A history of NHL trades and signings from June 1960 to present. I have compiled this list from every source that I could find. Some years have missing months. If you know of any further sources that would help fill in the holes, let me know. Thanks and enjoy the info. I have compiled this for you..the hockey junkie.



23 - Boston traded Leo Labine and Vic Stasiuk to Detroit for Murray Oliver, Gary Aldcorn and Tom McCarthy.

31 - Boston traded Don Simmons to Toronto for Ed Chadwick.

MARCH 1961

10 - New York Rangers signed Phil Latreille to a 5 game Amateur tryout.

15 - Boston signed Art Chisholm to 3 game amateur try out.

MAY 1961

Portland (WHL) traded Don Head to Boston for Jack Bionda.

JUNE 1961

1 - Montreal Canadiens traded Cliff Pennington and Terry Gray to Boston for Stan Maxwell and Willie O'Ree.

Montreal Canadiens traded Bob Turner to Chicago for Fred Hilts

Portland (WHL) received Don Ward from Boston to reverse draft.

Chicago traded Ed Litzenberger to Detroit for Brian Smith and Gerry Melnyk.

New York Rangers traded Bill Gladsby to Detroit for Les Hunt.

Toronto traded Dave Creighton to Buffalo (AHL) for Dick Gamle.

Detroit traded Dave Amadio to Spring field (AHL) for cash.

Quebec (AHL) traded Norm Corcoran to Toronto for Guy Rousseau.
Detroit traded John McIntyre, Marc Reaume and Pete Conacher to Hershey (AHL) for Howie Young.

2 - Toronto traded Norm Corocoran to Pittsburgh (AHL) for cash.

12 - Montreal Canadiens received Cesare Maniago from Spokane (WHL) in Intra-League draft.
Bosotn received Matt Ravlich from Sault Ste Marie (EPHL) in Intra-League draft.

13 - Montreal Canadiens traded Doug Harvey to New York Rangers for Lou Fontinato.
New York Rangers traded John Hanna to Montreal Canandiens for Junior Langlois.

Toronto received Al Arbour from Chicago in Intra-League draft.
Boston received Orland Kurtenbach from New York Rangers in Intra-League draft
Chicago received Bronco Horvath from Boston in Intra-League draft.
New York Rangers Vic Hadfield from Chicago in Intra-League draft.
Bosotn received Earl Balfour from Chicago in Intra-League draft.


Portland (WHL) traded Gord Haworth to Detroit for Gen Achtymichuk.
Toronto traded Hank Ciesla to Cleveland (AHL) for Bill Dineen and cash.

Springfield (AHL) traded Don Cherry to Detroit for cash.
Boston traded Bill Carter to Montreal Canadiens for cash.


10 - Montreal traded Willie O'Ree to Los Angeles (WHL) for cash.


29 - Toronto received Ed Litzenberger from Detroit on waivers.


Willie O'Ree, Boston Bruins
Fern Flaman, Boston Bruins
Tod Sloan, Chicago Blackhawks
Red Sullivan, New York Rangers
Larry Regan, Toronto Maple Leafs

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