A history of NHL trades and signings from June 1960 to present. I have compiled this list from every source that I could find. Some years have missing months. If you know of any further sources that would help fill in the holes, let me know. Thanks and enjoy the info. I have compiled this for you..the hockey junkie.



4 - Pittsburgh traded Al McDonough to Atlanta for Chuck Arnason and Bob Paradise.

6 - Atlanta received Brian Hextall from Pittsburgh on waivers.

12 - Pittsburgh traded Jim Rutherford and Jack Lynch to Detroit for Ron Stackhouse.

17 - St.Louis traded Steve Durbano, Ab Demarco Jr. and J. Bob Kelly to Pittsburgh for Greg Polis, Bryan Watson and Penguins' 2nd round pick, Bob Hess, in 1974 draft.

21 - New York Rangers traded Real Lemieux to Buffalo for Paul Curtis.


7 - Vancouver traded Bobby Schmautz to Boston for Fred O'Donnell, Mike Walton and Chris Oddleifsson.
San Diego (WHL) traded Al Simmons to Boston for cash.

14 - Detroit traded Ted Harris, Garnet Bailey and Bill Collins to St.Louis for Chris Evans, Jean Hamel and Bryan Watson.

28 - New York Rangers traded Claude Houde to Detroit for Brian Lavender.

MARCH 1974

1 - Minnesota traded Jim McElmury to Los Angeles for cash.

7 - New York Islanders traded Germain Gagnon to Chicago for Walt Ledingham.

9 - Montreal Canadiens traded Dave Gardner to St.Louis for Blues' 1st round pick, Doug Risebrough, in 1974 draft.

10 - Buffalo traded Doug Rombough to New York Islanders for Brian Spencer.

12 - California traded Tom Cassidy to Los Angeles for cash.

MAY 1974

20 - Buffalo received Roy Edwards from Detroit on waivers.

24 - California traded Reggie Leach to Philadelphia for Al MacAdam, Larry Wright, George Pesut and Flyers' 1st round pick, Ron Chipperfield, in 1974 draft.
Chicago traded Mike Christie and Len Frig to California for Ivan Boldirev.
St.Louis traded Gary Sabourin to Toronto for Eddie Johnston.

27 - Detroit traded Nelson DeBenedet to Pittsburgh for Hank Nowak and Penguins' 3rd round pick, Dan Mandryk, in 1974 draft.
Minnesota traded John Flesch and Don Martineau to Atlanta for Buster Harvey and Jerry Byers.
Montreak Canadiens traded Rick Wilson and Canadiens' 5th round pick, Don Wheldon, in 1974 draft to St.Louis for Blues' 4th round pick, Barry Legge, in 1974 draft and future considerations.
New York Rangers traded Vic Hadfield to Pittsburgh for Nick Beverley.
Philadelphia traded Bill Flett to Toronto for Randy Osburn and Dave Fortier.

JUNE 1974

Rochester (AHL) traded Murray Kuntz to St.Louis for cash.

4 - Vancouver traded Barry Wilkins to Pittsburgh for Ab Demarco Jr.

10 - St.Louis received Brian Ogilvie from Chicago in Intra-League draft.
California received Jim Neilson from New York Rangers in Intra-League draft.
Vancouver received Jim Wiley from Pittsburgh in Intra-League draft.
New York Rangers received Walt McKechnie from California in Intra-League draft.
New York Islanders received Dave Fortier from Philadelphia in Intra-League draft.

12 - New York Rangers traded Walt McKechnie to Boston for Derek Sanderson.

13 - Detroit received Rene Drolet from Philadelphia in reverse draft.

14 - Boston received rights to Rod Graham from Rochester (AHL).
St.Louis traded Glen Sather to Montreal Canadiens to complete Rick Wilson trade.

20 - Atlanta traded Doug Mohns to Washington for cash.

25 - Pittsburgh signed Harvey Bennett as a FA.

27 - Kansas City signed Jim McElmury as a FA.

JULY 1974

11 - San Diego (WHL) traded John Adams to Washington for cash.

15 - Pittsburgh signed Kelly Pratt as a FA.

18 - California traded Ron Serafini to St.Louis for Glenn Patrick.
California traded Hilliard Graves to Atlanta for John Stewart.

22- To Washington: Tom Williams
To Boston: cash

28 - Los Angeles traded Bill Lesuk to Washington for cash.

29 - New York Rangers traded Andre Peloffy to Washington for cash.


St.Louis signed Doug Palazzari as a FA.
Baltimore (AHL) traded Ken Lockett to Vancouver for cash.
Los Angeles signed Jim Witherspoon as a FA.
Montreal Canadiens traded Lyle Carter to Syracuse (AHL) for cash.

