as a FA


1- To Colorado: Don Awry
To Rangers: cash

4- To Atlanta: Rod Seiling
To St. Louis: cash

7- Philadelphia signed Robbie Moore as a FA

17- To Vancouver: Dunc Wilson
To Pittsburgh: cash

18- To Colorado: Nick Beverley
to Los Angeles: 4th round pick in 1982 (Dave Ross)

20- Philadelphia signed Red Bailey as a FA


4- Washington signed Gary Rissling as a FA

5- Boston signed Mike Walton as a FA

6- To Detroit: Steve Carlson
To Los Angeles: Steve Short

19- Washington signed Gary Inness as a FA

21- Colorado signed Mario Giallonardo as a FA

29- To Philadelphia: Dennis Ververgaert
To Vancouver: Kevin McCarthy and Drew Callander

31- To Los Angeles: Randy Holt
To Vancouver: Don Kozak


Johnny Bucyk, Boston Bruins
Eddie Johnston, Chicago Blackhawks
Jim Neilson, Cleveland Barons
Dennis Hull, Detroit Red Wings
Ed Giacomin, Detroit Red Wings
Bill Goldsworthy, New York Rangers
Dallas Smith, New York Rangers
Ken Hodge, New York Rangers
Rod Gilbert, New York Rangers
Gary Dornhoefer, Philadelphia Flyers
Derek Sanderson, Pittsburgh Penguins
Claude Larose, St. Louis Blues
Jimmy Roberts, St. Louis Blues
Red Berenson, St. Louis Blues
Cesare Maniago, Vancouver Canucks

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