A history of NHL trades and signings from June 1960 to present. I have compiled this list from every source that I could find. Some years have missing months. If you know of any further sources that would help fill in the holes, let me know. Thanks and enjoy the info. I have compiled this for you..the hockey junkie.



23 - Toronto received Bronco Horvath from New York Rangers on waivers.


4 - Bosotn traded Don McKenny and Dick Meissner to New York Rangers for Dean Prentice.

JUNE 1963

4 - Montreal Canadiens received Don Blackburn from Boston in Intra-League draft.
Boston received Andy Hebenton (New York Rangers) in Intra-League draft.
Boston traded Bob Perreault to San Francisco (WHL) for $25,000.
Boston received Tom Johnson from Montreal Canadiens on waivers and Wayne Rivers from Detroitin Intra-League draft.
Boston traded Dale Rolfe, Bruce Gamble, Terry Gray and Randy Miller to Springfield (AHL) for Bob McCord.
Springfield (AHL) traded Ted Harris, Bruce Cline, Wayne Larkin, Terry Gray and John Chasczewski to Montreal Canadiens for Gary Bergman, Brian Smith, John Rodger, Fred Hilts, Wayne Bobby and Lorne O'Donnell.
Montreal Canadiens traded Ralph Keller and Chuck Hamilton to Hershey (AHL) for Marc Reaume and received Ralph Keller from New York Rangers in Intra-League draft.
Toronto received Don Cherry from Spokane (WHL) when WHL team purchased by Toronto.
Detroit received Irv Spencer (Bosotn), Ted Hampson (New York Rangers), Norm Beaudin (Ottawa-Hull, EPHL), and Art Stratton (Buffalo, AHL) in Intra-League drafts.
Chicago received Jack McCartan (New York Rangers) in Intra-League draft.
New York Rangers received Val Fonteyne (Detroit) and traded Gump Worsley, Len Ronson, Dave Balon and Leon Rochefort to Montreal Canadiens for Jacques Plante, Don Marshall and Phil Goyette.
Cleveland (AHL) traded John Ferguson to Montreal Canadiens for cash.
Portland (WHL) traded Howie Glover to New York Rangers for Pat Hannigan.

5 - Chicago traded Roger Crozier and Ron Ingram to Detroit for Howie Young.


5 - Detroit signed Ian Cushenan as a FA.

11 - Montreal Canadaiens traded Ralph Keller and Chuck Hamilton.
Hershey (AHL) for Mark Reaume.


Toronto traded Gene Ubriaco and Bruce Draper to Hersjey (AHL) for Les Duff.

28 - Boston traded Wayne Hicks to Montreal Canadiens for cash.


San Francisco (WHL) traded Orland Kurtenbach to Boston for cash.

10 - Boston traded Warren Godfrey to Detroit for Gerry Odrowski.

December 1963

3 - Detroit received John MacMillan from Toronto on waivers.


Bob Turner, Chicago Blackhawks
Jack Evans, Chicago Blackhawks
Vic Stasiuk, Detroit Red Wings
Lou Fontinato, Montreal Canadiens


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