A history of NHL trades and signings from June 1960 to present. I have compiled this list from every source that I could find. Some years have missing months. If you know of any further sources that would help fill in the holes, let me know. Thanks and enjoy the info. I have compiled this for you..the hockey junkie.



2 - St.Louis Signed Wayne Stephenson as a FA.

7 - Minnesota traded Jude Drouin to New York Islanders for Craig Cameron.

12 - Pittsburgh traded Bob Woytowich to Los Angeles for Al McDonough.

14 - New York Rangers traded Jim Lorentz to Buffalo for Sabres' 2nd round pick, Larry Sacharuk, in 1972 Amateur Draft.

28 - Los Angeles received Larry Brown from Philadelphia on waivers.
Philadelphia traded Jim Johnson, Bill Lesuk and Serge Bernier to Los Angeles for Ross Lonsberry, Bill Flett, Ed Joyal and Jean Potvin.


8 - Chicago traded Danny O'Shea to St.Louis for Chris Bordeleau and John Garrett.

20 - Toronto traded Jim Dorey to New York Rangers for Pierre Jarry.

23 - Boston traded Reggie Leach, Rick Smith and Bob Stewart to California for Carol Vadnais and Don O'Donoghue.

26 - Chicago traded Bruce Bullock to Vancouver for cash.

MARCH 1972

Buffalo traded Phil Goyette to New York Rangers for cash.
Detroit signed Thommie Bergman as a FA.
Minnesota signed Jim McElmury as a FA.
Boston signed Craig Sarner as a FA.

1 - Detroit signed Doug Grant as a FA.

4 - Pittsburgh traded Rene Robert to Buffalo for Eddie Shack.

5 - Buffalo traded Chris Evans to St.Louis for George Morrison and Blues' 2nd round pick, Larry Carriere, in 1972 Amateur Draft.
Vancouver traded Ron Stewart to New York Rangers for cash.

6 - Vancouver traded Ralph Stewart to Detroit to Jim Niekamp.

MAY 1972

Detorit signed Guy Trottier as a FA.

24 - New York Rangers traded Steve Durbano to St.Louis for Curt Bennett and Peter McDuffe.
New York Rangers traded Gary Doak and Rick Newell to Detroit for Joe Zannusssi and Red Wings' 1st round pick, Al Blanchard, in 1972 Amateur Draft.

JUNE 1972

Seatle (WHL) traded Barry Cummins to California for $15,000.
Montreal Canadiens signed Larry Fullan as a FA.
Montreal Canadiens traded Ted Tucker to Atlanta for cash.
Atlanta traded Bill Heindl to New York Rangers for Bill Hogaboam.
Bpston signed Ron H. Anderson as a FA.
New York Islanders received Bill Speer from Providence (AHL) in Inter-League draft.
Cleaveland (AHL) received Joe Daley from Detroit in reverse draft.
Denver (WHL) received Chris Worthy from California in reverse draft.

5 - Toronto received Larry Pleau from Montreal Canadiens in Intra-League draft.
Los Angeles received Barry Long from Chicago in Intra-League draft.
Los Angeles received Doug Volmar from Detroit in Intra-League draft.
Chicago received Bill Orban from Los Angeles in Intra-League draft.
Vancouver received Garry O'Flaherty from Toronto in Intra-League draft.
Buffalo received Tim Horton from Pittsburgh in Intra-League draft.
Montreal Canadiens received Brad Selwood from Toronto in Intra-League draft.

6 - New York Islanders received Neil Nicholson from California in Intra-League draft.
New York Islanders received Don Blackburn from New York Rangers in Intra-League draft.
New York Islanders received Connie Forey from Hershey (AHL) in reverse draft.
Boston received Bob Gryp form Tusla (CHL) in reverse draft.
Minnesota traded Bob Paradise to Atlanta for cash.

7 - St.Louis traded Peter McDuffe and Curt Bennett to New York Rangers for Steve Durbano.

8 - Hershey (AHL) received Hank Nowack from Philadelphia in reverse draft.
Montreal Canadiens traded Ron Busniuk to Buffalo for cash.
California received Marv Edwards from Toronto in Intra-League draft.

12 - Rochester (AHL) received Don O'Donoghue from Boston in reverse draft.

16 - Montreal Canadiens traded Ret Comeau to Atlanta for cash.

25 - Pittsburgh signed Jim Wiley as a FA.

