A history of NHL trades and signings from June 1960 to present. I have compiled this list from every source that I could find. Some years have missing months. If you know of any further sources that would help fill in the holes, let me know. Thanks and enjoy the info. I have compiled this for you..the hockey junkie.



13 - Montreal Canadiens traded Mickey Redmond, Guy Charron and Bill Collins to Detroit for Frank Mahovlich.

24 - Pittsburgh traded Terry Ball to Buffalo for Jean Guy Lagace.

26 - Montreal Canadiens traded Ralph Backstorm to Los Angeles for Ray Fortin and Gord Labossiere.
Montreal Canadiens traded Gord Labossiere to Minnesota for Rey Comeau.
Pittsburgh traded Glen Sather to New Rangers for Syl Apps Jr. and Shledon Kannegiesser.


Boston traded Bill Speer to Providence (AHL) for cash.

1 - Toronto traded Mike Walton, Bruce Gamble and Leafs' 1st round pick in 1971 Amateur draft, Pierre Plante, to Philadelphia for Bernie Parent and Flyers' 2nd round pick in 1971 Amateur draft, Rick Kehoe.
Boston traded Rick MacLeish and Dan Schock to Philadelphia for Mike Walton.

2 - Detroit traded Larry Brown and Bruce MacGregor to New York Rangers for Mike Robitaille, Arnie Brown and Tom Miller.

6 - St.Louis traded Red Berenson and Tim Ecclestone to Detroit for Wayne Connelly and Garry Unger.

9 - Seattle(WHL) traded Bobby Schmautz to Vancouver for Ed Hatoum and Jim Wiste.

22 - Chicago traded Doug Mohns and Terry Caffery to Minnesota for Danny O'Shea.
Detroit traded Carl Brewer to St.Louis for Bob Wall, Ab McDonald and Mike Lowe.

MARCH 1971

Los Angeles traded Terry Holbrook to Minnesota for Wayne Schultz and Steve Sutherland.

2 - Detroit traded Dale Rolfe to New York Rangers for Jim Krulicki.

7 - Oakland traded Ted Hampson and Wayne Muloin to Minnesota for Dick Redmond and Tommy Williams.

APRIL 1971

5 - Toronto signed Ken Murray as a FA.

MAY 1971

San Diego (WHL) traded Irv Spencer to Detroit for cash.
Los Angeles traded Mike McMahon to New York Rangers for Wayne Rivers.
Boston traded Bobby Leiter to Pittsburgh for cash.
New York Rangers traded Bob Jones to Salt Lake City (WHL) for Rick Charron.
Montreal Canadiens signed Gary Gambucci as a FA.
Montreal Canadiens traded Bob Paradise and Gary Gambucci to Minnesota for cash.

12 - Detroit traded Jim Shires to St.Louis for Rick Sentes.

20 - California traded Dennis Hextall to Minnesota for Walt McKechnie and Joey Johnston.

25 - Minnesota traded Marshall Johnston and Bob J. Murdock to Montreal Canadiens to complete trade for Danny Grant.
New York Rangers traded Bob Nevin to Minnesota for Bobby Rousseau.
Detroit traded Kerry Ketter with cash to Montreal Canadiens for Leon Rochefort.
Detroit traded Don Luce and Mike Robitaille to Buffalo for Joe Daley.
Montreal Candiens traded Bobby Sheehan to California for cash.
New York Rangers traded Peter McDuffe to St.Louis for Blues' 1st round pick, Steve Vickers, in 1971 Amateur Draft.

JUNE 1971

Vancouver received Irv Spencer from Tidewater (AHL) in Intra-League draft.
Hershey (AHL) received Ray Fortin from Montreal Canadiens in reverse draft.
Providence (AHL) received Brian Perry from Buffalo in reverse draft.
Detroit received Bob Sneddon from Cleveland (AHL) in reverse draft.
Quebec (AHL) received Don McLeod from Detroit in reverse draft.
Cleveland (AHL) received Ron Boehm from New York Rangers in reverse draft, and traded Ron Boehm to Boston for cash.
Los Angeles signed Phil Hoene as a FA.
California signed Jimmy Jones as a FA.
St.Louis received Jim McLeod from Portland (WHL) in Intra-League draft.
Detroit received Andy Brown from Baltimore (AHL) in Intra-League draft.
Pittsburgh received Roy Edwards from Detroit on waivers.

8 - Montreal Canadiens traded Claude Provost to Los Angeles for cash.
Montreal Canadiens received Bob J. Murdoch from Minnesota in Intra-League draft.
St.Louis received Mike Parizeau from New York Rangers in Intra-League draft.
Vancouver received Fred Speck from Detroit in Intra-League draft.
Minnesota received Brian Lavender from Montreal Canadiens in Intra-League draft.
Denver (WHL) received Brian Lavender from Minnesota in reverse draft.
Salt Lake City (WHL) received Wayne Rutledge from Los Angeles in reverse draft.
Philadelphia received Frank Spring from Boston in Intra-League draft.
Toronto received Donnie Marshall from Buffalo in Intra-League draft.
California received Frank Hughes from Toronto, Stan Gilbertson from Boston and Wayne Carleton from Boston in Intra-League draft.
Boston received Garry Peters from Philadelphia in Intra-League draft.
Vancouver received Dennis Kearns from Chicago in Intra-League draft.
Vancouver received Rey Comeau from Montreal Canadiens in Intra-League draft.
Buffalo received Danny Lawson from Minnesota, Ray McKay from Chicago, Rod Zaine from Pittsburgh, Ken Murray from Toronto, Rene Robert from Toronto, Tom Miller from Detroit and Hugh Harris from Montreal Canadiens in Intra-League drafts.
Los Angeles received Gary Edwards from Buffalo in Intra-League draft.
Pittsburgh received Rene Robert (Buffalo), Jim Rutherford (Detroit), Al Smith (Detroit) and Dave Burrows (Chicago) in Intra-League drafts.
Philadelphia received Larry Brown from New York Rangers in Intra-League draft.
Vancouver traded Bob Dillbough and Irv Spencer to Detroit for John Cunniff and Gary Bredin.

