A history of NHL trades and signings from June 1960 to present. I have compiled this list from every source that I could find. Some years have missing months. If you know of any further sources that would help fill in the holes, let me know. Thanks and enjoy the info. I have compiled this for you..the hockey junkie.



8 - Pittsburgh traded Joe Norris
to St.Louis for Jim Shires.

17 - Detroit traded Ralph Stewart and Bob Cook to New York Islanders for Brian Lavender and Ken Murray.

22 - St.Louis traded Frank St. Marseille to Los Angeles for Paul Curtis.


Boston signed Derek Sanderson as a FA.

13 - Atlanta traded Ernie Hicke and Billy MacMillan to New York Islanders for Arnie Brown.

14 - Atlanta traded Norm Gratton to Buffalo for Butch Deadmarsh.

19 - Vancouver received Jim Mair from New York Islanders on waivers.

25 - Detroit traded Andy Brown to Pittsburgh for Penguins' 3rd round pick, Nelson Pyatt, in 1973 draft.

26 - Chicago traded Dan Maloney to Los Angeles for Ralph Backstrom.

MARCH 1973

1 - Detroit traded Gary Doak to Boston for Garnet Bailey and Murray Wing.
New York Islanders traded Don Blackburn to Minnesota for cash.
Boston traded Garnet Bailey to Detroit for Gary Doak.

2 - St.Louis traded Mike Murphy to New York Rangers for Ab Demarco Jr..
Newy York Rangers traded Steve Andrascik to Pittsburgh for Sheldon Kannegiesser.

5 - New York Islanders traded Terry Crisp to Philadelphia for Jean Potvin and Glen Irwin.

10 - San Diego (WHL) traded Ken Broderick to Boston for future considerations.

MAY 1973

Portland (WHL) traded Jim Stanfield to Philadelphia for cash.

11 - New York Rangers traded Gary Coalter to California for cash.

12 - Toronto signed Borje Salming and Inge Hammarstrom as FA.

14 - Vancouver traded Dale Tallon to Chicago for Jerry Korab and Gary Smith.

15 - Detroit traded Serge Lajeunesse to Philadelphia for Rick Foley.

18 - Philadelphia traded Jean Potvin and Glen Irwin to New York Islanders for Terry Crisp.

22 - Boston traded Fred Stanfield to Minnesota for Gilles Gilbert, and Eddie Johnston to Toronto to comlete Jacques Plante trade.

23 - Philadelphia traded Willie Brossart to Toronto for cash.

29 - Montreal Canadiens traded Murray Anderson and Tony Featherstone to Minnesota for future considerations.
Montreal Canadiens traded Chuck Arnason to Atlanta for Flames' 1st r/p, Rick Chartraw, in 1974 AD.
Montreal Canadiens traded Bob J. Murdoch and Randy Rota to Los Angeles for cash and Kings' 1st r/p, Mario Tremblay, in 1974 AD.
Toronto traded Murray Heatley and Larry McIntyre to Vancouver for Dunc Wilson.
Montreal Canadiens traded Murray Anderson and Terry Featherstone to Minnesota for future considerations.
Montreal traded Bob J. Murray to Atlanta for Flames' 3rd r/p, Pierre Lagace, in 1977 AD.

JUNE 1973

Rochester (AHL) received Art Stratton from Detroit in reverse draft.
Philadelphia signed Steve Coates as a FA.
Montreal Canadiens signed Don Howse as a FA.
Pittsburgh signed Gary Inness as a FA.
Pittsburgh traded Ron Snell to Hershey (AHL) for cash.
Seatle (WHL) received Gene Sobchuk from New York Rangers in reverse draft.

10 - St.Louis traded Mike Lampman to Vancouver for John Wright.
Atlanta traded Ted Tucker to California for cash.
Minnesota received Lyle Carter from California in reverse draft.

12 - St.Louis received Lou Angotti from Chicago in Intra-League draft.
New York Islanders received Bert Marshall from New York Rangers in Intra-League draft.
Pittsburgh received Ron Jones from Boston in Intra-League draft.
California received Ray McKay from Buffalo in Intra-League draft.
Minnesota received Billy Plager from Atlanta in Intra-League draft.
Buffalo received Joe Norris from St.Louis in Intra-League draft.
Rochester (AHL) received Murray Kuntz from Buffalo in reverse draft.
Boston traded John Adams to San Diego (WHL) to complete Ken Broderick trade.