22 - Montreal Canadiens traded Mike Baumgartner to Kansas City for cash.

27 - Minnesota traded Danny Grant to Detroit for Henry Boucha

29 - St.Louis traded Greg Polis to New York Rangers for Larry Sacharuk.


Chicago signed Kirk Bowman as a FA.
Toronto signed Claire Alexander as a FA.
California signed Fred Ahern as a FA.
Atlanta traded Morris Stefaniw to Kansas City for cash.

13 - Toronto traded Rick Kehoe to Pittsburgh for Blaine Stroughton.
Kansas City traded Bob Bourne to New York Islanders for Bart Crashley and Larry Hornung.

15 - Vancouver traded Jacques Caron to Buffalo for future considerations.

16 - St.Louis traded Ted Harris to Philadelphia for cash, and Wayne Stephenson for Randy Andreachuk and Flyers' 2nd round pick, Jamie Masters, in 1975 draft.

23 - New York Rangers traded Brian Lavender to California for Hartland Monahan.

27 - Toronto signed Pierre Hamel as a FA.



California signed Bob L. Murdock as a FA.

1 - Washington signed Bernie Wolfe as a FA.
Minnesota traded Gary Bergman to Detroit for Red Wings' 3rd rround pick, Alex Pirus, in 1975 draft.

2 - Detroit signed Ken Mann as a FA.

4 - Atlanta traded Leon Rochefort to Vancouver for cash.

5 - Boston traded Don Awrey to St.Louis for Jake Rathwell and Blues' 2nd round pick Mark Howe, in 1974 draft.

10 - Detroit signed Frank Bathe as a FA.

14 - Vancouver traded Bryan McSheffrey and Jocelyn Guevremont to Buffalo for Mike Robitaille and Gerry Meehan.

16 - Toronto traded Garry Monahan and John Grisdale to Vancouver for Dave Dunn.

29 - Kansas City traded Chris Evans and Scouts' 4th round pick, Mike Liut, in 1976 draft to St.Louis for Larry Giroux.
Washington reveived Rod Seiling from New York Rangers on waivers


Baltimore (AHL) traded Brian Murphy to Detroit for cash.

2 - Toronto traded Tim Acclestone and Willie Brossart to Washington for Rod Seiling.
Washington traded Tim Acclestone to Atlanta for cash.

4 - Pittsburgh traded Ab Demarco Jr. to Vancouver for Barry Wilkins.

5 - Boston signed Mike Milbury as a FA.

11 - California traded Stan Gilbertson and Craig Patrick to St.Louis for Warren Williams and Dave Gardner.

15 - Kansas City signed Henry Lehvonen as a FA.

28 - St.Louis traded Don Awret to Montreal Canadiens for Chuck Lefley.


Kansas City traded Butch Deadmarsh to Vancouver (WHA) for cash.

5 - Montreal Canadiens traded Claude Larose to St.Louis for cash.

9 - Minnesota traded Henry Boucha to Kansas City for Scouts' 2nd r/p, Steve Christoff, in 1978 Amateur Draft.

14 - Washington traded Lew Morrison to Pittsburgh for Ron Lalonde.
Detroit traded Guy Charron and Claude Hounde to Kansas City for Larry Giroux, Bart Crashley and Ted Snell.

20 - Washington signed Bill Riley as a FA.

30 - Detroit traded Red Berenson to St. Louis for Phil Roberto and Blues' 3rd round pick, Blair Davidson, in 1975 draft.


Tim Horton, Buffalo Sabres
Alex Delvecchio, Detroit Red Wings
Dean Prentice, Minnesota North Stars
Gump Worsley, Minnesota North Stars
Frank Mahovlich, Montreal Canadiens
Jacques Laperriere, Montreal Canadiens
Barry Ashbee, Philadelphia Flyers

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At August 28, 2007 at 5:20 AM , Blogger Joe said...

Great site you have here.
Here is a Washington trade not listed:
7/22/74 Boston traded Tom Williams to Washington for cash.
Source: Legends of Hockey.net

At August 28, 2007 at 1:45 PM , Blogger Zanstorm said...

Thanks, consider it done!

At January 24, 2008 at 1:08 AM , Anonymous diehardkingsfan said...

on February 15, 1974, the Rangers traded Gene Carr to the LA Kings for their 1st Round Draft Pick in 1977, Ron Duguay

At December 22, 2010 at 7:15 AM , Anonymous Dennis Pittman said...

The trade of Henry Boucha from Minnesota to Kansas City occured on December 9th, 1975, NOT December 9th, 1974.

At November 12, 2011 at 11:04 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tim Horton didn't really retire after the season, he died in a motor vehicle collision.


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