26 - Montreal Canadiens traded Germain Gagnon to New York Islanders to complete trade that sent Tony Featherstone, Chico Resch, Denis Dejordy, Murray Anderson and Alex Campbell to Islanders.


St.Louis traded Dave Pulkkinen to New York Islanders for cash.
St.Louis signed Warren Williams as a FA.

14 - Montreal Canadiens traded Noel Price to Atlanta for future considerations.

22 - Montreal Canadiens traded Terry Harper to Los Angeles for Kings' 2nd round pick, Gary MacGregor, in 1974 Amateur draft, 1st round pick, Pierre Mondou and 3rd round pick, Paul Woods, in 1975 Amateur draft and 1st round pick, Rod Shutt, in 1976 Amateur draft.


Chicago signed Mike Christie as a FA.
California signed Ron Huston as a FA.
New York Rangers signed John Dednarski as a FA.

1 - St.Louis traded Brian Lavender to New York Islanders for cash.

5 - Buffalo traded Chris Evans to St.Louis for George Morrison and Blues' 2nd round pick, Larry Carriere, in 1972 Amateur.

15 - Chicago traded Chris Bordeleau to St.Louis for cash.

19 - St.Louis traded John Garrett to Chicago for Chris Bordeleau.

30 - Chicago signed Ian McKegney as a FA.
Minnesota signed Bruce McIntosh as a FA.



Pittsburgh traded Brian McKenzie to Atlanta for cash.
St.Louis signed Larry Giroux as a FA.
New York Rangers traded J. Bob Kelly to Rochester (AHL) for Bill Knibba and $7,500.

1 - Detroit signed Robbie Ftorek as a FA.
St.Louis signed Jim Watt as a FA.

2 - Los Angeles signed Doug Buhr as a FA.

4 - Detroit traded Arnie Brown and Gerry Gray to New York Islanders for Denis Dejordy and Don McLaughlin.
Detroit signed Bill McKenzie as a FA.

6 - Atlanta signed Ed Kea as a FA.
Pittsburgh traded Roy Edwards to Detroit for cash.

8 - Montreal Canadiens traded Bob Berry to Los Angeles for cash.

12 - St.Louis signed Jack Borotsik as a FA.

28 - New York Rangers traded Glen Sather and Rene Villemure to St.Louis for Jack Egers.


14 - New York Rangers traded Ron Stewart to New York Islanders for cash.

24 - Boston signed Dave Reece as a FA.

25 - Atlanta received Noel Picard from St.Louis on waivers.

28 - Atlanta traded Bill Hogaboam to Detroit for Leon Rochefort.

29 - New York Rangers traded Curt Bennet to Atlanta for Ron Harris.


Los Angeles traded Jim Stanfield, Mike Keeler and Glen Toner to Portland (WHL) for John Van Horlick.

5 - Chicago traded Darryl Maggs to California for Bobby Sheehan and Dick Redmond.

14 - St.Louis traded Andre Dupont and Blues' 3rd round pick, Bob Stumpf, in 1973 Amateur draft to Philadelphia for Pierre Plante and Brent Hughes.


John McKenzie, Boston Bruins
Ted Green, Boston Bruins
Dick Duff, Buffalo Sabres
Eric Nesterenko, Chicago Blackhawks
Ab McDonald, Detroit Red Wings
Bob Pulford, Los Angeles Kings
J.C. Tremblay, Montreal Canadiens
Phil Goyette, New York Rangers
Val Fonteyne, Pittsburgh Penguins
Bill Hicke, Pittsburgh Penguins
Brit Selby, St. Louis Blues
Don Marshall, Toronto Maple Leafs

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At September 15, 2009 at 6:19 AM , Anonymous Dennis Pittman said...

01/07/1972 trade of JUDE DROUIN from Minnesota to NY Islanders for CRAIG CAMERON did not occur until 01/07/1975 - the Islanders weren't even in the league in January of 1972 ;-)

The Pittsburgh-LosAngeles trade involving BOB WOYTOWICH & AL McDONOUGH actually occured on the 11th, not the 12th.

The March 1972 trade b/t the Rangers & Buffalo for PHIL GOYETTE took place on March 5, 1972.

Detroit signed THOMMIE BERGMAN on 08/31/1972.

Minnesota signed JIM McELMURY on 02/29/1972.

March 3, 1972: St. Louis acquired KEVIN O'SHEA on waivers from Buffalo.


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