A history of NHL trades and signings from June 1960 to present. I have compiled this list from every source that I could find. Some years have missing months. If you know of any further sources that would help fill in the holes, let me know. Thanks and enjoy the info. I have compiled this for you..the hockey junkie.



16- Philadelphia claimed Myron Stankiewicz off waivers from St. Louis

24- To Minnesota: Leo Boivin
To Pittsburgh: Duane Rupp

30- To Oakland: Earl Ingarfield, Dick Mattiussi and Gene Ubriaco
To Pittsburgh: Bryan Watson, Tracy Pratt and George Swarbrick


Montreal loaned Lyle Bradley to Quebec (AHL)

To Phoenix (WHL): Morris Stefaniw
To Boston: cash

11- To Phoenix (WHL): Milan Marcetta and Brian D. Smith
To Minnesota: Tom Polanic

14- To Chicago: Mine McMahon and Andre Boudrias
To Minnesota: Bill Orban and Tom Reid

15- To Minnesota: Danny Lawson and Brian Conacher
To Detroit: Wayne Connelly

MARCH 1969

Boston signed Paul Hurley as a FA

To Vancouver (WHL): Pat Hannigan
To Philadelphia: cash

2- To Philadelphia: Bill Sutherland, Mike Byers and Gary Meehan
To Toronto: Forbes Kennedy and Brit Selby


MAY 1969

To Vancouver (WHL): Brad Selwood and Rene Robert
To Toronto: Ron Ward

14- To St. Louis: Ron Buchanan
To Philadelphia: cash

To Minnesota: John Miszuk
To Philadelphia: Wayne Hillman

To Los Angeles: Ross Lonsberry
To Boston: 1st round pick in 1971 (Ron Jones), and a 1st round pick in 1973 (Andre Savard)

17- To Minnesota: Tommy Williams and Barry Gibbs
To Boston: 1st round pick in 1969 (Don Tannahill)

20- To Vancouver (WHL): Andy Bathgate, John Arbour and Paul Andrea
To Pittsburgh: Bryan Hextall

30- To Pittsburgh: Forbes Kennedy
To Toronto: cash

JUNE 1969

Pittsburgh received Nick Harbaruk from Vancouver in the Inter-League draft
Minnesota received Darryl Sly from Vancouver (WHL) in the Inter-League draft

St. Louis signed Jaroslav Jirik as a FA

To St. Louis: Larry Hornung
To Rangers: cash

Quebec (AHL) received Roger Pelletier from Philly in reverse draft
San Diego (WHL) received Doug Valmar from Detroit in reverse draft
Buffalo (AHL) received Camille Henry from St. Louis in reverse draft

To Rangers: Leon Rochefort and Don Blackburn
To Philadelphia: Reg Fleming

To Montreal: Pete Mahovlich and Bart Crashley
To Detroit: Gary Monahan and Doug Piper

Detroit received Chuck Hamilton from Hershey (AHL) in reverse draft
San Diego (WHL) received Kevin O'Shea from the Rangers in reverse draft

To St. Louis: Lou Angotti and a 1st round pick (Gene Carr)
To Pittsburgh: Craig Cameron and Ron Schock

9- To Los Angeles: Leon Rochefort and Dennis Hextall
To Rangers: Real Lemieux

10- To St. Louis: Phil Goyette
To Rangers: Andre Dupont

Salt Lake City (WHL) received Galen Head from Detroit in reverse draft
Philadelphia received Bob Barlow from Vancouver (WHL) in Inter-League draft

To Minnesota: Bob Barlow
To Philly: cash


11- Minnesota: Charlie Burns (from Pittsburgh)
Philadelphia: Larry Hillman (from Montreal)
Toronto: Marv Edwards (from Pittsburgh)
Montreal: Jack Norris (from Chicago)
Montreal: Larry Micckey (from Toronto)
Montreal: Jean Gauthier (from Philly)
Chicago: Howie Menard (from Los Angeles)
Chicago: Tony Esposito (from Montreal)
Pittsburgh: Glen Sather (from Boston)
Pittsburgh: Dean Prentice (from Detroit)
Pittsburgh: Al Smith (from Toronto)
Pittsburgh: Bob Blackburn (from Rangers)
St. Louis: Bobby Schmautz (from Chicago)
St. Louis: Wayne Maki (from Chicago)
St. Louis: Andre Boudrias (from Chicago)
St. Louis: Ron C. Anderson (from Los Angeles)
Boston: Bill Speer (from Pittsburgh)
Rangers: Forbes Kennedy (from Pittsburgh)

To Montreal: Chuck Hamilton
To Detroit: cash

12- St. Louis received Jacques Caron from Los Angeles in Intra-League draft
Springfield (AHL) received Bob Sneddon from Philly in reverse draft
Vancouver (WHL) received Gary Bauman from Minnesota in reverse draft
Cleveland (AHL) received Gary Kurt from the Rangers in reverse draft

To Philadelphia: Jean Gauthier
To Montreal: cash

17- To Detroit: Terry Sawchuk and Sandy Snow
To Rangers: Larry Jeffrey

20- To Vancouver (WHL): Kent Douglas
To Detroit: cash

27- To Montreal: Bobby Schmautz and Norm Beaudin
To St. Louis: Ernie Wakely

JULY 1969

To Phoenix (WHL): Don Caley
To Rangers: Peter McDuffe

To Detroit: Doug Volmar
To San Diego (WHL): cash


To Salt Lake City (WHL): Bobby Schmautz
To Montreal: cash


Oakland signed Joe Hardy as a FA

To Montreal: Andre Provonost
To Minnesota: cash

To San Diego (WHL): Gerry Odrowski
To Oakland: cash

Chicago signed Keith Magnuson as a FA

To Phoenix (WHL): Jim Murray
To Los Angeles: Roger Cote

29- Philadelphia signed Jim Mair as a FA


To Vancouver (WHL): Howie Young
To Chicago: cash

Toronto signed Bob Liddington as a FA

To St. Louis: Roger Lafreniere
To Buffalo: cash

To Hershey (AHL): Chuck Hamilton
To Montreal: cash

1- Toronto signed Brian Machinko as a FA

2- Minnesota signed Bob Whitlock as a FA

14- Detroit claimed Mike McMahon off waivers from Chicago

28- To Detroit: Billy Dea
To Pittsnburgh: Mike McMahon

29- To Montreal: Jean Gauthier
To Cleveland (AHL): cash


To Pittsburgh: Jim Morrison
To Baltimore (AHL): Bill Lecaine and cash

15- Los Angeles signed Jean Potvin as a FA


10- Toronto signed Gord Nelson as a FA

To Toronto: Jim Harrison
To Boston: Wayne Carleton

15- To Oakland: Howie Menard
To Chicago: Gene Ubriaco


Kenny Wharram, Chicago Blackhawks
Kent Douglas, Detroit Red Wings
Gilles Tremblay, Montreal Canadiens
Allan Stanley, Philadelphia Flyers
Billy Harris, Pittsburgh Penguins
Doug Harvey, St. Louis Blues
Pierre Pilote, Toronto Maple Leafs

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At April 20, 2011 at 11:38 AM , Blogger paulfl0927 said...

June 10- should read Rangers trade Phil Goyette to Blues for their first round draft pick in amateur draft. Rangers selected Andre Dupont.

At January 4, 2012 at 11:04 AM , Anonymous rinksteak said...

June 10- Rangers trade Harry Howell to Oakland Seals for cash.


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