9 - Montreal Canadiens received Yvon Lambert from Port Huron (IHL) in reverse draft.

13 - Philadelphia traded Larry Hillman to Los Angeles for Larry Mickey.

JULY 1971

Philadelphia signed Orest Kindrachuck as aFA.


Buffalo signed John Gould as a FA.
Hershey (AHL) traded Ray Fortin to Boston for cash.
San Diego (WHL) traded Alain Caron to Boston for cash.

23 - St.Louis traded Michel Plasse to Montreal Canadiens for cash.

30 - Montreal Canadiens traded Terry Clancy to Toronto for cash.

31 - Montreal Canadiens traded Marshall Johnston to California for cash.


Hershey (AHL) traded Chuck Hamilton to St.Louis for cash.
Boston signed Chris Hayes as a FA.
California traded Bill Hicke to Pittsburgh for cash.
Philadelphia traded Cliff Schmautz to Portland (WHL) for cash.
Buffalo signed Rick Dudley as aFA.
Vancouver signed Barry Wilcox as a FA.
Detroit signed Nelson DeBenedet as a FA.
Toronto signed Lyle Moffat as a FA.

4 - California traded Doug Roberts to Boston for cash.

9 - Chicago traded Gerry Dejardins, Gerry Pinder and Kerry Bond to California for Gary Smith.

14 - Vancouver traded Rey Comeau to Montreal Canadiens for cash.

29 - Detroit signed Brian McCutcheon as a FA.
Buffalo signed Gary Bromley as a FA.


California traded Joe Hardy and Mike Laughton to Montreal Canadiens for cash,and Randy Rota to Montreal Canadiens for John French and Lyle Carter.
California signed Del Hall and Wayne King as FA's.

1 - Minnesota received Craig Cameron from St.Louis on waivers.
Detroit signed Al McLeod as a FA.

2 - Boston signed Ross Brooks as a FA.

3 - Pittsburgh traded Bob Blackburn to Vancouver for cash.

6 - California signed Craig Patrick as a FA.
Pittsburgh traded Dean Prentice to Minnesota for cash.
Montreal Canadiens traded Ray Martyniuk to California for Tony Featherstone.

7 - Chicago signed Michel Dumas as a FA.

15 - Philadelphia traded Andre Lacroix to Chicago for Rick Foley.

18 - California traded Gerry Desjardins to Chicago for Gilles Meloche and Paul Shmyr.

22 - California traded Ron Stackhouse to Detroit for Tom Webster.


Vancouver signed Dave Dunn as a FA.
Seattle (WHL) traded Art Stratton to Detroit for Bob Sneddon.
Phoenix (WHL traded Gerry Odrowski to St.Louis for cash.

3 - Boston received Matt Ravlich from Los Angeles on waivers.

4 - Montreal Canadiens traded Rogie Vachon to Los Angeles for Dale Hoganson, Noel Price, Doug Robinson and Denis Dejordy.

9 - St.Louis traded Bill Sutherland to Detroit for cash.

15 - St.Louis traded Jim Lorentz, Wayne Connelly and Gene Carr to New York Rangers for Mike Murphy, Andre Dupont and Jack Egers.

16 - New York Rangers traded Wayne Connelly, Ron Stewart and Dave Balon to Vancouver for Jim Wiste and Gary Doak.
Philadelphia traded Larry Mickey to Buffalo for Larry Keenan.

17 - Boston traded Ivan Boldirev to California for Chris Oddleifson and Rich Leduc.

21 - Vancouver traded Bob Cock to Detroit for cash.

22 - Los Angeles received Mike Corrigan from Vancouver on waivers.
Detroit received Danny Johnson from Vancouver on waivers.


8 - Philadelphia received Mike Parizeau from St.Louis on waivers.

13 - Montreal Canadiens traded Phil Roberto to St.Louis for Jim Roberts.

16 - Buffalo traded Mike Keeler and Doug Barrie to Los Angeles for Larry Hilman and Mike Byers.

18 - Toronto signed Gord McRae as a FA.


Jean-Guy Talbot, Buffalo Sabres
Jean Beliveau, Montreal Canadiens
John Ferguson, Montreal Canadiens
Andy Bathgate, Pittsburgh Penguins
Glenn Hall, St. Louis Blues
George Armstrong, Toronto Maple Leafs
Charlie Hodge, Vancouver Canucks

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At September 15, 2009 at 6:08 AM , Anonymous Dennis Pittman said...

1st off; This is a great site! Thanks for all the effort you've put into it!

I have several updates/changes I've come across while researching my own projects & will leave same with the year in question;

2 clarifications for 1971;
Vancouver actually signed DAVE DUNN on 09/20/1970, not 11/1971.

Phoenix (WHL) traded GERRY ODROWSKI to St.Louis on 11/28/1971.


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