13 - Los Angeles received Bob Nevin from Minnesota in Intra-League draft.
California received Rick Kessell from Pittsburgh in Intra-League draft.
San Diego (WHL) received Al Simmons from California in reverse draft.
Providence (AHL) received Curt Ridley from Boston in reverse draft.

14 - St.Louis traded Paul Curtis to Buffalo for Jake Rathwell.

15 - Vancouver received Jacques Caron from St.Louis in Intra-League draft.

JULY 1973

San Diego(WHL) traded Bruce Cowick to Philadelphia for Fred Stanfield, Bob Curriei, Tom Trevelyan and Bob Hurlburt.

3 - Pittsburgh traded Eddie Shack to Toronto for cash.

27 - Philadelphia traded Doug Favell to Toronto to complete May 15, 1975 trade for Bernie Parent and Maple Leaf' 2nd round pick, Larry Goodenough, in 1973 draft for Flyers' 1st round pick, Bob Neely, in 1973 draft.


Pittsburgh signed Bob McManama as a FA.
New York Islanders traded Connie Forey to St.Louis for cash.

30 - Chicago traded Mike Baumgartner to Atlanta for Lynn Bowis.


St.Louis trade Roger Lafreniere to San Diego (WHL) for cash.
Boston signed Dave Forbes as a FA.
California signed Bob Girard, Gary Holt and Dave Hrechkosky as a FA.
Los Angeles signed Mark Heaslip as a FA.
Minnesota signed Alain Langlais as a FA.
St.Louis signed Ken Richardson as a FA.
Minnesota traded Gary Geldart to Montreal Canadiens for cash.
Montreal Canadiens signed Sean Shanahan as a FA.
Philadelphia signed Mike A. Boland as a FA.

8 - St.Louis traded Norm Dennis and Don Borgeson to New York Rangers for J.Bob Kelly.
27 - Toronto signed Bill Butters as a FA.

30 - Toronto signed Scott Garland as a FA.


Vancouver signed Larry Gould as a FA.
Piitsburgh signed Ted Snell as a FA.

4 - St.Louis traded Bob Johnson to Pittsburgh for Nick Harbaruk.

5 - Boston traded Don Awrey to St.Louis for Jake Rathwell and Blues' 2nd r/p, Mark Howe, in 1974 AD.

17 - Toronto traded Terry Clancy to Detroit for cash.

25 - Pittsburgh traded Darryl Edestrand to Boston for Nick Beverley.

27 - St.Louis traded Brent Hughes to Detroit for cash.

28 - New York Rangers traded Glen Sather and Rene Villemure to St.Louis for Jack Egers.

30 - Atlanta signed George Swarbrick as a FA.


California signed Bob Champoux as a FA.
St.Louis traded George Pesut to Philadelphia for Bob Stumpf.

7 - Detroit traded Gary Bergman to Minnesota for Ted Harris.

23 - Boston traded Doug Roberts to Detroit for cash.

29 - Detroit traded Tim Ecclestone to Toronto for Pierre Jarry.

30 - New York Rangers traded Tommy Williams, Mike Murphy and Sheldon Kannegiesser to Los Angeles for Gilles Marotte and Real Lemieux.


Philadelphia traded Frank Spring to St.Louis for Ray Achultz.
Vancouver traded John Wright to St.Louis for Mike Lampman.

27 - Buffalo traded Tracy Pratt and John Gould to Vancouver for Jerry Korab.


Jacques Plante, Boston Bruins
Pat Stapleton, Chicago Blackhawks
Ralph Backstrom, Chicago Blackhawks
Harry Howell, Los Angeles Kings
Ron Stewart, New York Islanders
Ken Schinkel, Pittsburgh Penguins
Bob Baun, Toronto Maple Leafs
Dave Balon, Vancouver Canucks

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At September 15, 2009 at 6:28 AM , Anonymous Dennis Pittman said...


December 1973;

The trade b/t Philadephia & St.Louis took place on the 1st & it was FRANK SPRING for RAY SCHULTZ, NOT Ray Achultz.

The Vancouver - St. Louis trade involving JOHN WRIGHT & MIKE LAMPMAN occured on the 10th.


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